March: Frozen Food Month & FREE Printable Freezer Inventory Form

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2013 March Frozen Food Month

Do you have room in your freezers?  March is Frozen Food month! This is typically the month when many couponers stockpile their freezers for the months to come.  So with that said I wanted to remind you about the Free Printable Freezer Inventory Form, it will help you keep your freezer in check and cut down on wasted food.

I sure hope you have some spare room in your freezer because Safeway is starting it off strong!  Buy $30 or more in participating frozen food items and you’ll get a $10 off your next order coupon, buy $20 – get $5.

The key here is in the wording – it says buy $30 worth and not spend $30 – what that typically means is that the $30 is BEFORE manufacturer’s coupons.  Of course I’ll have test it tomorrow for you to be certain, but in years past this has always been the case.

Here’s where I’m confused – the fine print reads:

Amount spent is NET of any coupons, promotions, or discounts and excludes all taxes.  

Translation please?  Anyone care to chime in – what do you think that fine print means?

Stay tuned for this week’s Safeway deals…

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  1. Net means AFTER the discount. So, the amount will be minus the discounts/promotions/coupons but not with tax added.

    • Well boo, I think you’re right – but now I’m trying to remember if that’s what it always says. Seems like the register triggers the coupon once your total frozen foods purchase is scanned in at $30. We shall see!

  2. Just call and ask at your local Vons

  3. Sounds like the mean after discounts, like the club discount, and coupons. They could be referring to the digital coupons like the Just 4 U ones. Not sure, kind of ambiguous.

  4. Not only would I have to make room, but I need to be sure before I spend $30 on frozen food! With Easter being March 31st my budget will be super tight this month! Teehee! I already is super tight so that’s hilarious to me!

  5. if it included coupons, discounts and tax – that would be gross amount – similar to gross income –
    net amount to me means the total prior to taxes but after all coupons/discounts applied -

  6. Promotions at Safeway have had similar language in the past but it’s always been $30 BEFORE coupons!

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