Homemade Strawberry Jam

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When you buy 12 pounds of Strawberries for $3.96 you’d better have a plan!  I didn’t at first but quickly formulated one.  Strawberry Shortcake, Smoothies, and Jam.  I think we’ve had Strawberry shortcake for dessert at least 3 times this week.

I didn’t have a “masher” so I had the idea to use my Pampered Chef chopper, and chopping it did!   I put my daughter to work play and it was actually the perfect substitute for a masher, very quick and effective.

Here is the recipe from the Ball package:

4 cups of crushed strawberries
1 package of Ball Pectin (make sure you get the one pictured below, takes the least amount of sugar)
1 1/2 cups of Sugar


Step 1 – Stir Sugar and Pectin together
Step 2 – Add crushed fruit, stir for 3 minutes
Step 3 – Ladle into jars, let stand/chill for 30 minutes and it’s ready!

For us 4 cups of crushed strawberries was about 3-4 lbs of strawberries.  We had previously cut them and put them into zip loc bags, so I’m not 100% sure.  I do know we used 8 bags (each bag had 12 strawberries in it).    We doubled the recipe above and it filled (12) 8 oz jars full to the top without a drop wasted.

We will be freezing most of it, but I doubt in this house that 96 ounces of fresh Jam will last us very long.

I am kicking myself a bit because I held onto several glass jars for months and just recently recycled them in a “get rid of clutter rage” day.  So I had to BUY the jars pictured above.  I checked a few stores though and found that Food Maxx had the lowest price by a long shot.  I paid $6.59 for 12 jars.  The pectin cost $1.99 per package (I used 2) and the strawberries were less than $3.00 for the jam alone.  The sugar (3 cups) was probably around $1.00.  So all in all I spent around $14.50 but the jars will NOT be tossed this time!

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  1. I can it every year! My hubby eats so much jam that he has a little toast with his jam! ;)

  2. Laura, where do you find the best prices on your jam? I’m really looking forward to doing this more often.

  3. lol, not jam – strawberries, or other fruit for that matter.

  4. Eran Saunders via Facebook says:

    Now that you are on this side of the hill you will have to check out all the fruit stands when they open up next month. They always offer the ripe ripe fruit at a discount in large quantities for canners! Now we just have to work together to get discounted jars!

  5. i’ll be honest…sometimes the store actually has better prices than the stands…but if you go to the stands at the end of the day…and ask for their really ripe berries for canning they will usually give you a great price…otherwise I look for the sale and make sure they are trucked in locally when they are in season…usually from Brentwood!

  6. Thanks guys, looking forward to more canning for sure!

  7. Eran Saunders via Facebook says:

    Laura, not sure where you go, you have to pick the old stands that have been around for ever and are off the beaten path, for example NEVER go to ones right on Vasco because they are innundated all summer with people coming up from San Jose & stuff. Always buy stuff they grew themselves or at least is local. We have quite a few great ones with good prices.

  8. I love to can, and have done it for years. You will do well with it if you always ask for the jars back.

  9. Eran Saunders via Facebook says:

    Let me know if you guys need some good ones :)

  10. Eran, we love going up the River Road towards Isleton. Would you suggest any stands out that way?

  11. Melanie S. says:

    Great post! 2 questions: 1. So, no cooking involved? 2. Will you freeze the jam in the glass jars?

  12. Rachel Cain via Facebook says:

    looks amazing!!!

  13. Christy Broadhead via Facebook says:

    I made freezer jam, too, for the first time! I’m so pleased with myself. And it’s soooo good. It’s actually on my to do list to make more tonight. Gotta catch those strawberries before they go bad! My potato masher just wasn’t working for me to crush my strawberries. I ended up using a small food processor, worked well. If I had an assistant other than a two year old I’d try the chopper, too!

  14. Perfect timing! There is a stand a minute from my house and I just made friends today with the owner…she is going to call me when they have leftovers at the end of the day and sell them for 1/2 price. I’m so excited to start making jam. My family doesn’t like “chunks” in the jam, so I was thinking that if I use the food processor, it will get the strawberries nice and smooth? Hopefully. Thanks for the recipe!

