Endorse: 20% off 20 Thanksgiving Products, NEW Stores, and a BIG change to the program…

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Ok everyone, I have some good news and some not so good news.  I’m sad to announce that it Endorse has lowered the cash back on your total purchase at an Endorsed store from 10% to 2%.  You can however still earn 10% cash back on specific products, what that means is you’re better off endorsing an actual product from here on out.  What I do is as I’m preparing my shopping list, I quickly go through and Endorse each item I plan to buy.  Makes it simple.  So I’m a bit bummed, but it’s still free money I suppose.

With that said, if you’re POPing with Endorse, you’ll be excited about this next bit of news!  Endorse has added several new stores to the program as well as a special Holiday promo.  The new Holiday promo is called 20 for 20, here are the details…

 Get 20% cash back on 20 Thanksgiving favorites. From dinner to dessert to leftover storage and clean up – we’ve got all the products you need to make your Thanksgiving holiday a success.

Rules are simple, you need to endorse, buy and POP at least 5 different products from below to earn 20% cash back. You may purchase a maximum of 5 of the same product, but you must POP at least 5 different products to qualify for 20% cash back. Please POP all qualifying Thanksgiving receipts in the same envelope. Your purchase must be made between November 10th and November 24th, and mailed to us by December 7th. Get 5 friends to endorse and POP any of the products you’ve also endorsed – and you’ll get yours for free. So spread the word, and share the love!

On top of this great promo Endorse has also added the following new stores…

Fred Meyer
Fresh & Easy
and many others…

Share YOUR Endorsements!

Please feel free to share your links in the comments section below. I just ask that you choose ONLY 10 Endorse links and that you keep them all in one comment.  The reason for this is that there are still a lot of questions coming in about Endorse and I don’t want TFF readers to have to wade through a bunch of links to get the pertinent info they need.

I also just got an email with a list of brands/products that I had previously Endorsed that have now been removed from the program, I’m sure you’ll all be getting a similar email.  A portion of the email read…

Since we launched in August, we have worked hard to build Endorse into a service with a sustainable model that will be able to offer generous rewards for years to come. Over the past few months, we have learned that offering rewards for one-time, high-cost purchases will not be sustainable in the long run. We need to focus our business where we have the best opportunity to pass the savings on to you, and helps you and your family save money on the products you buy every day.

My list included…

Southwest Airlines
The North Face
Advance Auto Parts
BP America
Mobil 1 Motor Oil
Oreilly Auto Parts
Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes
Six Flags
Kirkland Allergy Medicine
Nature Made Supplements
Best Buy
Cost Plus World Market
Crate and Barrel
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Pottery Barn
The Home Depot

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  1. just to clarify after reading through your post- does every individual product endorsed gain you 10% back or just certain ones? If so, where are they listed? Thanks :)

  2. Trish Maxwell via Facebook says:

    I want to thank you for posting the info about Endorse. I too have already received a check from Endorse. I never would have known about it, if not for your site. I think we all had that feeling in the pit of our stomachs, that it was too good to last. You provide such valuable info for many, many people and you help us stay on budget. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Trish Maxwell via Facebook says:

    I want to thank you for posting the info about Endorse. I too have already received a check from Endorse. I never would have known about it, if not for your site. I think we all had that feeling in the pit of our stomachs, that it was too good to last. You provide such valuable info for many, many people and you help us stay on budget. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. Vanessa Brumage via Facebook says:

    It was fun while it lasted, and I bet they weren`t expacting as quick as a turn out as they got. I`m sticking to it because some cash back beats none, and I cant find a better program like it.

  5. Free money is free money. Thanks for introducing Endorse to us. I figure what else would I do with receipts then just keep them scattered in a box..so why not send them in,even for 2% cashback…now thats still awesome.

  6. Here’s a follow up that I just posted today with some thoughts of mine… http://thefrugalfind.com/endorse-what-we-can-still-earn-10-cash-back-on/

  7. D.L. Kurson says:

    Can I send in receipts from Grocery Outlet or Food 4 Less(that aren’t on Endorsed list) but if I buy the Endorsed products?

  8. Steven Carpenter says:

    Hi Everyone-

    Building companies is hard. Earning and keeping your trust is even harder.

    On Friday, we made changes to the Endorse rewards structure. Because some of our emails to you notifying you of these changes took longer than we anticipated to be delivered, we want to make one small change to our earlier announcement.

    All POPs made on Friday, November 11th will qualify for 10% cash back – even if those products or stores that have now been removed.

    Moreover, while there will be changes in the future as we build Endorse into a sustainable service, I want to clearly communicate one thing: if our policies do change in the future, we will always honor your POPs based on the Endorse policies on the date of your purchase.

    Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

    • Thank you Steven
      I love Endorse and will be sticking with your company – I received my 1st check and was delighted to put it in a special checking account for Black Friday Shopping.

      Can’t wait for my next envelope to be processed!

      • Thanks Steven! I am so happy to hear we will get the 10% back on purchases through the 11th. I am sticking with Endorse also, most of the products on Endorse I buy anyway-why not get money back whenever I can. I have several envelopes waiting to be processed also-can’t wait until the next check.

  9. Melissa Raab via Facebook says:

    I’m confused. If I purchased clothing on 11/5 but send in my POP now do I get the 10%? It seems like the CEO said they would honor?!?

  10. Yes Melissa, they’re honoring all POPs (at the 10% rate) purchased on or before 11/11.

  11. Jana Pierce says:
  12. Has anyone had a POP post in the last 3 weeks? I got credit for my first one, but my 2nd and 3rd seem to be lost in the mix somewhere. My account says they received the envelopes, just wondering.

    • I haven’t. I sent one in (the site says they received it a month ago?? not sure it was that long ). I haven’t gotten credit yet. Guess it is more growing pains.

      I am not as upset with the changes they made as I am the way they did it. Glad to hear they are looking at that going forward.

  13. I notice they are taking longer my first pop took them a week to credit this time already almost three,and havent received,sent last one on 11/11 for my last10%.My first amount was only $29.00.But have heard of preople buying cars,tv,etc theres is no way they could continue to pay out that percent

  14. D.L. Kurson says:
  15. Sarah Ives via Facebook says:

    There are a lot of decent deals on these 20 items this week….. I easily found 5 between Safeway, Raley’s and Lucky…..

  16. Target has most of the deals on sale for $0.89 each!! The stuffing,Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes,and Heinz Gravy. Then the Butterball turkey@,I think it was 37 cents a lb,with the 3.00 insert and a combo of at least 4 of whats listed above.

  17. What do you mean about your list, for example Ikea? I couldn’t find it anywhere. Can you explain this? Thank you

  18. Kimberly Ortiz says:

    Help! I just signed up for the endors program but I have no idea what to do now. I have purchased some of the Items on the 20 for 20 deal, but where do i get the envelope to send them in at? I cant seem to find the original post with information, thanks


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