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I’ve been working on gathering what I consider to be a list of my “Buy it Now” price points.  This is basically the lowest price we’ll see these items at and it’s in most cases it’s also the highest price I will pay.  I practice the stock pile method of buying several weeks/months worth of an item when it’s at it’s rock bottom price so I never have to pay retail.  While also always staying within our $50 a week grocery budget.  The way we shop means that we may not have a certain item in the house for a long time, if it’s not on sale – but when I find it at my  “Buy It Now” price I’ll stock up.
Something you should know too is that most stores follow a 6 week sales cycle, every 6 weeks you’ll see that there is a selection of products at a rock bottom price.  It moves throughout the store – one week it will be the meat, another it will be the cereals, and so on.  That tells me that if my pantry is low, I might want to consider stocking up (if possible) for the next 4-6 weeks.  Only if it’s something we NEED though, you don’t want to stock up on fruit snacks just because they’re at the “Buy It Now” price.  But cereal, oatmeal, ground beef, etc would be something I’d buy extra of.

I’ve linked to several examples below of when I’ve shared with you deals that I consider to be my “Buy It Now” price, please note that these deals ARE expired – they are just for reference.  I try to share as many of my personal shopping trips as possible, you can see all the shopping trips I’ve written about so far here!


Chicken Breast (Boneless/Skinless) – $1 – $1.70/lb
Ground Beef – $1 – $1.50/lb
Ground Turkey – $2.50 – $3 for a 20 oz package
Hot Dogs – $0.50 – $1 per package (8 pk)
Sliced Sandwich Cheese – $1 package
Chips – $1/bag
Crackers – Free – $0.75/box
Peanut Butter – $1/16 oz jar
Yogurt - $0.25 per cup
Cereal here and here – Free – $0.50/box
Whole Wheat Bread (Oroweat Outlet) – $0.75 – $1 per Loaf
Juice – Never more than $1 a bottle
Milk – $2/gallon (sometimes free!)
Canned Veggies – $0.25 – $0.50 ea


Shampoo – Free up to $0.50 ea
Toothpaste (Do I really need to link to a Free toothpaste deal?) – FREE!
Deodorant – Free
Razors (Ditto the toothpaste) – Free
Cosmetics – Free – $2/ea
Baby Wipes – Free – $1/box (individual refill boxes)
Baby Diapers – $3.50 – $5.00 package

Household Supplies:

Toilet Paper – Free & Up…These are the items that are rarely FREE unless you plan your trip wisely and use overage, Catalinas, Try Me Free Rebates, and $ off $$ coupons towards specific products such as toilet paper & paper towels.
Paper Towels – Ditto above, but a great stock up scenario is this one…
Cleaning Supplies (Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, etc) – Free – $0.50/bottle
Dishwashing Detergent – Free – $1.50/bottle or box
Paper Plates & Ziploc Bags – $0.50/ea

Now I realize this isn’t anywhere near complete, and that’s because I need YOUR help!  What other items would you like to see on this list?  I’d love to hear your price points and feedback.  I’d love to hear from you on this topic.  Did you find it helpful, inspiring, overwhelming…?

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  1. This particular video on stockpiling was extremely helpful. Looks like I have some organizing to do! :) Thank you so very much!

  2. Eve Baker says:

    Our grocery store (Dillons which is owned by Kroger) sells chicken in bulk 10 lb. bags for .59 a pound. I’ve seen it at Lowes Grocers in NC also at these prices. When they need to move it out, they put it on sale for 2.99 a bag, which is a sweet deal (.29 lb. )! So I buy it up and take it home immediately, clean it and cook it up in the oven or grill and we munch on it throughout the week. It’s cheap, healthy and very economical.

