Target c9 Champion Finds

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I don’t believe the coupon is available any longer, but hopefully you printed it yesterday when I posted the new Target coupons.  With my (2) $5/1 c9 Champion coupons I was able to get both the work out shirt for my husband and  4  pairs of socks for myself for a whopping $1!  I just LOVE it when Target releases these apparel coupons!  The shirt was $4.98 on clearance = free and the socks were $6 = $1.

What were you able to buy with your Target coupons?

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  1. Rachel B says:

    I found 2 pairs of Champion cheer shorts (super comfy) on clearance for $3.98 each. I had 2 coupons and both went through for the full $5. So I made $2 to buy some shorts I really like!

  2. At my store this exact same shirt was $1.98 :) so I got shorts too :)

  3. Shelley says:

    I got a pair of pink shorts for $3.98 – $5.00 coupon (they gave the overage) & a pink Merona purse on clearance for $5.00 – $3.00 coupon. Total out of pocket was $1.06. Score!!

  4. I was able to get a shirt for myself for $4- They didn’t have clearance ones that I liked, but I was happy to pay $4 for the shirt I wanted and was planning to get anyways.

    I also did the Stride gum deal. There was a coupon in the RP I think it was for BOGO FREE and I used the Target coupon. I got 2 packs of gum for FREE.

    I also used the 15% off logitech coupon and got a webcam for a friend who was looking for one. It saved them $4.50. Funny thing was that the cashier had to manually put in the 15% off so I had to use my calculator on my phone to figure out what was 15% off. I was honest and wouldn’t consider being otherwise, but it was a weird hold up when checking out.

  5. Last night I went to Target and was excited that I found my husband a shirt on clearance for $4.98, but the cashier said that they could not accept the coupon since the product was less than the value of the coupon!! She said Target is cracking down on this and I would have to purchase something over $5.00 to use the coupon.

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