Huggies Refill Packs 216ct only $2.50 at CVS!

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MANY of you have emailed to let me know that at your CVS these huge refill packs are ringing up on sale for $2.50ea!  I called my store and the cashier verfied the price for me, so run over to CVS now – you don’t even need a coupon to get this steal of a price!  She said they were marked $7.99 but I asked her to scan them, with your CVS card they are on sale 2/$5 or $2.50ea!

If you do have the January Coupon Booklet from Safeway, there was a $1/1 ANY Huggies wipes manufacturer coupon inside – making them only $1.50 per package!

Confirmed in Alabama too! Thanks Eastern Shoe Mom!

Did the deal work in your store?  Please leave acomment with your City, State (or just state) and let us know if it’s working there!  One of the best ways to help each other out is to spread the word!

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  1. I hope they are on sale at my store. I just sent hubby with a .50 off coupon and $2 ecb’s…lol…So for his sake, and mine, I hope it works :)

  2. worked at cvs on somersville in antioch :)

  3. I just got 3! Thanks Julia!

  4. Brittany D. says:

    I ran over to CVS with 3 kids in tow. I got 4 packages. The kicker: I price checked the wipes then I scanned my CVS card to see if any coupons would come out. A coupon for $2 off Huggies wipe spit out. LOL.

  5. In AZ they are ringing up $2.50 All the CVS’s I visited had plenty in stock!

  6. My Husband just went and it works! Antioch Ca.
    Thanks for the tip… Had two $.50 off. Great Deal!!

  7. I ran out to the CVS around the corner(In Atlantic Plaza next to Food Co. in Pittsburg) from me and they plenty. So I pick up 3 and thought to leave some for every else. Thanks Julia!

  8. Worked at my CVS in Modesto, CA. Such a great deal. Also got the $2 CVS Huggies coupon when I scanned my card! 8 Packages for less than $15. They had a ton left too!!!

  9. It worked for me in in Texas. The $1/1 coupon did beep but my Jedi cashier pushed it through. Yay!!

  10. Almost makes me wanna have another baby! Ok, no.

  11. Word got out fast! I got the last two on the shelves and there were two other ladies there with ARM loads. I didn’t get the $2 huggies print out but I did get a $5/$15 woohoo successful CVS trip!

  12. Worked at my CVS in Ashburn, Va. Had the $1 off from Safeway. It beeped but my cashier pushed it thru :)

  13. It is working in Pensacola, FL. The really great thing was I scanned my ecbs card for coupons at th sscanner kiosk and got a $2 off huggies refill. So yeah! I got it for only .50 cents. If my math is right that is 94% off!!!

  14. My CVS was out of them, sadly. However I was able to get them at Wal*Mart, they called CVS, Verified the price, and gave them to me at the CVS price!

  15. Brentwood, Antioch & Pittsburg are all out of the 216 count but they said they restock on Saturday afternoons that would be before sale switchs over.

  16. The deal worked in Youngstown, Oh however, wasn’t the 216 count.It was the 184 count with shea butter(that’s all they had).I might go back and see if they have re-stocked:)

  17. It did not work at the eCVS in Greenbelt MD… I will try another today!


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