(Offer Extended!) Completely FREE $99 Coastal.com Glasses Voucher!

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UPDATE: You can order 3 of these deals, I got myself a pair too!  I ordered a cute pair of Vera Wang glasses for just the cost of S/H, they were regularly $400 glasses! Look how cute they are…

This is incredible! No More Rack is offering a FREE $99 voucher for Coastal.com. Just head on over here, sign up, and get your free voucher. Then you can use it to get any pair of glasses, up to $99 value, for free. You will be responsible for shipping.  You DO NOT need to enter a credit card or anything, you’ll be to redeem your voucher right away too.  Just go to your Order History on No More Rack to grab your voucher code.

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  1. Yeah!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  2. Valerie Biggs via Facebook says:

    Sooo you get the voucher(s) and use them at coastal? I don’t have insurance so once again this is a blessing!! You are awesome!! :)

  3. Michelle Gonsalves via Facebook says:

    I ended up getting 4 with the same code! 2 for me 2 for my husband, just paid shipping! Paid $48 all together, retail was over $800! Awesome! Thank you!

  4. LOVE it Michelle!!

  5. Michelle Gonsalves via Facebook says:

    Barbara you cannot use it on many designer frames that say ‘coupon not applicable’ is that the issue?

  6. Esper Carreos-Hagberg via Facebook says:

    Julia, do you know when the voucher expires?i still need to get my prescription so I couldn’t ordermy reading glasses today!

  7. i got 3 same codes. would sames codes valid for three three separate orders?

  8. My coupon is only giving me a $68.00 discount. What Iam I doing wrong?

  9. I signed up and did not get voucher. I tried checking out the deal but it took me to credit card page. I clicked “submit order” and it did not go through. Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

  10. Its good through 12/31

  11. I got vouchers n so did my sister they have the same promo code will they both work?

  12. Esper Carreos-Hagberg via Facebook says:


  13. Sarah Milgate via Facebook says:

    I had ordered from them before (coastal.com) so at first the code didn’t work so I called and they told me to use it for someone else in the family so I just logged out of my acct. with them and ordered the glasses and used my daughters name and it worked fine.

  14. Shana Long Hamel via Facebook says:

    Thank you! I have been needing new reading glasses. I have had my Rx for about a year, and just ordered some cute Vera Wang reading glasses for a total of $12 and change! They are $78 glasses….

  15. Thanks! I got the voucher (Up to $99 Worth of Prescription Glasses For Free). I had to fill in billing address too.

  16. we got it! Yippee! we need new glasses so bad!

  17. Ok ordered em your awesome now maybe I can see the price tags of the xmas presents I’m buying lol! Your rock!

  18. Thanks! This is cool.

  19. The coupon code doesn’t work anymore, I think too many people have jumped on this offer. My glasses don’t say “coupons not applicable” like some of the others so I know nothing should be wrong.

  20. Thanks!! Got glasses for my husband and me!!

  21. Has this offer expired? I can’t find the deal on No More Rack. :(


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