Toiletry Stockpile: Organized

Has your closet fallen victim to your deal hunting lately?  Many people email in and ask “How do you organize your stockpile?” Above is a picture of our stockpile toiletry closet.  Food for thought…

A deal is only a deal if…

  1. You need it.
  2. You’ll use it.
  3. You know someone who needs it.
  4. You know someone who will use it.

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  1. Sarah Qayyum says:

    I agree with your A deal is only a deal….
    I am really tired of people (Family and Friends) thinking I go get as many papers as I can and go hog up one item completely at store. As a matter of fact I really get frustrated because all the deals are pretty much gone when I go so I am going to have to change shopping times.

    Anyways I love what you have done I would love to share ours with you but its a mess I got the boxes and the over the door organizer for stuff and glad I am not the only one who had the idea …but thanks for sharing gave me some more ideas.

  2. Robin Anderson says:

    I need more closets.

  3. april r. says:

    I’m actually starting to get rid of my stockpile. The items contain SO many chemicals. I am replacing my toiletry items with natural and safe ones.

  4. We cut Pampers boxes down and put all bottles in them. Before if you reached for s bottle they all fell down. One box is hair care, another baby stuffs, body wash/lotion, oral care, etc

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