FREE 2-Year Subscription to LEGO Magazine!

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Head on over and sign up for a FREE 2-year subscription to LEGO magazine. Included on a regular basis are BOGO and/or FREE Children’s tickets to LegoLand in the magazines!

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  1. my little boy just loves getting this in the mail!

  2. Valerie Morillo via Facebook says:

    Super! TY. I’m not sure if it was through you that I got the free Rachel Ray magazine subscription, but I love it!

  3. Thank you! Just signed my 6 year old up, he’ll be thrilled! :)

  4. Sarah W. says:

    Just signed my husband up! You’re never too old for LEGOS :)

  5. Shannon Rea Patton via Facebook says:

    Thank You!

  6. Amber Englund Browning via Facebook says:

    Thanks! My boys will love this!!!

  7. Paulette Oestmann says:

    My Grandson will be thrilled

  8. Clarisa Miles via Facebook says:

    Thank you! Just signed up my 5 year old, who is just starting to get into legos!

  9. Bridie Tolman says:

    Can this be ordered in Canada? I can’t seem to get an appropriate province entered.

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