Consider Canceling your Cable TV and Getting an HDTV Antenna Instead!

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I don’t know about you, but whenever I have time to watch TV I find myself watching network channels about 75% of the time! I mean who can resist The Good Wife or Parenthood! And I confess that I might on occasion sneak in an episode or two of The Bachelorette ;)  My teenage kids don’t ever even watch TV anymore. They spend their “screen time” on social media sites or streaming their favorite programs online. I have been thinking of just outright canceling my premium cable TV service because it just doesn’t make financial sense to pay so much money for something that I am under utilizing.

The other day I came across an article from The Denver Channel in which they discuss an article written by Consumer Reports. They talk about the option of owning a digital antenna for your TV instead of subscribing to a premium cable service. Their conclusion was that buying an HDTV Antenna like this  $35.99 Ultra-Thin High Performance Indoor HDTV Antenna  or the $35 RadioShack 15-254 a good investment. It seems that it performs very well in most locations and some households were able to pick up 20 TV channels using this item. If you want to check what networks are available in your area, you can consult .

Not having cable or satellite TV isn’t for everyone. But it is a definite option if you are trying to cut back on non-essential expenses. And if going cold turkey is just not your thing, an HDTV antenna might just be a great alternative for you!


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A fellow blogger and friend of mine, Carrie Rocha, wrote this awesome book on personal finance and how to manage your money responsibly. The book is called Pocket Your Dollars: 5 Attitude Changes That Will Help You Pay Down Debt, Avoid Financial Stress, & Keep More of What You Make and has been getting rave reviews on Amazon (average 4.6 out for 5 Stars!) . And lucky for all of us, you can download this book for FREE today (Friday May 9th only). It usually costs $13.99 which makes this is a great deal!  So if you have been looking for ideas or help on how to overcome debt and be in a better place financially, this book will be a great resource for you. Thank you Carrie for sharing this awesome book!

Get Back to Basics: 3 Simple Rules to a Sound Financial Life

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Did you make any New Year’s resolutions about money? And let me guess, somehow, those good intentions just didn’t make it to March, right? Relax. Sometimes, it is useful when you get back to basics. Here are 3 simple rules of finance that make excellent It’s-Almost-Spring resolutions. Try them and see if they help with your goal of living a sound financial life.
Let’s get started:

1. Determine Your Wants vs. Needs

This is the simplest rule to live by, but the most difficult for people to adopt. A need is something critical that’s required to live. Things like food, shelter, clothing, companionship, all of those are essential to our everyday life. A want, on the other hand, is anything that doesn’t fall into the first category. Clothing is a need, but do you really need a $200 pair of jeans? No! There is nothing wrong with the $20 jeans from Old Navy. In fact, some of my favorite jeans have come off a sale rack from my favorite department store. You should also consider getting  secondhand jeans from a consignment or thrift store, especially when you are buying them for small children who will outgrow them anyway. Same goes with gourmet food. Do you really need the name brand olive oil or will the store brand do just fine? My guess is no one will be able to tell the difference!

Go through your monthly purchases with this mindset and determine where you can cut back and save money. It’s easier than you think.

If you believe you are only spending money on what you need and not on what you want, then take this challenge: Look in your garage, attic and closets. How many things that were once a “need” are now collecting dust? And if you hadn’t bought those items, how much more cash would you have in your wallet? This reality check will really give you some perspective and help you keep your goal of spending more on those needs, and less on your wants.

2. Live Within Your Means

The second simplest rule to live by and probably the second-least adopted strategy: Live within your means. If each day you were given $5 to live on, and that was the only resource you had, you’d find a way to make it last. Let’s say at the end of the day you had $1 remaining. Knowing you’d receive another $5 tomorrow, would you spend the last $1? The next day you are given $5. Would you spend $6 the next day or only spend $4, and have a savings of $2?

As our income increases, we tend to increase our spending. Does an increase in income warrant an increase in spending? No. It should warrant an increase in savings. If you receive monthly structured settlement payments and each month that income gets lost on incidentals, you are losing an opportunity to get ahead. Reach out to a company like J.G Wentworth. They may be able to buy your future payments for a lump sum payment now, which you could use to either help decrease your debt or start a savings account.

3. Yes, You Need a Budget

You’ve heard it more than once, maybe more than a dozen times: You need a budget. And you do. Three things you can try:

  • Download a budgeting app like You can download Mint for FREE and you it’s a great tool for personal finance help. You can connect all your accounts, track your spending and pay bills, all from one place.
  • Use a simple budgeting worksheet, like this one from The more you plan ahead and know what you can and can’t spend, the easier it will be to meet your goals.
  • Inquire at your bank or credit union. Many financial institutions offer online personal finance management tools. Banks want to keep their customers happy, so if there’s anyway they can help, they will.

