Kohl’s Black Friday Sales are Online NOW! (KitchenAid, Keurig, Dyson, Android Tablet, and more!)

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Well, well yet ANOTHER store is offering their Black Friday deals to us online shoppers. Head on over to Kohl’s to start shopping their Black Friday sales!   Before you start shopping you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of  few coupon codes though…

  1. Get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend.
  2. Shop during the “Power Hours” and get an automatic 10% off your purchase
  3. Shop through Ebates and get 10% Cash Back on BLACK Friday or 4% on 11/24 (plus a $10 gift card for NEW Ebates members through this link!)
  4. Use coupon code: GOBBLE15 for 15% off  OR Coupon Code: CON20HH4 for 20% off

NOTE: There are 2 coupon codes available your total will be different depending on which one you use.  One will be less out of pocket and less Kohl’s Cash while the other is a bit more out of pocket but more Kohl’s cash.

Check out these scorching HOT deals…

  1. KitchenAid Mixer for as low as $78 deal scenario and details over HERE. *SOLD OUT*
  2. Keurig Brewer for as low as $58 deal scenario and details over HERE.
  3. Dyson DC25 Vacuum for as low as $192 deal scenario and details over HERE. *SOLD OUT*
  4. Polaroid Android Tablet for as low as $38 deal scenario and details over HERE. *SOLD OUT*
  5. KitchenAid 5 Quart Mixer (you choose the color) for as low as $125 deal scenario over HERE.

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  1. Kelly Szeto via Facebook says:

    holy.. the kitchenaid is a good deal

  2. Trisha Balmer says:

    Too many hoops to jump through for me…

  3. When are the “power hours”? I couldn’t find it listed on their website.

  4. Julie Davidson via Facebook says:

    Any free shipping promo codes out there?

  5. WOw, what is the power hours? This is a lot of hoops, and I don’t want to sign up for ebates or do a mail in rebate. I’m trying to go through though to see what my price would be if ordered now but I’m afraid to enter my card before I know…

  6. Well I just went through it and so far only the gobble works. No power hour discount and no Kohls cash unless I’m missing something . I guess this kind of stuff if just too hard core for me.. ha.. I never have the right timing to get the good deals.

    • The power hour discounts aren’t actually listed, just automatically taken off. It’s still working as of about 30 seconds ago. The Kohls cash doesn’t show in checkout – apparently they send you an e-mail a few minutes after you checkout.

  7. Corey Stroud Morton via Facebook says:

    I just ordered my kitchen aid!! It was even less after my $20 in Kohls cash. Thank you!! @Julie- shipping was automatically free, must be part of the promo.

  8. Julie Davidson via Facebook says:

    I don’t need a mixer though so I’m looking to get free shipping on other items. Not sure if I’ll find it, but i’ll search. :)

  9. Corey Stroud Morton Did you receive Kohl’s Cash back on your purchase?

  10. Jennifer Chaisson says:

    You will get the kohl’s cash emailed to you after you place the order, and the power hour discount automatically comes off, if you add the mixer to your cart it automatically goes down to 179.99 with no code having to be entered!

  11. Corey Stroud Morton via Facebook says:

    Yes but only 30… because I bought before 10pm. Either way it was an amazing deal. Thank you!!

  12. I see, thanks Corey!

  13. So Corey just to clarify you earned $10 for every $50 right?

  14. Corey Stroud Morton via Facebook says:

    Yes. :)

  15. April Eubanks via Facebook says:

    I just checked out and earned $90 in Kohl’s Cash for my $304.00 order (before tax)! So glad to have that out of the way!

  16. Julie Davidson via Facebook says:

    Okay, so is everyone getting $10 or $15 kohls cash for every $50?

  17. Tara Pippin via Facebook says:

    Whats the power Hours?

  18. Looks like $15 Julie according to April’s order…

  19. Tara, I can’t find the details on the power hours anywhere

  20. Tara Pippin via Facebook says:

    oh man! I wish I knew! I would totally wait! eeeeaaak! getting the bug!

  21. Chau Le via Facebook says:

    The kitchen aid took off the 10% “power hour” making it $179 but it didn’t do that for the Polaroid tablet. Price was still $119 after I added it to the cart. Still a good deal though

  22. Wait until what Tara?

  23. Tara Pippin via Facebook says:

    the “Power Hour”

  24. Chau it did for me, that’s strange. I’ll check again…

  25. Chau Le via Facebook says:


  26. Oooh it’s actually BETTER that way, the Polaroid Tablet now earns you $30 in Kohls cash instead of $15!

  27. Chau Le via Facebook says:

    yes ye it does..lol

  28. The kitchenaid mixer only has a 275 watt motor. I just bought mine at Costco. $219 after $30 rebate but with a 575 watt motor :)

  29. it worked , thanks SOOOOO much


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