(SOLD OUT) Plum District: 7” Tablet with Android OS for as low as $72.40!

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Plum District has a HOT 7” Tablet with Android OS deal – it’s selling for $129 but if you use coupon code: sunday40 at checkout you’ll save 40% or $51.60 making it only $77.40!  If you’re NEW to Plum District and you sign up through this link you’ll get a $5 bonus in your account making this deal only $72.40! You will have to pay taxes/shipping (flat rate shipping is $10) when you redeem the deal.  Head on over here and choose San Francisco: East Bay to find this deal.

Here are the specs on this tablet:

A/C adapter/charger, Touch Screen(two point touch),achieve pages and images zoom in and out, stylus, manual, and external RJ-45 USB hub for adding additional devices. Slim and Lightweight Black Mini Laptop Android 2.2 FLASH 10.1, WiFi and external 3G 7.2″ digital touch screen, 800X480 pixels 3.0 megapixel camera / webcam.

Trying to redeem your order?

Important Note: Please note that all coupons are entered into our system once the deal is over on the Deal Provider’s website – The codes are only provided to us once the deal is finished – and that a single coupon can be used per order.  Please allow 24-48h once the deal is finished for Voucher code input into the database

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  1. Regina Zimmer says:

    seems too good to be true lol

  2. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    wow that looks like an awesome deal I am almost too scared to buy it. seems too good to be true???

  3. We bought one. Plum District is a company we’ve worked with for almost 3 years, they’re trustworthy.

  4. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    ok I think I might buy two.

  5. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    if you want to return the product purchased do you go through the company its purchased from??

  6. I’m not sure Regina.

  7. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    could you tell me what does limit 1 voucher per transaction mean??

  8. I would try them first then Plum District if I needed to return it.

  9. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    ok thanks, I have never bought anything from a site that works this way.

  10. No problem, just know that chances are your voucher code may not be ready right away.

  11. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    :) Thanks so much for the help.

  12. Laura Farwell via Facebook says:

    Ok bought one lol

  13. Glenna Werner Marden via Facebook says:

    I think I’m gonna buy one too! This seems to be the best deal yet for this size tablet anyway. I even checked and there are some good educational apps for the little ones! Thank you TFF!

  14. Carly Garrison via Facebook says:

    It says promo code invalid

  15. Rachel Prince via Facebook says:

    I can’t find it what am I doing wrong?

  16. Laureen Eastin via Facebook says:

    I can’t find the brand, and the ones that “look” like the one on the website are selling for $69-110, so I’m not sure about this one..

  17. @Regina the one per transaction means that you just have to redeem your deal vouchers in separate transactions.

  18. You’re welcome Glenna, we’re pretty excited about it too! It will be a great addition to homeschooling, especially for our older children.

  19. Rachel Prince when you arrived on Plum District did you select SF East Bay as the location?

  20. Laureen Eastin the brand isn’t listed, just the specs.

  21. Rachel Prince via Facebook says:

    I found it, thanks!!

  22. Valerie Biggs via Facebook says:

    We got ours and it was 77 even tax shipping everything

  23. Valerie Biggs via Facebook says:

    We tried to get two but the second transaction only gave use 20 bucks off so we opened another account and was able to get 2 for the 77! I appreciate you sharing this with us,it will help my son with Aspergers!

  24. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    ok got 2

  25. Glenna Werner Marden via Facebook says:

    I think i got $5 dollars more for signing up to plum district tomight!

  26. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that – you get back $5 when you use my link!

  27. You’re SO VERY welcome Valerie, I’m so elated that you saw the deal!

  28. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    do you have to wait for the deal to be over to purchase it off the website?

  29. Regina, I’m not exactly sure sometimes it’s just a few hours up to the deal ending. I’ll contact Plum District in the morning to find out.

  30. Regina Villanueva Zimmer via Facebook says:

    your awesome!!

  31. Becci Grant Vanier via Facebook says:

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Just bought the voucher! What an awesome deal!!

  32. I’m so excited about it too!

  33. Jennifer McCartney via Facebook says:

    My hubby looked the specs of this tablet over (he is an electronics/IT guy) and he said it is going to be a very slow running tablet. Probably not a great buy. He said that the ram and memory are just barely enough to run normally. :-(

  34. Jennifer McCartney It’s definitely not high end, but it’s got the same amount of Ram as the original iPad. Blow people away? No. Work as a tablet? I would think so. – Mr Frugal

  35. I would just want this for aps and music and videos… Is it okay for that??


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