Giveaway: $50 Amazon Gift Card from ReClip.It! (Pinterest for Deal Lovers!)

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Now this is something you’re going  to love – ReClip.It.  It’s just like Pinterest but it’s just for deals, coupons, freebies, etc.  How can you not love that?!   Basically you “clip” deals into your personalized folders, invite your friends to follow you and follow your favorite deal finders (such as The Frugal Find).  If we’re all clipping/sorting/organizing deals it’s going to be hard to let any of the good ones slip by.

The best part is that because of the simplicity of the process I’ll be able to “clip” many more deals than I’m actually able to post here on TFF. Plus I have the idea to create folders geared toward specific regions such as for my Bay Area readers!

Here is a the basic breakdown…

  • ReClip.It is a new site that allows you to follow specific deal experts that you love and get notified every time they clip a deal or coupon, you can follow The Frugal Find here!
  • You can reclip deals that you see on Reclip.It onto your own personal folders.
  • Invite friends to follow or collaborate with you in your folders so you discover more deals!
I’m totally new to this but so far I’ve started a few folders and you can follow any or all of them…
New Coupons
Daily Deals
Freebies & Samples
Grocery Deals
Now this program is still in Beta and is by invite only.  ReClip.It has asked me to share it with YOU!  As a part of the Beta launch they’ve offered me a $50 Amazon Gift Card to giveaway to one TFF reader.

Now head on over to ReClip.It and get signed up then come back and get your entries in!  This giveaway will end on Sunday night 3/11 at midnight PST.  If we get over 250 followers ReClip.It is going to give us another $50 Amazon gift card to giveaway, so start following!

Enter to win…

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  1. Just signed up, don’t know what I think about it yet…

  2. I signed up. Looks interesting, I’ll have to do some exploration.

  3. looks interesting….sure hoping to find all those elusive deals hiding from this busy mom of 5!

  4. Just got a chance to check it out. Hope it takes off!!!

  5. This just totally blew my mind when I joined – so many deals to look over……thanks for the referral!

  6. I was wondering when someone would think of this idea ;) I’m sure I’m gonna love it!

  7. Love the idea.

  8. signed up but still haven’t figured it out…

  9. Signed up and started browsing, LOTS of deals to be found on there, I think I’m going to like it!

  10. I just signed up! We will see! Thank you!

  11. just joined…

  12. I signed up for reclip. Thanks for yet another way to find savings!

  13. christal coker says:

    I think I will like Reclip, I just don’t really understand it yet.

  14. Signed up…looks interesting…time will tell. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Looks very interesting!

  16. I’m signed up – looks interesting – need to more time to check it out

  17. I signed up for reclipit. Not sure how much I’ll use it. Usually deals come and go so quick I don’t know if I’d reclipit for that, but maybe for other things.

  18. Can’t wait to have time to look around. Thanks for the invite.

  19. Just signed up… Looks like it might be helpful… A bit worried it will just require *more* online time… We’ll see… Thanks for the invite!

  20. I signed up and am anxious to find some time to check it out, definitely looks promising! Thanks so much for the invite! :)

  21. Valerie Biggs-Hernandez says:

    What a neat site thanks for sharing,I’m not sure what’s more addicting this site or pint rest lol

  22. Selena Flores says:

    I signed up! Looks interesting so far.

  23. Signed up but not sure about it yet. I’m not really into pintrest because i think it’s probably just a time waster, not sure if this is going to be any better. hopefully, i can look around more this week.

  24. Seems pretty interesting…will keep checking it out!

  25. Melanie Piper says:

    I signed up. I’m curious to discover how much I’ll actually use it…looks like there is some good stuff on there, tho!

  26. Seems cool so far…gonna have to look into it more and see what i can do

  27. Neat concept but it seems like you’d have to visit often to keep in the loop and keep up to date deals in your folders, but we shall see. I’m all for any concept that can help me save money.

  28. This may be more useful to me than Pinterest

  29. michelle says:

    I just signed up, not sure what to think about it yet, but awesome giveaway.

  30. Tran Huynh says:

    WHO WON?

  31. well it is 3/2/12 and I just signed up – I may not have won the gift card – I have the opened the option of “deals” thanx and I have found that following Mr and MRs Frugal has been very much worth that original “like”


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