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Introduction | Where to get coupons | Couponing tips | CVS | Rite Aid | Walgreens
Target | Safeway | How to stockpile | Organizing your coupons | Closing

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Welcome to the first edition of The Frugal Find Online Coupon Class, I’m so glad you’re here!  You can click on the NEXT VIDEO button under each video or you can access each page individually from the menu tab titled “Online Coupon Class”.  If you have questions, feel free to leave them as a comment on the page you’re viewing the video.  I’ll be around to answer your questions as they come up.  Know an answer to another readers question?  Feel free to chime in, I’d love that!

Lastly, you can always Contact Me with any other questions – I’m happy to help when I can!

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  1. How very generous of you! Thank you for everything you do.

  2. quick ? is this going to remain free or is it for a limited time? Just curious as I am not able to watch any of your great tips right now but I really want to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity. I have been wanting/looking for something just like this to help me out. I already coupon a bit and know/and watch for all sales and specials but I figure there have to be tricks to making it easier. Thanks for offering such a great program free for all of us that are not able to afford it. ~Single Mom of 2

  3. thank you! can’t wait to see the next video!! =)

  4. I want to thank you whole heartedly for making this free. It is something I know you could probably make a lot of money on, but as a family who has been surviving on one salary it is information that is very important. God bless you for offering this!

  5. I shared your class on my blog. Hope it sends you some new readers. :)

  6. Just a quick THANK YOU so much for doing this for all of us! May God double and quadruple the blessings and the money back to you many times over. I’ve been trying to cut grocery costs for the past 2-3 years since moving to the states and am so hugely blessed and astounded by wonderful bloggers like you who make it so easy and helpful. I’m passing on your blog to share with many of my local friends who also want to know how to coupon. Thanks again!! You are greatly appreciated!

  7. Thank you so much for offering this video series. I have always done couponing, but I learned some things I didn’t know. I love that you explained the way BOGOs work and that you can use a coupon with them. I printed out the Rite Aid policy so I will now have it to show the cashier if need be.
    You are such a blessing.

  8. meghan @ spicy magnolia says:

    Thank you so much for offering this class for free! I found out about it through “Money Saving Mom” and am excited to go through it. I am a coupon newbie and am so overwhelmed. I have hopes that I won’t be after the video. And I did sign up to receive the daily email. Again, thank you for walking in obedience to the Lord and as such, being a blessing to me!

  9. Thank you for sharing this. It was wonderful meeting you at Relevant. We will have to chat more next time. Have a blessed day!

  10. Do you have a YouTube page? I’d love to be able to subscribe to your channel and be notified for when you upload new videos!

  11. You inspired me to teach a FREE couponing class in my community! I too want to give back!

  12. Awesome! I was just wondering today how I could find a class and then found this. Your site has been my homepage for a couple of weeks now but I am only just reading about the free class.


  13. I just got a e-mail showing a feature of the new online videos about couponing. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing those truly do help. I have been passing them along to people that I know are beginners and I think they already LOVE YOU! I know I always look forward to your daily emails you share.


  14. Thank you so much for your time and doing the videos for us to watch. I am planning to do a (free) coupon class as an outreach for our church ministry and was wondering if you would mind if I use some of your information to pass along?

  15. I have been sharing this with my friends. Thanks for being such a HUGE blessing!

  16. Kim Dauer via Facebook says:

    I fell asleep during Extreme Couponing this afternoon. I’m sure it will be reaired tonight. The show is giving couponers a bad name. I had about $30 worth of coupons at Target today and not a huge stack – maybe 12ish or so and people behind me were not happy.

  17. Amy, thank you!

  18. Yes sadly Kim, that does seem to be the case. Let’s just hope it levels out in time.

  19. Kim Dauer via Facebook says:

    I do hope so. Everytime someone says “You remind me of that show, what’s it called?” I want to pull my hair out! Then I get my entire CVS order for 8 cents and figure maybe I just have to thicken my skin up a bit!