Once you follow these 3 Simple rules (or even if you choose to only do one), you will find yourself in a much better financial situation before you know it.

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5 Choices to Make Today to Save Money

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Ways to Save Money The Easy Way

Saving money is crucial to our financial freedom. Not only do we feel more confident and safe with a healthy savings account behind us, but it also deters us from borrowing, or even spending that cash we have worked so hard to save. Most of the time, the difficult part about saving money is not knowing where to cut back and get that money from in the first place.

There are a few steps you can take  to easily save $100 or more a month!  Here’s a few ideas for you to consider:

1. Stop Your Cable Service or Pare it Down

Think about how much TV you actually watch. I find that my kids use their computer to stream everything they want to watch. My husband and I were the only ones watching “live” TV, and as time goes by I find myself doing that even less! Getting rid of cable and subscribing to Netflix or Hulu Plus can be a great money saving decision. Not only do they have all the great shows and movies you want to watch, but you can also connect the service to your TV, phones, and other portable devices.  The monthly savings can be quite significant!

If you can’t bring yourself to cut out cable service completely, scale back on your existing package. Or switch providers! You can usually find great deals with competing cable services but these great deals only apply to new customers. So if your contract is up, you can change companies with no penalty charges.  Or you might try calling your existing provider and telling them that you want to switch. They will usually offer you a better deal just in order to keep your business. This might be a good option if you don’t want to hassle with installation appointments, new boxes, etc.

2. Don’t Eat Out As Often

Packing your own lunch to take with you to work  is always a great idea. I would often take leftovers to the office and heat them up in the office kitchen and my co-workers would ooh and aah at the smell of warm, homemade food!  Much better than ordering something from your local deli or fast food restaurant.

You might also want to skip the morning stop at the specialty coffee store to get your caffeine “fix”. Instead, make your own homemade coffee creamer to add to your coffee and use a nice reusable travel mug and take that to work with you. Spending close to $5 on a daily basis for fancy coffee adds up to over a $100 a month!

Lastly, if there are certain items that your family loves (Red Lobster’s Cheddar biscuits is one that comes to mind), why don’t you look it up on Pinterest. Chances are that you will find a version that you can make at home for a lot less than it would cost at the restaurant!

3. Batch Errands or Carpool

The price of gas seems to be going up on a weekly basis, especially during the upcoming summer months. Make it a point of grouping your errands and plan a route so that you have the least driving back and forth. If you are taking your child to school or camp, try to hit the store that’s close by at once! If you have a doctor’s appointment coming up and you can wait to drop off the clothes at the dry cleaners that’s nearby, don’t make two trips.

4. Shopping Online

There are so many great websites that you can take advantage of and save money when you shop online. Many of them even offer free shipping!  You can do comparison shopping easily by using the “shopping” option on Google. I personally use Amazon as a price comparison because they really do offer such competitive prices.  There are also sites like that actually give you cash back when shop. Often they will have double cash back events, so be sure to be on the lookout for those deals!

5. Re-evaluate Your Cell Phone Service Provider

Many of us have cell phones and services that we have not updated in many years. Call your provider and discuss whether your current plan is optimized for your current needs! I know that most families who no longer have teenagers on their plan discover that they no longer need unlimited texting or expensive data plans. Discuss with your provider ways to make your bill cheaper and also check out other service providers. You could easily go from a $180/month plan to an all inclusive $60/plan without ever noticing a change.

These are just some thoughts on how you can start saving some more money. For more ways to save money check out our awesome Personal Finance section!


Saving Money Part 5

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Ways to Save Money The Easy Way

If you read the 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way you may know some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my marbles on a few of these ideas, but, stick with me ;) Here is second installment and 10 {more} Easy Ways to Save Money ideas:

