Groupon: 40% off at the Great Wolf Lodge (Valid at all 10 locations nationwide!)

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UPDATE: These are selling out fast – if you want to buy a deal, get it soon or you’ll miss out.

I am really surprised to see another deal for the Great Wolf Lodge pop up, they were a HUGE hit last time around selling out at both Living Social and Groupon.  Tonight they’re back and this time you’ll find a deal at ALL 10 LOCATIONS!  We visited the Grand Mound location in Washington this past October and we had the time of our lives!  I could share tons of tips if you’re interested in ways to save money and make the time more enjoyable.  Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to hear more about our stay.

For now the only locations that are live are the ones that have hit midnight already, the rest of the locations will be live HERE at midnight in the time zone they’re located.

Head on over and check out the deal, remember even though the price for the night may seem expensive you’re getting to play at the waterpark for 2 days!  What I mean by that is even though let’s say check-in isn’t until 2pm if you arrive early you can get access to the waterpark before your room is ready.  Also you have access to everything for the rest of the day even after you’ve checked out!  For us that means 6 admissions for 2 days plus a super fun hotel stay.  This deal also includes a MagiQuest Wand which we skipped over last time because of cost, so that’s a bonus treat too!

Lastly BRING YOUR OWN FOOD!  You have a mini-fridge and a microwave in the room.  We ate breakfast at the table in our room (milk and cereal) and you could easily bring all the snacks and fixing for PB&J that you’d need for lunches.  I saw a family bring a crockpot too – brilliant!

Ok that’s it for now, head on over and check out the deal!

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  1. I only see six locations. Is Washington (Grand Mound) going to be one of them?

  2. We have 8 in our family. How does it work to get more passes for watermark?

    • Sorry I wasn’t very clear there aren’t actual passes, just for staying at the lodge your whole family automatically gets access to the waterpark!

  3. We’re going on the 13th for 2 nights. We have 2 kids (5 & 1). Do you have anymore to tips on how to save? We’ve never gone before. Thanks!

  4. Peggy Grasso says:

    I love the idea of bringing a crock pot!

  5. Bring food! You have a fridge in the room and I’ve seen many bring coolers to
    The pool areas. Look at the restaurants in the area too. Also get the kid meals from the diner as a simple take out lunch.. In expensive, they love the free “ears” that come with it, and it’s a lot of food.

  6. michelle piccirillo says:

    We love gwl.We go as few times a year to the Poconos location.We can never seem 2 catch the special on that location can anyone give me a heads up if they see that location THANKS:)

  7. The link says “No groupon available”…suggestions?


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