  20. Kim Swieder via Facebook says:

    I actually had two strangers making nasty (both in content and wordage) comments loudly to me and my 11 year old son when we went grocery shopping at 9pm on Saturday night! They called us “those cheap @$$ freaks like on tv”. IN FRONT OF MY 11 YEAR OLD! Poor kid stuck by me like a champ. I wasn’t as good as I should have been, as I oh so calmly said, “bite me and wait your turn”. I bought my baby a Birthday Cake Shake without using a coupon as a reward. I’m tearing up now just remembering.

  21. Orsi Horvath via Facebook says:

    oh Kim, this is very sad.. :(

  22. Orsi Horvath via Facebook says:

    oh Kim, this is very sad.. :(

  23. Dot Quaid via Facebook says:

    just jealous, Kim, that they aren’t smart enough to save money with couponing…I used to be the ‘Coupon Queen’ in my town, always used coupons when we had doubling. Now none of our stores double (or triple…that’s a dream, lol!) Even so, today I saved 47% on my grocery bill by shopping the sales and using coupons, thanks to FF’s heads up.

  24. Diana Pipke via Facebook says:

    Your coupon class is how i learned :) Thanks!!!

  25. Diana Pipke via Facebook says:

    Your coupon class is how i learned :) Thanks!!!

  26. marisol g. says:

    Thank you for the class I have alto to learn. My husband has not been working like we are used to and my home is a single income with an 11 moth old and one on the way so we need help on saving. My only problem is I can’t find a supermarket that doubles coupons, and was wondering if you can provide a store name, I live in sacramento zip is 95820m I would really be greatful for the extra help. Also if anyone in the area is willing to help me learn more please contact me thanks and bless you for all the help I know I will get the hang of this for me and my family!!!!!

  27. I am curious. Today i decide to check out this coupon saving websites and I really want to start. I saw a lot of great deals I want now although I don’t have any coupons from the past months. Is there a way to get them or is it something I am going to have to start saving every coupon and wait til i see something that I have a coupon for. I only have last weeks coupons and I will continue to stock pile them. If you can help answer my question I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  28. I’ve totally turned into my great grandmother on couponing. She always taught up that get the coupons, find a sale, and stock up. She was right and far be it for me to tell the PRO at this NO!!!!!

  29. I love to coupon and decided that the binder is the best way for me to keep the coupons together and save the most. I take the binder with me all the time.

  30. I use a binder with 4 X 6 photo pages and file each section by alphabet. Thanks for the contest for SF inserts.

  31. Awesome class!! Thanks for all you do. :)

  32. Thanks for all this useful information! I am using a Case-it binder, but know I can’t use a lot more help and ideas on how to make it work for me and my family!

  33. Thank you so much for all you do…it is greatly appreciated!

  34. I use a zippered binder which I of course got on clearance at Walmart for a few bucks! I have 26 8×11 photo pages inside with three 4×6 pockets per page. I file my coupons alphabetically using the three pockets per page for #1 Groceries, #2 Toiletries, and #3 Household. I also picked up a 6 page plastic folder with pockets which I use weekly to keep a list for each store and the coupons in the pocket and that way do not take my entire binder in the store. I follow your site daily and want to thank you for all that you do!

  35. I LOVE your site~~ thanks so much I’m always telling everyone about it, on black friday i even had my brother looking on here to compare deals :)

  36. When it tells me to us ss 9/16, for a particular items coupon, but the coupon is not there? why is that. are the newspapers different?


  1. […] most for your money, I’d suggest you take a few minutes and watch the CVS Video section of the Online Coupon Class. Also, check out the new CVS corporate coupon policy. This post is brought to you by Erika at […]

  2. […] most for your money, I’d suggest you take a few minutes and watch the CVS Video section of the Online Coupon Class. Also, check out the new CVS corporate coupon policy. This post is brought to you by Erika at […]

  3. […] most for your money, I’d suggest you take a few minutes and watch the CVS Video section of the Online Coupon Class. Also, check out the new CVS corporate coupon policy. This post is brought to you by Erika at […]

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