  1. Carpool – Take turns hosting a carpool. Whether it’s to work, school, sporting events or a couples night out you’re saving money by carpooling!
  2. Wait 7 Days – When you wait 7 days you’ll either receive a coupon, find a cheaper price on the same item or realize you really didn’t need the item anyway! Tip: When shopping online put the item in your cart, but, don’t check out. Many retailers will send you a email with a discount code so you can purchase the item(s) that was left in your cart :)
  3. Use those gift cards – Unlike money, Gift Cards typically don’t burn a whole in our pocket and they go unused. But, if you don’t use those gifts you will either 1. loose them or 2. loose their value amount because they’ve sat around for to long.
  4. Use the Library – In some of the other Saving Money posts I mentioned reading books, getting rid of cable, unplugging media and so on. You can access your local library for all your entertainment needs and it’s free!
  5. Use Cloth Diapers – When you use cloth diapers on your babies your end result will end in saving money. Your savings will result in thousands of dollars over time and even better if you use your initial cloth diaper purchases for multiple children!
  6. Negotiate for a discount – If you’ve ever sold anything on Craigslist you know that people negotiate for a discount before they even come and see what it is you are selling. So stand up for yourself the next time you make a purchase and negotiate a discount, especially on a big ticket item! Once you get over your initial fear of being turned down, you’ll being asking for a discount more often.
  7. Downsize – Is there really a need for your 4 bedroom house? Do you really need a entire room dedicated to a home office or could you find room in a 2 bedroom condo? As Americans we tend to think “bigger is better”, but, you could be saving money if you downsize. Take out a pen and paper and jot down your expenses versus your savings if you were to downsize. If it’s time, take the leap of faith and downsize!
  8. Re-purpose – I LOVE to re purpose things I find. I’ve taken a egg carton and turned it into a bead organizer for my kids, used a old window as a picture display on my walls, re-purpose Mason Jars for organizing the bathroom to making our own Homemade Chocolate Syrup. Get a little creative and look around your home with ways you can re-purpose items!
  9. Donate – When you give back and donate you’ll be rewarded! Your heart will feel great and you’ll be less stressed with the clutter in your home. If you can’t re-purpose it, donate it!
  10. Drink Water – If you love your carbonated beverages or tend to spend money out at restaurants when you are dining out opt for drinking water. Water is free and the best beverage you could drink!
  11. Make Coffee (and Homemade Coffee Creamer) at Home – Stop spending the $2.50+ on Starbucks coffee and make your own! Calculate how much you spend on buying coffee every week and start making your own coffee at home. You can be saving money today!

Did you miss last week’s edition? No worries you can catch up at Saving Money Part 1 Saving Money Part 2, Saving Money Part 3 and Saving Money Part 4.

Check out the Personal Finance Section for more ways to get your finances on track.

Saving Money Part 4: 10 Ways to Save Money The Easy Way

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Ways to Save Money The Easy Way

If you read the 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way you may know some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my marbles on a few of these ideas, but, stick with me ;) Here is second installment and 10 {more} Easy Ways to Save Money ideas:

  1. Be properly insured – This is a tough one in this economy. However, you’ve got to be properly insured. Talk to your Insurance Agent to make sure that you and your family are properly insured. By this I mean, make sure that you have enough coverage if you are involved in a car accident. In the instance you get injured or sick and don’t have income coming in look at Aflac to be a supplement or even grab life insurance if you don’t have any already. You can never be to insured!
  2. Toss Media to the Curb – With the day of electronics EVERYWHERE it’s hard to unplug. However, when you toss media to the curb you’ll be shocked at the money your family will save. Pass the time with games, reading books, exercising or just plain ‘ole playing outside!
  3. Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries Simply – It’s so easy to buy extravagant gifts to celebrate special occasions. But, more often than not it’s the simple celebrations that mean the most. Instead of purchasing that $500 necklace to celebrate your loved one throw a party at home with a simple meal and a homemade cake. It’s the memories that will last forever, not the gift!
  4. Discover Whole Foods – I know your first initial reaction is Whole Foods are expensive. However, at the end of the day it’s not about the expense of the food, it’s the overall being. Once you begin to discover whole foods you entire self will feel so much better and you will start putting good things into your families body!
  5. Shop Discount Stores – This is probably a no-brainer, but, when you shop at discount stores for every day items you’ll be surprised at how much you can save. For instance, check out your local Dollar Tree for picture frames, cooking utensils, crafts for the kiddos and seasonal decorations for your home. The bonus is you can use coupons too!
  6. Ask Friends & Family (babysitting, swap meals, etc) – When in doubt, ask friends & family. If you are often in need of babysitting ask them first! Try holding to a day where you drop off your kids for a few hours and switching with your friend so s(he) can go out on their own. If you are in need of something (or can give) ask your friends & family first!
  7. Start a Garden – Start a garden and grow your own foods to save money the easy way! If you don’t have a green thumb start off with herbs in your kitchen. This is also great for teaching kids and they’ll be excited to eat what they are able to grow! If you don’t have any land, but, have a small outdoor area, start a planter garden. They are super easy and portable ;)
  8. Survey Companies – Revert back to #6 to ask what their favorite survey companies are around town. You can make $50+ for a little bit of your time doing research surveys. There’s also lots of survey companies online like Inbox Dollars, Ipsos Survey, MySurvey and National Consumer Panel, to name a few of our favorites.
  9. Swagbucks – If you use a search engine (like Google) you can use SwagBucks and get rewarded! It’s super easy. Sign up with and when you search for something online use SwagBucks. You receive SwagBucks which you can redeem for prizes like gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon and Target!
  10. Get a Tune-Up – When you stay up on top of maintenance you won’t be surprised by hefty bills. By getting a tune-up on your vehicles along with your home a/c unit and furnace you’ll save yourself money by having a tune-up.