  15. Erin Buckel via Facebook says:

    What a great job!!! Nothing better. :)

  16. Janet Updegraff via Facebook says:

    I just cut them up and put them in tupperware, and with 6 here sharing all but 1/4 are gone!

  17. Brenda Gregory via Facebook says:

    Mmmmm sounds good to me ;)

  18. Yummy! You know, that always happens to me too…I keep things forever, and then when I finally decide to get rid of them, I need them right after. Great idea for using the chopper!

  19. Hey Julia, My husband and I are new to couponing and we’ve found that there are hundreds of coupon sites out there. I just wanted to let you know that this site is one that I check everyday. It has been very helpful. Thanks. I had to reply to this particular entry however. I admire you so much for finding a way to use all of those strawberries. When I first saw them I was wondering “now what in the world is she going to do with all of those strawberries?” I am constantly amazed everytime I log on to this site. Everyone offers so much helpful information and not just about couponing. Thank you everybody. You guys do a great job. Keep the tips coming because even though many of us are silent we are still taking all of the information in. Again thanks and good job on the strawberries. You’re awesome!!!!!

  20. Robin Anderson via Facebook says:

    Take the green tops off of them them and then put them on cookie sheets. Put them in your freezer overnight. When they are frozen, put them into quart sized zip lock bags. 5 flats of strawberries lasts our family of 5 until Christmas.

  21. Robin Anderson via Facebook says:

    Take the green tops off of them them and then put them on cookie sheets. Put them in your freezer overnight. When they are frozen, put them into quart sized zip lock bags. 5 flats of strawberries lasts our family of 5 until Christmas.

  22. they changed the price already..

  23. they changed the price already..

  24. Stephanie says:

    I made freezer jam and mine turned out a bit runny… Does anyone know what I can do now…it’s not too bad but it’s still runny

  25. Stephanie: At this point, you can’t fix runny jam. However, you can use it as a mix-in for yogurt, a topping on waffles, pancakes and ice cream. Or use it to make thumbprint cookies.

  26. Cindy Cushing via Facebook says:

    my safeway (WA) didn’t come up with the strawberry deal even though I used my Discovery Bay phone # (my daughter used in Concord SW & it worked there) so confused!!

  27. Love that strawberry freezer jam! It is one of my husbands favorites as well! May I suggest the Ball Blue Book (a guide to home canning, freezing & dehydration). It can be found at Walmart, True Value,etc?…It is my favorite companion in the kitchen…and also has many illustrations for us picture orientated people! :)…I believe it is around $5.

  28. Cindy, this deal expired last week.

  29. Anna- I know…. So annoyed today when I ran in just for more!!! Ugh

  30. I went last night and got them $2.49 for 3 – not as good of a deal but still a great price this time of year.

  31. The bummer about freezing versus canning is that you are taking up valuable freezer space from your stockpile.

    Julia-I would suggest branching out to other fruits (not just for jams) try applesauce next, super-duper easy. Or pear wedges with a simple sugar sauce. When you get into veggies you need a pressure cooker (=$$). So maybe when you want to move on from fruit try salsa, the acid in the tomatoes is high enough that you can use a waterbath instead of a pressure cooker.

    I picked up my waterbath (and most of my jars) from thrift stores and yard sales. Just check for cracks and dings. If you don’t have a waterbath, I have a friend who cans in the oven at 250 degrees, but it is for hours and hours, I can’t remember how long. And it seals the lids.

    How fun that you are learning this great skill! We canned our strawberries from Safeway also, and had shortcake for dessert on Easter.

    The best resource for cheap fruit is a tree that’s not being picked. A knock on the door will suffice. There are so many people who just don’t know what to do with their produce, or perhaps there is just one of them, or they are too elderly to pick it. A few jars in return is always nice.

  32. I’ve been freezing Jam for years now. I use fresh strawberries when in season in MN, but we go through it so fast that I also use frozen now. For one pectin packet (pictured above) you’ll need 4 lbs (32 oz.) . Just thaw them out in the fridge or counter and follow the recipe on the back of the pectin packet, it will make 5 pints of jam. Huge money saver!!!

  33. I used this recipe for pear jam I used cinnamon red hots for the sugar… its really good on pancakes too!

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