  3. meghan @ spicy magnolia says:

    The ‘buy it now’ list is so helpful! Truly, the whole coupon course has been such an encouragement and a help to me. I can’t wait to get out there and try this stuff! Baby steps, though…I have to keep reminding myself. :)

  4. Jennifer Singleton says:

    I saw your link on another blog about the free couponing classes so I decided to check you out. Since being a stay at home mom again I started trying to save money on grocery day with couponing. I have been very successful. Since going back to work once school started in September after two years my couponing has slacked big time. I still watch all the blogs, newspapers, sales and coupons so I am in the know but I am not saving nearly as much as I had been. After watching your videos I am so motivated to get my binder and filter through. I need my stock pile back. I hate going to the grocery store now knowing I have a coupon for a product and I can’t figure out what I did with it or where it is at. Of course when you are bringing in more income we feel its okay to spend more but that is not where I want to be. Thank you for your site and videos, I think I am going to dedicate my night to organizing my coupon binder and cutting out the many stacks of coupons I have sitting in it.


  5. Your organizational tips are going to come in handy. Thanks for taking us into your pantry and also showing how you put drug store items in plastic bins and group like things together. It sure must make shopping easier because once stocked up, you can wait for the price to drop or locate coupons and not be so dependent on the price marked in the stores.

  6. Krista McCumber says:

    I LOVE organization…& I love saving $ but lacked the knowledge of how to do this. Thank you SO much!! I am so excited to get busy with saving and organizing! This has been a SUPER blessing to me! Thank you!

  7. Wow! Great deals, and I appreciate you sharing your strategies! Love how organized your pantry is, too. =)

  8. You’ve done a tremendous job on these tutorials! Excellent! I have an Adult Education degree, have couponed for 5yrs and teach a lot of classes. I too created a print based instructional methods for students but haven’t ventured into video tutorials. I’m passing your website onto future students! Again, great job, excellent explanations and practical methods!

  9. Hello, Julia. I’m pretty new to couponing. I really appreciate all the tips I’ve gleaned from this site. I tried doing the 2 Buy One Get One coupons strategy to cancel each other out and get two items for free at Walmart in Union City, CA but it didn’t work. The cashier (actually the scanner) wouldn’t let the other coupon go through. Are there any other stores out there that you know for a fact will let 2 BOGO coupons through the scanner and therefore get two items for free? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  10. Just watch out y’all that you don’t go crazy on this stockpiling. I help seniors (old folks) move and oh my gosh you would not believe some of the stockpiles I’ve seen. Often things go bad or there’s just way too much of it for the person to take with them when they move.

    On the other hand, if you lost your job, you’d be in good shape for a pretty long time.

  11. How do you stockpile on canned veggies? I always pay full price!

  12. Hi! I’m having a great time tonight taking your online class and taking LOTS of notes! I thought I had a decent handle on things-I’ve talked to my SIL who’s taken classes and gotten a binder and stacked coupons, etc, but this has been SO helpful! I’m now re-energized to get back out there, because I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed!

    Anyway, I did want to add that I have seen canned goods for as little as $.20/ea or 5/$1 during store “Stock Up” sales, so I have a really hard time paying above that price! To be honest though, I am so stock piled in that department that I’ve skipped over the canned goods isle for MONTHS now!

    Thanks again! I’m your newest fan!


  13. I just recently found a similar site on The Doctors TV program. When i realized there were people out there showing how to manage your budget I was suprised. I then ran across this site and I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to get started!! I got my first weekly paper, I just couldn’t wait to cut coupons, Do match ups and print off printables. Since my dad passed away I had to quit my job to care for my mom. Luckily enough the state has a program where I can get paid to care of my mom. Unfortunately they don’t pay well so I can’t express how much your video and tips will benefit my home! Thank you :)

  14. thank you so much for offering this class–it has helped me to get more organized and “NOT” cut every coupon until i need it!! a few things i’m wondering for “get it now prices”

    trash bags?

  15. Has anyone tried to get the day old inserts from the Sunday paper for free or reduced price from convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.?

  16. Hillary says:

    Love the shoe holder idea. It is just what I need in my pantry… Things are getting a little clutter with all the little items (this is a good problem to have). Where did you find the clear one?


  17. love

  18. I love, love, love The Frugal Find!! I am so happy to have stumbled upon it because I have recently begun organizing my coupons again and I so appreciate all the great advice offered here. My question is how long did it take to accumulate your stockpile? Is it necessary to spend more initially by taking advantage of these deals, or is this just built up over a long period of time?



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