PSA: Target will be closed on Easter Sunday

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I’m not exactly sure why, but this caught me off guard – in a good way.  Target stores will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday, April 8th 2012.  It’s nice to see large retailers observing Holidays and allowing their employees a day of rest and the chance to enjoy their families.  So with that said, the Target ad will run from Monday through Saturday of next week.  The ad is pretty small, but I should have the deals up tomorrow.

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  1. Andrea Rutherford Connell via Facebook says:

    OMG! This is terrible. :)

  2. Lori Chibante-Thomas via Facebook says:

    Wow, I can’t recall the last time stores actually observed a holiday except Christmas and even then so many are opening up even then!

  3. My work doesn’t observe Easter. It confuses me that we observe Christmas but not Easter.

  4. Maria Montes Ambriz via Facebook says:

    It’s about time, miss the days when the gas station and the liquor store were the only places open on holidays!

  5. Lorrie Van Caster-Fike via Facebook says:

    Target is closed Easter, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day

  6. Kimberly Choo via Facebook says:

    …. but open all night on thanksgiving. ;)

  7. Tera Wolf via Facebook says:

    I’m glad they’re observing Easter!

  8. Jonna Lawrence via Facebook says:

    I think its great! They should be closed and those employees should be spending time with their families

  9. Jonna Lawrence via Facebook says:

    I grew up in a day back when every store was closed all grocery stores and all businesses. We learned to plan to get what we needed long before Sunday came around. There were gas stations open but they were not in the immediate part of town where we lived. the gas stations that were open were out near a highway. We planned our meals and always had a good Sunday dinner at home with my sisters, brother and parents.

  10. at our mall…Sears, Barnes and Noble and World Market are open on Easter!!

  11. Target got really bad press for opening at midnight on Thanksgiving maybe they are trying to make up for it?

    • They have been closing on Easter for years. Wal-mart was open at 10 pm on Thanksgiving and no one complained, but when Target opens up at midnight, the world hears about it.

  12. Vicki Emery Sarraino via Facebook says:

    While I agree that it would be nice for places to be closed for the employees to spend time with their families, there are many people that do not have family, do not celebrate that holiday. There are people out there that have to work, their jobs require 24/7 running, ie hospitals, nursing homes, police, fire just to name a few.

  13. Hillary Waitt Young via Facebook says:

    I tip my hat to Target on this! They’ll continue to get most of my business. Hosanna to all this weekend:-)

  14. Trish Ayres via Facebook says:

    How great is this?!?!

  15. Good! Stores should be doing this again.

  16. How wonderful! They will get more shopping from our family!

  17. Jealous! says:

    I work at a coffee shop& we don’t even close early, it made me sad bc those family holidays I spend with my grandfather& parents!!

  18. Good for them.. One more reason to love Target. They have the best employess and they should get a break!!!! :)

  19. Danae Hoobler via Facebook says:

    Good I’m glad! Stores SHOULD be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Not that it matters to me as I don’t shop on those days on principal anyway.

  20. Good for them!

  21. I am so happy to hear this. Easter has become far to commercial and we need to take time to sit back and reflect on the meaning of Easter.

  22. Jaclyn Elsbernd via Facebook says:

    my local target has been closed for at least the last 2 Easters.

  23. It’s always closed on Easter. I work there and it is so nice to know that I will not be scheduled to work that day.

  24. EGGCELLENT!!!!

  25. Tamara Henggeler via Facebook says:

    I think that is awesome…we have gotten to used to 24/7 availability to all stores…their workers need holidays and time w/ their families.

  26. Jane Jacobsen via Facebook says:

    Because of this post I just sent an email to Target, thanking them, and received this nice reply back in less than a half hour!

  27. Jane Jacobsen via Facebook says:

    I’m glad to hear you appreciate our Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.

    We’re always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for you. And that, Target cares about the Well-being of our team members. Your comments really help us make Target even better and I’ll make sure to share with the appropriate team. This way, they can see what’s working out just right for you.

    Thanks for letting us know about what you enjoyed at Target.


    Target Guest Relations

  28. merrilee says:

    Target is my “go to store” for so many things.
    Thank you for closing on Easter!!! Just knowing that your employees have a day off makes me happy.
    Whatever I need can wait until Monday.
    Good job, Target

  29. lettuce says:

    I’m Jewish, so this is kind of a bummer for me personally. Because Passover, my holiday, fell earlier this weekend, it would have been super nice to be able to do my shopping today.

    That said, I’m sure if Target were open, there would be Christians working today who would really prefer to be home with their families. And that isn’t right. So I can totally see the value of it. I am just reminded that being a religious minority is a pain sometimes!


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