Help! The lid of my Pyrex is stuck half way. Has this happened to you?

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Do you own one of those neat pyrex bowls that have a glass lid with a rubber vent? I bought one a few months ago and have loved using it. However, the other day I was re-heating some rice and the lid got sucked INTO the pyrex and got stuck! I’m not sure why this happened but I’m guessing I didn’t open the vent enough or maybe the lid was off center to begin with?! Whatever it was, I sure wasn’t expecting to find this when I opened the microwave door.

I really needed to use the rice for our lunch, so I went ahead and scraped it out and figured I would be able to dislodge the lid afterwards. Boy was I wrong! I tried gently pulling trying to ease the lid out. No such luck. I tried with a knife, thinking that if I wedged it between the lid and the container, I could somehow manage to get it out. Nope! I used all my strength up to the point when I thought I might break the lid, the bowl or both. But that darn lid is still stuck in the bowl, like this:


I have tried everything I can think of to get this lid out, but as you can see, nothing has worked. Before I throw out the pyrex I thought I would give it one last chance and ask you if have any thoughts on how to solve my problem? PLEASE if you have an idea of what I can do, send me a comment. I will try anything (within reason). I will let you know how it goes and hopefully post pictures of my pyrex without the lid permanently attached!

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  1. Song Lyon says:

    poor oil on it. work it around. should lossen it

  2. Maybe try dropping it in a pot of boiling water and try separating them with tongs? The boiling water will expand the glass and soften the silicone so it may come apart easier. Good luck!

    • I’m a little afraid of handling boiling water and super hot glass. Especially because the pyrex is kind of large and I’m not sure I can handle it without getting burnt. But the idea makes sense. thanks!

  3. Try to put it back in the microwave, I’ve had a lid stuck and the pressure released the lid off.

    • Thanks. I had thought of this but the thing is that the lid isn’t really sealed anymore. There is a gap between the glass and the silicone.

  4. I would not subject the glass to rapid change in temperature (boiling water) because it might shatter. The bowl being at room temperature at this point, I would try sticking it in the refrigerator overnight. This might reduce the pressure enough and allow the plastic to contract.

  5. Try sticking it in freezer to contract the plastic

  6. Anonymous says:

    put them both in hot soapy water

  7. Thank you everyone who tried to help!!! At this point I am sorry to say that my container has gone to pyrex heaven … That lid was wedged in the glass more than anything I have ever seen.
    I think the lesson I learned is to only use pyrex containers that have lids with a lip on them so they don’t get sucked into the container by mistake!

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