How to find Clearance items at Costco

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It’s fairly simple but you may have to search a bit.  Some stores have an area designated for clearance items that may have been returns, overstock, seasonal, etc.  Other stores simply mix them in with the regular stock.  The key is look for items that end in $0.97 – that means that item is on clearance and won’t last long!

Yesterday we found these All-In-One Back to School kits on clearance for $3.97.  We already had these items in our school supply stockpile but I think these would make fabulous donation items.

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Do you have any other tips for spotting a deal at Costco?

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  1. Michal David via Facebook says:

    good to know that….i will keep my eyes open – thanks

  2. Felinda Abreu via Facebook says:

    I have found great stuff on clearance…especially clothes =)

  3. Robin Lawson via Facebook says:

    The little asterisk in the top right corner is an indicator too.

  4. Thanks Robin!

  5. Kasee Falkowski via Facebook says:

    none of the pictures are showing up for me on the links at the bottom of this

  6. Oh interesting, thanks. I’ll look into that.

  7. Some other stores do it that way. IE: Academy puts their clearance prices to end in .88

  8. Not all stores clearance the same items at the same time.

  9. Desirae Flud-Hudgins via Facebook says:

    Cool! Thanx for sharing!!

  10. Any item with an * means we are not getting more in not necessarily that it is marked down.

  11. Shalini sandhia says:

    Thanks for sharing

  12. I bought a floor-model microwave oven for a very cheap price, although I don’t remember the particulars. It was mixed in on the shelf with the other microwaves. There was nothing wrong with it and I’ve had it for several years now.

  13. anoymous says:

    anything ending in 0.97 or with an asterisks (*) located in the corner.


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