Sarah’s $5.00 Safeway Shopping Trip (Kraft Catalina Rolling Promo!)

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Sarah posted the following on the TFF Facebook Page and I asked her to share a photo and a few more details about her trip, so here it is!

My husband went to Safeway. After you take into account the $10 catalina he came home with we got: 10 packages of hotdogs, a box of granola bars, 2 bailey’s creamers, 10 packages of lunch meat, 8 dressings & 2 kraft cheese singles for $5!!! This was over three transactions – it was AWESOME :)

A couple of things… I did have a $1.50 off coupon for the granola bars that I got redeeming points through the Kellogg’s website.  I had a personalized price on the creamer of 99 cents & then had a $1/1 printable. I did not have the lower price on the dressing but I combined the B1G1 sale with 2 of the $1/2 (which applied to the ones I was buying, not the free ones). On the cheese, I had $1/1 printables (no longer available) that I used but apparently, it also took of the 71 cent off loaded J4U coupons too so that made it a VERY good deal. I think that’s it! :)

If you have a shopping trip you’d like to share or a deal idea, please feel free to email me at or post it here in the comments.  It’s always fun to see what kind of deals you all score!

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  1. Lynzee Head via Facebook says:

    what is the hot dog deal?

  2. My husband drinks crystal light and it’s usually almost $3 a package but there is a double dip on catalinas! I bought 6 kraft dressings ($1.95) personalized price and 4 crystal lights ($2.08) personalized price and used 1 $1/2 kraft and paid $13,17 before tax. Then I got a $10 catalina for purchasing 10 kraft items and a $3 catalina for purchasing 4 crystal lights. So total was $0.17! That’s an AMAZING deal for crystal light!!!

  3. I had a J4U coupon for $1 off and it took it off each package. Then, when you buy 10, you get a $10 catalina making them all free.

  4. It only works for one transaction though. It says limit 1 but it took it off all 10 in the same transaction and then it’s not available to use anymore it looks like.

  5. Amanda Nagel-Swangin via Facebook says:

    Wish there were a Safeway in northern Indiana.

  6. Regina Hurtado via Facebook says:

    I got the same coupon….im gunna test it out…last time i used my coupons it didnt expire

  7. thanks for the heads up- was able to stock up on hot dogs/lunch meat. The salad dressing WAS NOT a deal for me- no Just4U price, and shelf price was $3.99 each.

  8. I had my 10 pkgs of lunch meat with all my discounts and coupons loaded on my club card, but after they rung me up, there was no $10 Catalina. I double checked the lunch meat pkgs, and I picked up the correct ones. I also doublechecked the list of partcipating stores, and my store should’ve been one of them. Did this happen to anyone else???

  9. I have a $1 off produce when you buy 2 kraft dressings coupon. Can it used together with a $1/2 kraft dressings coupon ?

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