Did you miss last week’s edition? No worries you can catch up at Saving Money Part 1 Saving Money Part 2, Saving Money Part 3 Stay tuned for the last of the 10 installments on Ways to Save Money next week ;)

Check out the Personal Finance Section for more ways to get your finances on track.

Saving Money Part 3

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Ways to Save Money The Easy Way


If you read the 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way you may know some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my marbles on a few of these ideas, but, stick with me ;) Here is second installment and 10 {more} Easy Ways to Save Money ideas:

  1. No Cable – This may be a no brainer for some but, going cable free can save you as much as $100 a month! There are other options such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Movie or rent movies from your local Library!
  2. Minimum Cell Plan – You could be surprised at the fact you have more minutes and data usage that you need. Head to your wireless providers website, login to your account or just stop into a local store to find out if you can save a few bucks by lowering your plan.
  3. Taxes are not a good savings plan – Speaking of plan, your taxes are not a good savings plan! Many folks take their income tax return as a savings account and once the money is their hands, it’s spent before you’ve ever received it.
  4. Be Content – This is a hard one as we are always on the go. Be content with staying home and in your overall life…and remember, money doesn’t buy happiness.
  5. Eat Out for Free (or close to it) – Believe it or not there’s lots of ways you can eat out for free (or close to it!). You can sign up with local restaurants who will offer you a free appetizer for joining and then random rewards and coupons throughout the year. We will have more on that, so stay tuned!
  6. Check the Couch Cushions – Ahhhh the couch cushions! You’ll be amazed at how much change adds up in your couch over time. Not to mention the cracks and crevices of your vehicle(s) as well.
  7. Turn Off the Lights – Lights cost money, plain and simple. Turn them off! This is especially so in our house with the kiddos ;)
  8. Home Brew – If my hubby sees this he’ll wanna home brew his own beer. To start the process can be initially a little hefty, but, it’ll pay for itself over time. Plus, if you get good with your home brew you can even sell for a profit ;)
  9. Pack your own lunch – Just for fun, calculate how much you spend on dining out for lunch in a typical work week. Then calculate how much you spend on a packed lunch…you’ll see the savings and begin to pack your lunch, I guarantee it!
  10. Relocate – It’s amazing to see the price differences on living on the East Coast compared to the West Coast. If you are living outside of your means, it may be beneficial to relocate to a affordable city.

Did you miss the previous week’s editions? No worries you can catch up at Saving Money Part 1 and Saving Money Part 2. Stay tuned for another 10 installments on Ways to Save Money next week ;)

Check out the Personal Finance Section for more ways to get your finances on track.

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Saving Money Part 2: 10 Steps to Save Money The Easy Way

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Ways to Save Money The Easy Way

If you read the 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way you may know some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my marbles on a few of these ideas, but, stick with me ;) Here is second installment and 10 {more} Easy Ways to Save Money ideas:

