(GONE) Ebay Coupon Code worth $7.65 off ANY order?!

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Could it be?  This will surely be a first if so, it appears that if you use coupon code: CUKFB1 at checkout on Ebay you’ll get $7.65 off your purchase.  If you try this, please let us know if it’s working.  I’ll be testing it here shortly as well.

You can only use this code once per Paypal account. This will not last long as there are only 50,000coupons available.

Thanks, Common Sense With Money!

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  1. Corrie Shaw via Facebook says:

    It worked for me! Just bought some essential oils for free!

  2. Worked! Amazing!

  3. I’m thinking this could be a nice discount on a gift card…

  4. Just worked for me. Ordered ink cartridges for $.33!

  5. Corrie Shaw via Facebook says:

    I didn’t even think about that! Great idea!

  6. Renee Fangman via Facebook says:

    just bought a stamp for 5.96 including shipping! thanks!

  7. worked!

  8. Just used it! Two 15oz tubs of coconut oil for $10.85! Thank you!

  9. worked for me too!

  10. Paula Homa via Facebook says:

    Worked for me too!

  11. Hilary Adams via Facebook says:

    wow it worked! thanks!

  12. Worked!!

  13. woohoo got a yard of cute fabric FREE

  14. Mary Spoon Costa-Pearson via Facebook says:

    Ty! This could pay for my shipping on some miss mes I’m bidding on now!

  15. Just used it! Worked great! Thanks!

  16. How do you enter in the code? I use paypal

  17. Amanda, when you go to checkout, you enter the code in the coupon code box.

  18. Pretty sweet deal!

  19. Nicole Jayne via Facebook says:

    I think it’s gone :-( I just tried to enter it at check out and it said “There is no balance left on this redemption code”

  20. odhetta says:

    It doesn’t worked .. it said : There is no balance left on this redemption code.

  21. Kim Ripley says:

    There is no balance left on this redemption code.

  22. Mariam Subhani via Facebook says:

    is it gone??

  23. There is no balance left on this redemption code.

  24. didn’t work for me

  25. almost worked, deducted it, took me to paypal and then rejected it saying no balance left on code

  26. Tim Yee via Facebook says:


  27. Kathy Gros Myers via Facebook says:

    cool might be using it here in a bit

  28. It’s gone. Bummer!

  29. No balance left on this coupon code. :(

  30. Yep, gone!

  31. Gone, bummer!

  32. Angeline Saby via Facebook says:

    just used thankssssss

  33. Francene Elizabeth via Facebook says:

    Gee, too bad it went out right before I purchased my item, grrrr………

  34. I did find a nice bundle under $13 for my Kindle. A case with numerous charging devices! No coupon code, so hopefully they work. The case isn’t one I’d have picked without the bundle, but for a house and car charger alone it’s a great deal. Pray they work!

  35. Kimberly J. Perreault Bryant via Facebook says:

    well this really went fast the worst part………would have never committed to buy had I known code was gone :(

  36. Krista Meletiou via Facebook says:

    Kathy, do not use it. What happened to me was I tried and when you confirm to buy, you are kinda stuck with following through on the purchase WITHOUT the code. So it kinda sucks. :-(

  37. It did go really fast :(

  38. Darn it!

  39. Kathy Gros Myers via Facebook says:

    oh well it happens

  40. Noelle Linden via Facebook says:

    Shoot, missed it.

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