GREAT Disney Movie Deal…

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Choose from a selection of Disney movies at Target which includes:  Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratiquoille, WallE, The Incredibles  for $13.99ea and get a FREE voucher to see the new Disney movie UP (up to $7.50 value).   However this deal gets even sweeter, with THIS REBATE for $5.00 off ANY Disney movie AND any 2 Packs of Rayovac Batteries (pick these up in the dollar section).

Scenario 1 –  Buy WallE (just and example) for $13.99 + 2 Packs Rayovac = $15.99 – $5.00 MIR (Mail in Rebate) = $10.99 PLUS 1 Free ticket to the Disney movie UP (up to $7.50 value)!

Scenario 2  (NOT confirmed yet) I am almost positive I have seen Disney movies near the check out for $7.50ea (of course these are not the ones that will get you the free movie ticket for UP) but still a good deal with the MIR for $5.00.  Buy Disney movie for $7.50 + 2 Packs Rayovac = $9.50 – $5.00 MIR = $4.50

If anyone can confirm before I do that there are in fact Disney movies for $7.50, I’d appreciate it!

Thanks to Becca @ Cheaper By the Dozen for this great find!

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  1. Thanks Julia! I love Disney movies and I love Target!! :)

  2. Welcome Chele! Just as an update, I didn’t find any $7.50 Disney movies, but there were a couple of $$10.00 ones.

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