Do you have Swagbucks goals? How about an iPhone?

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I’ve been spending my Swagbucks here and there on little things, this is typical of me.  If I get a gift card as a gift my first thought is “how can I stretch this and get the MOST for my money?”  However, I’ve been challenged lately to avoid this thought process because what I end up with is a lot of little things, that while needed or a really good deal, are stil just that – a lot of little things.  Instead, I could have bought one very nice item that would be used longterm.  So the next time I get a giftcard I’m not going to let it burn a hole in my pocket, I am going to wait, be patient, and then snag a really nice item at a really nice price.

Now on to my Swagbucks goal.  I’ve seen around the blog world people who’ve saved up for a really long time and bought very nice items with their Swagbucks,  I was challenged.  Deal Seeking Mom bought a Kindle and Kingdom First Mom bought a Wii.

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So my goal is split right now, I just can’t decide yet.  These are my 2 options:

1.  3800 Swagbucks would get me an iPhone, and with all those coupon applications out there I’m dying to try one!

2.  A new Laptop, by cashing out for giftcards at only 590 Swagbucks for a $50.00 credit I could make a real dent in the cost of a laptop.

I know it seems as though it would take FOREVER to accumulate enough Swagbucks for either of those prizes, but let’s say it took 2 years.  Let’s say you earn 5 Swagbucks a day, which is pretty realistic without many referrals you could do this on your own just by searching.  At the end of 2 years you’d come really close to buying an iPhone (or whatever is on your Swagbucks wish list).  If someone told me they’d give me an iPhone or a new laptop in 2 years, all I had to do was search the internet I’d be sure to take them up on that offer!  Sure I could buy a bunch of $5.00 Starbucks gift cards over the course of the 2 years, but would that be worth it in the end?  It’s not for me anymore, I’ve set Swagbucks Goals! I’ve been saving for quite a while and I am currently 13.6 % of the way to an iPhone!

You can read my Swagbucks 101 blog post HERE and if you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, register for Swagbucks HERE.

What have you bought?  What are your goals?

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  1. It’s definitely a question worth asking! I do think it is worth it to save up for larger big-ticket items that I would not normally purchase.

    Thanks so much for the mention!


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