Giveaway #2: $50 Target eGift Card + Ebates 3 Hour Friends and Family Sale!

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Here we go again, here is the 2nd giveaway of the day! In just 1 hour (at 11am PST) the Ebates Friends and Family sale will be live!   It only lasts 3 hours but during this 3 hour event Ebates will be doubling cash back at 100 stores. From beauty products to kids clothing and toys, you won’t want to miss this event! Remember it only lasts 3 hours, it ends at 2pm PST.

To help celebrate this event Ebates has given me a stack of gift cards to giveaway throughout the day today! How fun is that?! This is the second giveaway of the day and it’s for a $50 Target eGift Card!

Bonus Savings for NEW Ebates Members:

Ebates wants you to know that they’ve got a sweet reward for shoppers, how does a $10 gift card sign up bonus sound?

If you’re new to Ebates and you sign up through this link you can choose a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, or More than that though you can earn CASH BACK each and everytime you shop online through Ebates. So if you’re planning to do any online shopping this year, head on over to Ebates first to see if they’re offering cash back at the store you’re planning to shop at.

Click below to enter the giveaway:

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  1. I have some things for our toddler so far.

  2. I am starting this weekend. Saw some good deals with coupon match ups. I want a clarisonic

  3. I started a out a month ago. I still need to buy for my kids though.

  4. I have over 30 kids on my list and I’m not even halfway done. At least I’ve started! ;)

  5. Rebecca Castle says:

    Omg! I love target! Sadly there’s not one near by:( thank god for Internet

  6. Loooove target and would love to get more shopping done on black Friday!

  7. Loooove target! And this would help the budget!

  8. I need help with Christmas!!!

  9. I haven’t started. No list.

  10. haven’t started yet! I need all the help I can get! :-)

  11. No time yet!

  12. Need to start soon!

  13. AnnMarie Hofer says:

    Pick me Pick me. I love Target and can get some really great gifts with this.

  14. Haven’t started shopping yet!

  15. Christina says:

    I shop all year long!

  16. I have started my Christmas shopping, but I’m only 1/2 way done.

  17. started shopping, mostly done. Looking for some good deals on kitchen towels

  18. I have started early this year. My list mostly consists of Disney Cars or Princess items for my children.

  19. Jamie Brigham says:

    I have not started yet… I would love to get an iPod for my cousin.

  20. Yes, and I’d love a laminator!

  21. I have got a few things bought. My oldest grandson wants Legos and Nerf guns.

  22. I’ve gotten a few stocking stuffers.

  23. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    yes, I’ve gotten a few small things.

  24. Would love to use this card!

  25. I have a few things, and have made a few, but still have a long way to go!


  27. yes, need help with my granddaughter who loves with us now

  28. I have started shopping online as weekly deals pop up!

  29. Video games

  30. Hallmark ornaments! My favorite :-)

  31. I need to start shopping soon.

  32. Clothes for my 7 month old daughter. And a new computer for my husband :D

  33. Haven’t started

  34. Jodi Holmes says:

    Yes, bright and early ths year.

  35. Melissa Sanchez Robinson says:

    We are on the hunt for a good deal on a camera, and after that, we are done! :)

  36. I haven’t started shopping for the family. My family likes gift cards!

  37. I have not started my shopping yet.

  38. Yes, I started Christmas shopping yesterday.

  39. ive bought one thing so far!

  40. I have not started shopping yet. Xbox w/kinect.

  41. I’ve bought a few household items for close family members.

  42. I haven’t started yet. Just got a couple tiny things here and there.

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