San Francisco Chronicle: Sunday Newspaper only $0.35 per week

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This is an ABSOLUTELY incredible offer, 90% off of the newstand price of $3 per Sunday Paper.  Right now you can subscribe for an entire years worth of Sunday SF Chronicle delivered for only $0.35 per week or $18 per year.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute if I were you!  I am not sure if this is for new customers only or not – I’ll be trying for myself so I will let you know!

You can go here to sign up online or call 1-800-508-5153 to subscribe.

Thanks Celia!

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  1. kristen g says:

    I just signed up and the additional comments said for new customers only.

  2. I am sooo excited about this!!!! I just got the offer in my mailbox!!!

  3. Thanks Julia – I’ve been meaning to sign up and just did!

  4. I live all the way in NC :(

  5. This might sound stupid… but is it for the state’s residence only? Or do they deliver to different states?

  6. I just called SF. This offer is for new subscribers though they offered $52 for 52 weeks for current subscribers.

  7. Brittany says:

    What a great deal! I’ve been meaning to sign up. It was worth the wait!

  8. WOW!! Done. :)

  9. Brittany D. says:

    WOW!! Thank you I just sign up!

  10. Thanks! I just signed up too & am sure that I’ll save more than $18 thanks to their coupons & your site.

  11. Samantha says:

    Does anyone know if you can subscribe if you are out of state? I just started couponing and I have not learned all the stipulations yet :)

  12. Stephanie Placencia says:

    wow!!! I’m glad I waited… I just signed up for it… Thanks for all your great info…. You are the best

  13. For those asking if it delivers out of state: to be sure go to the site Julia listed and enter your zip code and it’ll let you know.

  14. do you get aleast most of the coupons listed on the coupon preview

  15. Michelle says:

    What a great deal! I just signed up two weeks ago!!! I’m totally bummed!

  16. I just signed up. They said I will continue to have the same yearly rate from here on.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this offer. This is my first time to your blog. I am an avid follower of Myfrugaladventures and she shared this post.

    I wanted to let those of you know who are existing customers. Try calling them and asking if they will give you this deal. If they say no threaten to cancel your subscription. If they still say no try again another day. I just did this for the San Jose Mercury news and got a great deal on Sunday delivery of that paper as well!

  18. Thanks! I signed up for one today!

  19. This is awesome. I just signed up. Does anyone know if you can subscribe for TWO newspapers?? If I logged in twice will it send me another one??

  20. I already have a subscription but I just ordered one under my husband’s name at this great rate so now we get two!

  21. Hey thanks so much for this….I always wondered how people in other areas got extra papers so cheap…and now I can get an extra one too!

  22. Fantastic, thank you!

  23. Terms & Conditions (indicated when signing up): Your subscription and method of payment will be continuous at regular home delivery rates after your introductory period. Billing periods are in 52 week cycles. Rates may vary in certain areas. Expect delivery to start within seven days. Offer valid for new subscribers only. This offer does not apply to mail subscriptions. For mail subscription information and rates, please call 1-800-310-2455. All subscriptions include delivery on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

  24. Hi! I wanted to share that I called them yesterday after I didn’t receive my paper :-( And they said that yes I could get multiple copies delivered for the same rate! :-) I would recommend calling them again (if you haven’t already gotten more added to your subscription). I should get my extra copies next week. I hope!!!

  25. Thank you! Just signed up…..well, I called to sign up because I wasn’t sure if the Chronicle was still in business! They will bill me….and they said my service will start this Sunday!


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