  1. Quit your job – Again, I haven’t lost my marbles! With this Saving Money suggestion I need you to do some leg work and get out a calculator! On a sheet of paper jot down your weekly income. Now subtract any expenses you incur while at work. This could be eating lunch out, daycare or babysitting expenses, gas money, bus fare, time spent commuting, work related expenses that’s not reimbursed (uniforms, specialty tools, etc.). How much are you really MAKING at the end of the week? It may be cheaper to stay home…
  2. Couponing - Chances are if you are here, you are already couponing. But, if not check out our online class and get started! Couponing really is the fastest and easiest way to begin saving money…it is!
  3. Stay home more – Again, probably another no brainer, but…If you like to hit the town with friend, stay home! Host a pot luck or a night cap party and let all of your guests contribute. This allows you to still socialize, but, in the comfort of your own home and you’ll be saving money in the process.
  4. Cook from Scratch – I’ve recently been avoiding the packaged foods from the grocery and cooking from scratch. This includes making my own tortilla shells, Hershey Syrup, Ranch Dressing, biscuits, breads and more. Not only am I avoiding GMO’s, High Fructose Syrup and food dyes, but, it’s cheaper!
  5. Meal Plan - Once I starting cooking from scratch I realized I needed to get back to a Meal Plan. This helps SO much with finding ingredients on sale and allowing my family to know what’s for dinner!
  6. Serve Meat as a condiment – If you are a vegetarian you are already one up! If not, serve meat as a condiment. Even with meat on sale, it’s still often pretty expensive especially if you are an organic fan. Start serving your family more fruits and veggies along side meats. This is a great way to start saving money now!
  7. Budget Reasonably – Stop living outside of your means! It’s that easy. Stop spending $250 a week at the grocery store, it’s wasteful spending. There’s no need for Starbucks coffee three times a week or all those 350+ cable channels.  With you budget reasonably you will begin to save money instantly and be able to stick money into a savings account!!!
  8. Accept Hand-Me-Downs – There’s no shame in Hand Me Downs. In fact, I’m going to show you how to Host a Hand Me Down party next week ;) You may even consider joining (or starting your own) FreeCycle group. This is a group that’s full of individuals in your area who like to give things away for free. These items are no longer useful to their owner, but, if you can be creative and accept hand me downs, they’ll be useful to you and they’re FREE!
  9. Garage Sale – Hold a garage sale. It’s that simple. Get rid of your clutter and things that are taking up valueable retail in your house. I will have a in depth article in the coming weeks on How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale…stay tuned!
  10. Thrift Store – All the rage right now are Thrift Stores. You can Thank Macklemore for that! Visit your local Thrift Stores and do it frequently! Get to know when the sales are and when they put out new merchandise. Again, get creative with your findings. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure ;)

Did you miss last week’s edition? No worries you can catch up at Saving Money Part 1. Stay tuned for another 10 installments on Ways to Save Money next week ;)

Check out the Personal Finance Section for more ways to get your finances on track.

Saving Money Part 1: 10 Easy Ways to Save Money

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Ways to Save Money The Easy Way

Last week I shared 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way! I know some of you think I’ve lost my marbles on a few of these ideas, but, stick with me ;) Here is our first installment and 10 Easy Ways to Save Money ideas:

    1. Make your own Homemade Laundry Detergent - Laundry detergent has become EXPENSIVE over these past few years. Even with coupons you are still paying around $2 and this is for “cheap” grade detergent with the “expensive” brands like Tide often being at least $4 for a small bottle. Once you get into the habit of making your own Homemade Laundry Detergent you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing this sooner!
    2. Make your own Dishwasher Detergent – Again, this is a no brainer. Even with sales, dishwasher detergent is expensive. Your initial investment will be pricey, but, you’ll end up saving money in the end!
    3. File your Taxes for Free – It’s tax season. If you have basic w-2’s, 1099 and can tally up your deductions I say save money and file your taxes yourself! There’s lots of options to filing your taxes for free!
    4. Freeze your Debit Card – Stop using your debit card. It’s so easy to swipe that we don’t realize where our money is going. Then there’s number 5!
    5. Cash Only – When you are able to SEE where your money is going you will begin to spend smarter. Give yourself a weekly allowance to spend on groceries, gas, entertainment, etc. and I bet you’ll think twice about giving away your cold hard cash!
    6. Cut hair at home – Who wants to spend $12 (or more) for a hair cut when you can do it at home for FREE?!? The initial investment of clippers and good scissors will run you under $75 and totally worth the expense. Tally up how much you spend on hair cuts in 12 months, it’ll surprise you!
    7. Barter – If you’ve ever sold something, chances are you were offered a amount lower than your asking price. While we often give in, others will too! The next time you are out shopping for a product with a hefty price tag, barter! Ask for a lower price or consider trading something you no longer need for what you do need!
    8. Sell your 2nd car - Is it necessary for your family to have that second or third car? You might want to consider selling your other vehicles and opting for carpooling with other members in your family, neighbors or even riding the bus or a bicycle to your destinations.
    9. Sell everything - This is one you are saying “Has she lost her marbles? I’m not selling everything.” But, wait! I’ve there’s a point behind my madness!!! When you sell off everything, not only will you have extra funds, but, your life will be much simpler. You will have a clear mind set and begin to see your life in a whole new way.
    10. Get a part-time job - Again, this is probably a no-brainer, but, this doesn’t have to be a dead end job. This can be walking dogs in your neighborhood, delivering the newspaper, working at your local sports stadium or simply babysitting.

