Jennifer’s Winco Bulk Bins Shopping Trip

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We’re working on getting our very popular Winco deals back on TFF, so stay tuned!  In the meantime Jennifer shares her Winco shopping trip with us today…

Well, it’s been one of those weeks where I just needed to shop and not worry about all the deals and coupons…always feels weird! I didn’t even take my binder in. I’ve been out of many spiced/herbs so I hit the bins. Here’s what I got for $19.32

  1. HyTop oats: $1.83. I needed the container for future bin shopping. Bin price is .91/lb. I paid .95
  2. Popcorn: .73/lb paid $1.83
  3. Basil: $2.93/lb pd .21
  4. Sunflower seeds $1.56 p’d .76
  5. Pumpkin seeds $2.97/lb p’d .71
  6. Soynuts $1.28 p’d $1.33
  7. Choc covered sunflower seeds $4.19/lb p’d $2.05
  8. Avocado .78
  9. Raw almonds $3.98/lb p’d $3.34
  10. Raisins $1.78/lb, p’d $1.62
  11. Pretzel balls .94/lb p’d .26
  12. Baking mini chocchips $2.59/lb p’d $1.71
  13. Thyme $5.06/lb p’d .15
  14. Rosemary $2.58/lb p’d .08
  15. Lindsay olives .78 p’d $1.56
  16. Oranges .87

Used three reusable bags .18 credit

Somethings might not be fantastic deals but my budget was $20 so I figured we would have fun and try a few new things. I’m making my own granola bars, quick breads and snacks these days so feel ok spending a little more for products.

Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

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  1. Looks like a good trip to me! I love Winco! Especially the bulk section.

  2. I do a lot of bulk shopping at my health food store and when I’m able to get to Fred Meyer. My cooking has been more dependent on whole, natural foods. My couponing is more for our nut or soy milks, crackers and high quality premade foods. Looks like a great buy for $20 to me.

  3. Natalie Weeks via Facebook says:

    I miss winco!

  4. Wow, Jennifer! That’s awesome! ;)

  5. the bins are my favorite part of Winco… and the prices : )

  6. Brandy Sands via Facebook says:

    ohhh making your own granola stuff sounds fun!! Am gonna have to try some new recipes!

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