20 Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide ~ FREE Printable!

tff peroxide


I love when you can find more than one use for every day items! This one you will likely have tucked away in your medicine cabinet. If you find that you haven’t really used the hydrogen peroxide that you have put away and it’s getting close to it’s expiration date, you  can actually use it to in a variety of other ways!  Here is a list of 20 Household uses for Hydrogen Peroxide! You might have heard of some of these ideas, but I bet you didn’t know you can whiten your fingernails with it or fight fungus on your plants. Who comes up with these ideas? I personally love them, and I hope you find them useful too! You might want to bookmark this page or print it out and keep it somewhere you can refer back to it.

Kids Summer Vacation Packing List

As Moms gathering everyone’s items for a trip, whether one day or 10, is pure chaos. Cut down the stress level by having this Kids Summer Vacation Packing List. It will allow your kiddos to take some of the stress off of you, pack the items that they want and keep them busy so you can pack what YOU want!

It never fails that as soon as we get down the road I realized I left something behind. While majority of the times it’s small, this last time I totally forgot the stroller! So of course we turned around to grab it. The hubs made me do one last walk through as everyone was not so patiently waiting in the car. It was then that I realized I had forgot our shampoo and conditioner. While that isn’t such a big deal I get a better deal on our Dove products at Sam’s Club. I know it would’ve cost more if I picked them up closer to our hotel…no one said living a Frugal Lifestyle was easy ;)


Before you head out on your summer vacation be sure to print your Kids Summer Vacation Packing List for every child in your family. Go ahead and print your free Kids Summer Vacation Packing List now:


- Girls Summer Vacation Packing List

Boy’s Summer Vacation Packing List

It’s super simple. Just fill in the vacation packing list with the amount of items that are needed in each category. It is then left up to the you and your child to pack into a suitcase or leave out on their bed so that you can double check they have all the items on the list!

I hope your summer vacation is a blast and that you are able to relax!


Note: This list isn’t just for summer vacation. It could be used for going to stay at Grandma’s house, summer camp or spending the night at a friends house!

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Frugal DIY: 4th of July Fireworks Flowers in a Vase

With 4th of July coming up next week, I wanted to give just a few quick and inexpensive ideas for decorating a festive party table. This time last year I had been planning the food all week and purchased the red plates cups and dug out a blue table cloth I had left over after a birthday party. Once I got it all set up, it was missing that festive pizzazz. So in the hour or so before everyone showed up, I used some stuff I had around the house to dress up the table with a homemade centerpiece.

I wanted something that emulated the look of fireworks and this is what I came up with. This project was made from  6 pieces of of scrapbook paper (2 of each color) and 8 lollipop sticks and scotch tape (or glue).  (I think it would be super cute with red, white, and blue too!)

Start by folding pleats in the paper that are about 1 inch in width.

Trim the ends of the paper to give a scalloped or pointed edge.

Do this with 2 sheets of paper then crease each pleated sheet in the middle.

Pinch the  center of each pleated piece and  fan out the folded paper and attach the ones that touch and the two ending folds of the both papers to create a cirlce. I used tape (because I was in a hurry),  but you could also use glue.

Then I needed something to make these pinwheel flowers stand up in a vase. I happened to have some lollipop sticks from a previous project left over, so I taped some together in varying heights to stagger the different colors and sizes. You could use straws, or popsicle sticks, or any stem like object you can come up with. I also used tape to attached the pinwheel to the “stems.” I only had a clear vase to display the arrangement, so I lined it with a red piece of paper to add more interest.

Thanks for sharing Morgan!


How to Make a Fairy Garden


How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are magical, mystical, and mythical. They can be made in a container, a box, a bottle, or even in a wide open space in your backyard or property. No matter where they are made, it is no doubt that they are beautiful and mythical.

A fairy garden can provide a serene setting for anyone to sit down and relax, and dream. Fairy gardens can also make good use of land that has irregularities, and hide flaws in trees and building abutments’.

A knoll in a clearing can certainly become a land of enchantment, a big opening in a tree or stump becomes a doorway for which the fairies can enter or exit. A broken cobblestone becomes a fairy pathway, and a cracked, misshapen looking piece of piping or fencing made into something beautiful as opposed to an eye sore. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a fairy garden.

Here are some basics instructions for those of you who wish to make an enchanted fairy garden for yourself or others to enjoy.