Stay tuned for another 10 installments on Ways to Save Money next week ;)

Check out the Personal Finance Section for more ways to get your finances on track.

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51 Ways To Save Money…the Easy Way!

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Many folks often struggle with ways they can generate income, save money or just get by from pay check to pay check. Here are 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way!

  1. Make your own Homemade Laundry Detergent
  2. Make your own Dishwasher Detergent
  3. File your Taxes for Free
  4. Freeze your Debit Card
  5. Cash Only
  6. Cut your own kids hair (or your own even!)
  7. Barter
  8. Sell your 2nd car
  9. Sell everything
  10. Get a part-time job
  11. Quit your job
  12. Couponing
  13. Stay home more
  14. Cook from Scratch
  15. Meal Plan
  16. Serve Meat as a condiment
  17. Budget Reasonably
  18. Accept Hand-Me-Downs
  19. Garage Sale
  20. Thrift Store
  21. No Cable
  22. Minimum Cell Plan
  23. Taxes are not a good savings plan
  24. Be Content
  25. Eat Out for Free (or close to it)
  26. Check the Couch Cushions
  27. Turn Off the Lights
  28. Home Brew
  29. Pack your own lunch
  30. Relocate
  31. Be properly insured
  32. Toss Media to the Curb
  33. Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries Simply
  34. Discover Whole Foods
  35. Shop Discount Stores
  36. Ask Friends (babysitting, etc)
  37. Start a Garden
  38. Survey Companies
  39. Swagbucks
  40. Get a Tune-Up
  41. Carpool
  42. Wait 7 Days
  43. Use those gift cards
  44. Use the Library
  45. Use Cloth Diapers
  46. Negotiate for a discount
  47. Downsize
  48. Repurpose
  49. Donate
  50. Drink Water
  51. Make Coffee (and Homemade Coffee Creamer) at Home

Over the coming weeks I will be going into detail with these 51 Ways to Save Money…The Easy Way!

What are some Easy Ways that YOU Save Money?

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Save on Insurance For Your Car and Home

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At the beginning of the year I like to evaluate all of our bills. Surely in a years time a lot has changed and I try to save every last dime I can…I mean we do have 3 kids and a racing habit that we have to support ;) So I take a look at ways to save on insurance for our auto & car insurance, which is a simple way to save some quick money every month.

Anyhow, here’s a few tips to keep in mind when searching for lower insurance:

  • Ask your insurance agent if your premium will be reduced if you pay in full.
  • Many insurance carriers will give a discount for multi-vehicle, good driving records and if you carry all your coverage through them (home and auto).
  • Find out if your premium will decrease if you increase your deductible amount. Be sure you can afford the deductible if you lower the premium.
  • When shopping for car insurance do some numbers to see if it would make sense to carry a liability only insurance. This is great for older vehicles. However, you CAN NOT do this on a car that has a lien.

A few companies to start with:

  1. Car and Home
  2. All State
  3. Auto Protection

What are your money saving advice on auto and home insurance? Who do you often find is the cheapest?

Saving Money & Smart Spending Tips

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Money in hand

At one time or another we’ve all been there, drowning it debt or simply not being able to make ends meet. When you are saving money and are educated on smart spending you’ll be out of debt in no time. But, you will need to put forth the effort to regaining control of your bank account and save for retirement.

If your parents’ sound financial advice didn’t resonate with you as a young adult, or if you simply chose to focus elsewhere, you may be finding yourself under financial duress now that you’re a working adult. The turbulent nature of our economy and the restrictive salary of your first job make budgeting seem far-fetched. Unless you want to go back to your college days of microwave meals and bus passes, here are a few tips to get your finances in order.

Work with percentages

If you’re ready to get aggressive with your savings and start building up your nest egg, move forward by using the 50:30:20 Rule in which 50 percent of your monthly salary goes towards your necessities (mortgage/rent, food, monthly bills), 30 percent for wants (entertainment, shopping and travel) and 20 percent for savings. Determine these percentages in advance based on your monthly salary and upon getting paid so you know the exact breakdown of your monthly budget.

