Target: Disney UP AND Monster Inc. for $1.98 – TESTED

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I did find both of the movies on Blu-ray, but the Monsters Inc. was $19.99, not $18.99.  Also, strangely the UP movie was ringing up different prices at different registers.  I got it at the electronics counter at the $19.99 price.  So before taxes I paid $11.98, submit for (2) $5.00 rebates below and it will be $1.98 for both movies!  I also had a $5.00 money maker gift card from the glade deal, so it will cost me even less!

I just had a reader email me and tell me that the UP Movie is only $19.99 at Target, this makes for an awesome deal when you buy BOTH UP and Monsters Inc. in the same transaction.  I’m going to test this as soon as the kids are up from their nap!

Buy Up! at $19.99
Buy Monsters Inc for $18.99
Subtotal $38.98
Use $10 Up! coupon
Use $8 Monsters Inc Coupon
Use $10/2 Target coupon

Final Price: 2 DVDs for only $10.98 OOP

Then you can submit for two of these rebates:

UP: Get $5 back by mail WYB UP and (2) participating Kernel Seasons product. (Exp 2/28/10)
UP: Get $5 back by mail WYB UP and (2) Birds Eye Viola meals (exp 2/28/10)
UP: Get $4 back by mail WYB UP and 1 Ronzoni, Creamette, Ronzoni Smart Taste, Ronzoni, San Giorgio, American Beauty, Prince or Skinner pasta. (Exp 1/15/10)

(These rebates not only allow for copies of the receipt, but they also just want one of the proof of purchase tabs on the back of the DVD (it has 2) and it DOES NOT require the UPC!)

Final Price for UP and Monsters Inc. $0.98!

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  1. So did you test this Julie? It’s an amazing deal, I’ll be doing this on Friday when I get paid if it works!!

  2. will these play on a regular dvd player? i know nothing about blu- ray.

  3. Cool I’m going tomorrow!

    @ Michele – bluray discs will not play in a standard DVD player, but the best part about this deal is these Disney blurays come with the standard DVD copy as well!

  4. Rookie question: What’s OOP?

  5. No problem. Thanks for answering! And get ready for a nice traffic bump: I just linked to you from The Cheapskate! :)

  6. It does work! but at my Target, Monster’s Inc was 26.99

    Thanks again!

  7. Did you buy them all together or seperately? The coupons say that they can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Just wondering exactly how you worked it out. Thanks,

  8. We’ll I must of found it in the only target that wouldn’t honor all the coupons. They only wanted to let me use the Target coupon and 1 other manufacturer coupon. The computer excepted them but the cashier called the manager over to check to make sure it was okay. She wouldn’t allow it. So the leason learned is choose your cashier wisely

  9. This is an amazing deal thanks for sharing… I can hardly wait to get off work and go get this smokin’ deal!

  10. Thanks for the tip. I did this today. The Monsters Inc was actually $26.99, but there was a coupon on the Monsters Inc box for another $10 off if you bought it with Up.

  11. If your Monsters Inc is coming up higher than 18.99 you can do a price match for 18.99 with the BB ad from 11/8. None of my Targets have the MI so I have to massage out another option. Thinking…

  12. if your target has the monsters inc for 26.99 use a best buy ad and pricematch to get it for 18.99.

    also if you are using the ip coupons for $10 off up and $8 off monsters inc it is not appropriate to use the coupon that is on the movie for buy both get $10 off as they are all manufacture coupons and you can only use one manufacture coupon per item.(you can use the target coupon with them) it would be consider coupon fraud if you do so and the stores do not get reimbursed for the coupon if you do . lets keep it honest so we all can continue to use coupons :)

  13. If the twofer coupon is valid, why is it only available at Why not at Target’s site?

  14. nicolas …coupons are on the main target webpage for a certain amount of time and then taken down even before they expire then HCW and other couponing websites add them to a target coupon generator so you can still have access to them it is valid i used one yesterday and no beeps (where if it hadn’t been a valid coupon it would not have been in the computer and would have beeped) and the manager said also it was valid

  15. you can also find the coupon in targets toy catalog that is out in the toy aisles right now. hth

  16. oops sorry I was thinking of the wrong coupon please disregard above comment

  17. I can’t get the Up coupon to print either today or yesterday. The others all printed fine. Any help??

  18. I tried this, but Targets here in Souther California are out of stock on Monsters Inc at least that’s what they are saying!!

  19. For the “Claycord” shoppers… Walnut Creek Target is out of stock on both, and Pleasant Hill is out of Monsters, Inc. They are giving out rainchecks, but one of the coupons expires 11/17. San Ramon has both in stock.

  20. Why would this be a problem?
    Target get the $$ from the suppliers anyway!

  21. Thanks so much for all your sharing with us!!
    I have 1 question. I tried to print the Up and Monsters Inc coupon several times as my printer was going out of ink. Now that ink is replaced i went to print out 2 coupons each and message saying i can’t print any more up from print site. I tried to clear out cookies and history but it didn’t matter. Any suggestions? Really like to purchase before Target coupon no longer valid.

  22. I always have such an awful time with Target Customer service…..I was told by Target to buy the movies first and then go to customer service to price match. So I bought Up and Monsters Inc with the coupons and then went over to customer service to price match the Best Buy ad. The girl was very nice but told me it wasn’t working and needed to call over her manager to help her. Her manager was incredibly rude and said “Nope, we can’t price match if you have used a coupon”. I was very nice and said “Ok, thanks and I was going to call customer service and ask them for sure since I know of others that were able to have theirs price-matched and use the coupon” She told me that it was wrong of them to do that and it should not have been done and go right ahead and call customer service. As I was walking away, my husband was standing there and saw her pointing and laughing at me. Keep in mind, I was very calm and polite. She was very unprofessional. I definitely don’t want to do anything that is against policy, but it does seem like a lot of Target’s are very uneducated about their policies on coupons and price-matching. Does anyone know what the official policy is? Target Guest Services is only open Monday thru Friday so I can’t call them this weekend. Very frustrating to be treated that way as a customer.

  23. That link for the $10 off UP coupon is taking me to the movie’s website, but I don’t the coupon anywhere. Is it over?


  24. I am having the same issue as Christina.

    I got the Monster’s Inc coupon, the Target coupon. However, when I try to get the Up coupon, it just takes me to the Disney movie site…I’ve looked and looked for a printable coupon on there, but the only thing I see is if I click on buy the movie, I get redirected to the Disney store website, and there it tells you they have that deal going for $10 off, but I don’t see an actual printable coupon like I do with teh other two.



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