Life in Oregon…

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I promise you I’d update you on how things are going here, so I put together a little slide show.  We are enjoying Bend very much.  I had a tough few days a week or so ago.   Not knowing anyone was wearing on me but things are looking up!  The kids are in Awana (which means 2 hours every week without kids!) this means a lot when you don’t have family in the area to babysit.  We’ve also found a church and are really excited to plug in.  The kids are thriving here with so much to do outdoors and so many opportunities for learning and exploring.  Mr. Frugal and I are enjoying the extra living space and the great neighbors and friends we’ve made.

As I type Mr. Frugal is picking up Grandma, she came up on a train from CA overnight last night and will be staying the weekend with us.  The kids have been dying for this moment for weeks.

Thank you for following our journey and supporting our family as we made this huge move – it’s been a good thing for us in more ways than I can count even if we had a rough start. Oh and I’m loving how close everything is – ALL of the stores I shop at are within a 5 minute drive!

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  1. Welcome to Bend! My daughters (twins) are in Awanas too here in Bend. They love it, and I hear ya on loving the bit of extra time on Monday evenings! If you have any questions, or just need an ear, drop me a note! God Bless you all, I’m glad things are working out. Have fun with Grandma this weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Everybody looks happy. God bless

  3. sheeba mathew says:

    This is a wonderful set of pics…thanks for sharing its heartwarming to see a family like yourselves adjusting with change…

  4. So glad you guys are settling in & enjoying life in Bend, Julia! Such a beautiful area with so many fun outdoor spots! We’ve only been to Bend once, but in that day managed to find an awesome thrift store there – jealous that you have so many close by! Yay for Awana – we love Awana!

  5. Happy for you all!!!! Oregon is very pretty

  6. We were the opposite in our move from Washington State to the Bay Area (Newark/Fremont area) and went through the same bumps as you. I will say that we are now doing 50%/50% living between the states because we miss our family/friends/support network, the clear skies, outdoors, and open friendliness of the Pacific Northwest. I hope that as you get plugged in things will become easier. It looks beautiful and everyone looks so happy! Many blessings and well wishes for your family!!!

  7. Suzy Rodriguez says:

    Daniel and I are so happy for you, Jeremy and the kids! A big move like that can be so hard! But you have made it look so easy :) We hope all is well and Adeline says hi to Haley. Praying for you all :)

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