Avoid spending on luxury

Luxury items such as cars, clothing, jewelry and other accessories always provide that instant gratification. They may even be useful for selling a professional image at work. Consequently they are a step in the wrong direction if you’re serious about your savings goals, so maintain self-control and spend wisely. Do your research by finding used cars on Kelley Blue Book according to make, model and mileage for customized results, and shop knowing a vehicle’s fair value. For clothing and trendy items, stick to your budget of 30 percent for each month’s “wants” and weigh each swipe of your credit card according to what it means for the rest of your month’s purchases.

Start saving early

Retirement seems irrelevant to a 20-something just entering the workforce, but putting away even a small amount now can protect you from making big monthly payments while juggling financial responsibilities like mortgage payments and private school tuition costs down the road. If you started saving just $5,000 at age 25, you could potentially reach $1 million by age 70—including 6 percent compound average returns. That’s just a little over $400 a month! Starting at age 45 will require $18,000 in savings to produce this same return.

Maximize interest rates on bank accounts, not credit cards

In some cases, debt is unavoidable, and even necessary. The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported that 60 percent of students borrow every year to cover the cost of college. According to studies by the Federal Reserve, the average credit card debt is $15,279, and the average mortgage debt is $149,456.

Look for high interest rates when it comes to savings accounts, since this reflects the amount you’ll earn simply by letting your money sit in the bank. Make conscientious decisions about where your money goes, and be forward thinking about how each expense effects your future financial situation. Proper planning at a young age will pay off as you age, and you’ll have your smart thinking and small sacrifices to thank in the future!

Extra Income

Whenever possible look for places to earn extra income. This could be by clipping printable coupons, taking online surveys with sites like Inbox Dollars, Ipsos, MySurvey, and National Consumer Panel are just a few to get you started!

In addition, you can clean your home, get rid of the clutter and get organized by selling items on sites that let you sell items for free. There’s TONS of Facebook groups in your neighborhood for this as well as Craigslist and Bukoo.



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How to Slash your Debt in Half

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Hi! I’m Kathleen, and my corner of the internet is Frugal Portland. Thanks, Maria, for letting me write here!

Debt is a four letter word. I mean that not only in the literal sense, but also in the “things you shouldn’t say in polite conversation” sense. And yet? Most people have some type of consumer debt. According to, credit card debt is the most common, and that’s what we’ll focus on today.

Why Care About Credit Card Debt?

If you’re one of the millions of people who carry a balance, you should know something really important. As long as you have credit card debt, you are not in charge of your money. Some giant corporate bank is. Now, let me ask you something, who cares more about your money: you or BofA?

That’s what I thought. So, let’s make this the year to take back your money! Who’s with me?

Sorry, I got carried away there for a minute. In my head, I was gathering people in the street, and we were getting ready to march. Where? I don’t know. But maybe we were going to storm the banks to take back our…?

Instead, we’ll keep it on the internet. But we’ll take back our money by slashing our debt in half.

Once we do that, the other half just doesn’t stand a chance.

How to Slash Your Debt in Half

Stop using credit cards. Right now, this minute. Stop. Take them out of your wallet, and either cut them up, or if that’s too scary or dramatic, put them in your bedside table. Use debit cards instead. Or cash, if you’re at Target. I don’t care about the points. You don’t get to care about them either, not until you’re done slaying this dragon. Think of the debt as a bucket of water. Paying off debt is removing water a cup at a time. But continuing to use the credit card while paying off debt is like putting a tablespoon back in. If the goal is an empty bucket, you have to stop with the tablespoons!

Figure out the low-hanging fruit. When I was deep in credit card debt I had more than four different cards at varying interest rates. My first step? I paid off the card with the lowest balance. They all had interest rates that were terrifyingly large, but there’s so much value in getting rid of one whole card. One down, three to go!

Become more of a minimalist. You know what will keep you broke? Spending more money. And you know what will make you want to spend more money? Having a closet full of things you don’t like wearing. Start your minimalist wardrobe and you’ll be happier, because you’ll only keep the things you love. Then, when you open your closet, you’ll see all of your favorites, and nothing else. You might think this will make you want to go shopping, but that’s surprisingly not the case. You’ll see how much you have, and you won’t feel like you need one more black top (ahem, guilty).

Save treats for milestones. Every single milestone deserves a treat. You paid off that card with the lowest balance? Hooray! Sound the noise maker! Your debt is down a digit? HOLY COW THAT IS AMAZING! These things deserve a treat. Really. Have a latte. Go get a manicure. Do not go to Tahiti. Little treats. Because you’re not treating yourself anymore just because you’re tired/sad/had a bad day, right?

Track your progress. And use this little trick of psychology. Open a spreadsheet. Write January at the top, and your total debt just below it. Make that debt a negative number. Then, in February, when you make a payment, those are positive numbers. Your chart will inch up in the positive direction.

