Sunday Coupon Preview and how to get FREE newspapers.

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Just in case you missed this post mid-week I wanted to put it up again.  I love a sneak peek – if you’re like me go here to see this Sunday’s coupons! I’d suggest getting an extra insert or two this weekend. I always suggest getting 2 copies, in most cases if there is a good deal/sale you’ll need at least 2 coupons to take advantage of it.

How many copies do I get each week?  My rule of thumb is one newspaper per person in our family, for us that is 6!

However there are a few ways to get FREE newspapers.

1.  Ask a Friend, Relative, or Neighbor for their coupon inserts, it’s likely they just toss them aside as it is.

2. Visit your local coffee shop Sunday afternoon and do one of 2 things.  Look through the recycling bin and gather the coupons that have been left behind or ask the manager if they’d be willing to let you take and recycle the left over Sunday papers at closing.  I know my Starbucks just tosses them out!

3.  You could dumpster dive like this post written by our resident Dumpster Diva, but I can’t say I’ve ever done it.

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  1. Kristen says:

    I’ve also posted a request using and I pick up someone’s paper each Monday.

  2. Olivia Zimmerman says:

    I dont have any family or friends in my area, my Starbucks returns the newspapers to the vendor if there are any leftover, and I “would” dumpster dive in a second but all the recycle bins here dont let you open the top. So I’m all out of options :( Also I’ve done freecycle; nothing

    Please help!

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