Locals – McCaulou’s, not just your grandma’s store.

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I’m sure you all already know how awesome McCaulou’s is, but for some reason it’s where “grandma’s shop” in my mind.  Seems like every baby shower I go to, a grandma has a cute little baby outfit from McCaulou’s.  I was totally wrong!  Someone told me they sold Keen sandals there and I’ve been looking for a good deal on a pair for the baby for a while.  On a side note…those of you with multiple children…at what point do you stop calling the youngest “baby”?  Anyways, his brothers have Keen sandals (bought used but near new!) and I just love them.  Great quality and they last a long time!  We can easily pass them through all 3 boys.  However, the baby hasn’t had a pair yet until now.  As of just a couple of days ago he is proudly sporting his “cool like my brother shoes”.

I got a brand new pair at McCaulous for only $30!  With that said, it was still quite a splurge but we had store credit there from a grandma gift gone bad.  See now you can understand why I thought it was a grandma store.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There was a lot to choose from.  I don’t think they prices were rock bottom, but they were decent.  When I was there I signed up for their email list, all the cashier had to say was “we’ll email you coupons” and I was on board.

I got my first coupon today!  It’s good for 20% off store-wide excluding cosmetics.  So if you’re in the market for Keen’s (note – they are final sale) or UGGs (they had a ton of those) sign up here for their email list first and save an additional 20%.

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  1. Julia- there is also that little Grapevine booklet that has coupon McCaulous coupons for $10 of a 50 purchase. :-)

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