All right, so we’re not storming the street. But we are going to take back our money. Who’s with me?

About the author: Kathleen O’Malley writes at Frugal Portland about living simply, increasing productivity, and saving money.

How I Save Money on Cable Bills by Streaming Online ~ Guest Post

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The Internet has a great deal of entertainment value for those looking to save money on the cable bills. When my family and I moved into our new home, we purposely allowed our satellite TV contract to lapse simply because it was too expensive. At that point in time, we decided that $7.99 per month for Netflix was way better than $140 to Dish Network. Our primary method of access: the Wii and my computer.

Get Internet Speeds to Stream
Since a lot of my working career has been done from home, I had already paid for the fastest Internet my provider can offer residential customers. This has been a great help connecting to my game servers while my children stream videos from Netflix. Although it’s a total of $75 per month for fast cable Internet, the ease of doing everything simultaneously from seven different devices makes the world of difference!

Visit Broadcaster Websites
With the faster Internet speeds, we are able to stream videos from our favorite shows on the broadcast station’s website. I was able to keep up with past episodes of “Ghost Hunters” and “Caprica” on SciFi from a few years ago and I am able to watch regular episodes of “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show” from Comedy Central. Even the kids enjoy visiting Nickelodeon’s website for the same reasons.

The Wonder of YouTube
Broadcast television isn’t the only method of entertainment my family and I have enjoyed over the past seven years. As we constantly browse for new shows to watch, we’ve come to realize just how many talented people are on YouTube. We now watch “The Philip DeFranco Show” as well as “Epic Rap Battles of History” to name just a couple. Grant it, a large portion of video makers on YouTube should stick to reading books. However, there are a lot of amazingly talented individuals gaining popularity on the video website.

Streaming Subscriptions Like Netflix and Hulu
As mentioned earlier, a large part of our entertainment is streamed from Netflix. Although we’ve tried Hulu a few times, I personally didn’t like the interface. With Netflix, all of my old televisions shows are available such as “Cheers” and “Married with Children.” Even our new favorites are televised in a limited capacity. I’ve grown accustomed to “The Walking Dead” recently, but I won’t be able to see season four until 2014. It seems like all new shows are a season behind on Netflix. However, the selection of movies alone is worth the $7.99 per month – at least to me it is.

Gaming Streams
My family and I are all gamers. From our six-year old who loves “Club Penguin” to our fifteen-year old who plays “League of Legends” with me on a regular basis, we love our digital entertainment. Some of the most comedic streams I have seen have been from gamers that use services such as Twitch. What Twitch does, is allows a user to broadcast his or her gaming experience live. While the language can get a bit aggressive for younger audiences, there has been a great deal of comedy value from watching others play “Day Z” or “League of Legends.”

If you’re looking for quality entertainment, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on cable or satellite bills. Hours of quality programming can come from the use of streaming content from the Internet. As we have a smart TV now that is automatically connected to the internet this entertainment can be on computers or in the living room on 42-inches of wall space. Now, if only I could live stream HBO I could be an ultimately happy individual.

This article is contributed by Madoline Hatter. Madoline is a freelance writer and blog junkie from You can reach her at: m.hatter12@gmail. com.


(Still available!) FREE eBook: Dave Ramsey’s Guide to Budgeting

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Dave Ramsey's Guide to Budgeting

It’s a new year and I can imagine as many of us look back at 2012 we see areas we could improve on financially.  Too many lattes and not enough in savings?  Dave Ramsey has released a completely free resource called “Dave’s Guide to Budgeting“.  I am not sure how long it will be available for free, so I’d suggest you head on over and download it now.

More details about the free download:

For the first time, we’ve put together an awesome Guide to Budgeting that looks at all the nooks and crannies of making a budget. And the good news? It’s not about numbers. Or math. Or fancy calculations. It’s practical, down-to-earth information and encouragement that’s sure to get you started on the right foot. But it’s up to YOU to get started!

If you’re looking to for a success story you should read Katie’s, she shared their debt free journey here on TFF last year.

They’re DEBT FREE: $77,000 in 28 Months

They’re DEBT FREE: $77,000 in 28 Months Part 2

Here are a few more posts that I think will inspire you on your own journey to financial peace…

FREE Debt Snowball and Avalanche Plans Worksheet Download

Getting Your Finances In Order: Save Cash By Using Cash

Getting Your Finances In Order: TFF Tackles the HSA

Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford.

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