Steps in Making a Fairy Garden

  1. Pick a Location- If you are wanting to make a fairy garden on a piece of land as opposed to an enclosed container, wood box, bottle, or other similar structure, the first thing you must do is pick a location. When choosing the location there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One thing to take into consideration is accessibility. You certainly want to be able to access your fairy garden but also want to put it in a spot that is somewhat private, it is your place to find peace and comfort. Heaven forbid if you happen to build it and then find that someone vandalized it because it was easy to access.
  2. Visualize It- Before actually starting on building a fairy garden, you have to visualize it. Think about how you want it to look, and decide whether you want it to take up your garden completely or whether you want to portion it off. Once you have visualized it, it is time to start putting those plans in action.
  3. Creating a Border- If you are planning to add a division to separate your fairy garden from your regular garden you need to create a border. A border to divide these two separate areas can be made by using small fencing, river rocks, or even stepping stones.
  4. Planting the Flowers- Now that you have the area planned out and divided, it is time to plant the flowers. Remember to choose plants that can thrive in your planting zone, and be able to withstand the temperature fluctuations as well as the drought conditions for your region. Choose a vast variety of flowers to add charisma and character to your fairy garden. Layering your flowers will give you a sculptured look. Start first by choosing a ground cover. Popular ground covers are moss, and moss like plants. Moss tends to spread well and is soft to the touch as well and makes a perfect resting place for those tired fairies. Secondly, choose flowers that are of medium height. Snapdragons, miniature roses, miniature carnations, daisies, foxgloves, and pansies are just a few good flower choices. Remember to choose colors that are cheerful and bright. The plant colors that you choose are also significant to fairies and humans as well.
  5. Trellises- Another important part of a fairy garden is the structure used to support the various climbing vines and flowers that you have in the garden. Support trellises are a must for large areas that have a wide variety of climbing vines and or flowers. Trellises can be used to create a wall of flowers or even a beautiful entry point to your fairy garden.
  6. Hang Some Bird Houses- Add some character and charisma to your fairy garden and also please the fairies by offering a refuge for the small birds that create habitats in your region. Fairies love birds, and birds work hard at keeping the insects out of your garden. Why not offer them a place to rest their wings by adding a bird house or two to your fairy garden. Bird houses can be hung from trees in your garden or even placed upon poles. You can also purchase some hummingbird feeders to entice these beautiful creatures to stop by your fairy garden for some food and comfort.
  7. Plant Some Berries- Plant some berries in your fairy garden. This will attract other small woodland creatures which may already be planning to stop by to nibble on those flowers. Plant enough berries so that both humans and small animals can enjoy.

Following these simple steps on how to make a fairy garden will help you to plan and execute one that you and others can enjoy for many years to come. The great thing about fairy gardens is the fact that it will be as unique as you are and will reflect plant colors, and choices that that have significance to you. Go ahead and start planning a fairy garden, the possibilities are endless and will showcase some of your creative talent!

You can find great deals on Fairy Garden Accessories at Amazon. The Fairy Garden Kits are a super easy way to get you started. Plus, I also love scouring local stores for little trinkets that can be added to my Fairy Garden!


20 Household Uses for Vinegar ~ FREE Printable!

tff vinegar

I am sure you have hear of some the uses for vinegar like disinfecting, cleaning and freshening. But I bet you didn’t know that it can also be used for helping you remove wallpaper or get rid off fruit flies ! Print this ‘cheat sheet’ for a list of ” 20 Household Uses for Vinegar” and keep it handy next time you have some extra time on your hands are looking for frugal and easy ways to get some cleaning done!

The Most Adorable Soda Bottles Ever !

Jones Soda 2

Many of my friends have been posting pictures of their children at their pre-K or high school graduations on Facebook. And seeing these pictures reminded me of something I did when my own son was graduating from high school! When Phillip was 5 years old  he had a pre-K graduation ceremony complete with cap, gown, and a diploma! I have to be honest with you that at the time I thought it was a bit much … But now when I look back, I treasure those memories and pictures so much. I think I must have been overwhelmed at the time and didn’t fully appreciate the moment.

Then two years ago when Phillip was about to graduate from high school and I was looking for cool ideas to make his party a bit more personal, I suddenly had this stroke of genius :)  ! How about if I used his pre-K picture to get some personalized soda bottles made for the party? I already knew that you could do this with labels from Jones Soda, so I went to their website and an hour later, it was all set. I placed my order and a few weeks later I had the coolest soda bottles I could have ever asked for. Most of my friends agreed that it was the sweetest idea ever, and those with younger kids said they wanted to do get their personalized labels for their own kids’ graduation!

As your kids are growing up, remember to take lots of pictures and think of different creative ways you might be able to use them in the future. You can use these pictures for soda bottles, mugs, collages, mouse pads or even pillows. And something else I would encourage you to do is  to get prints of your best photos. I personally  love holding an actual picture in my hands much more that seeing it briefly on a computer or phone screen. And in all likelihood as your kids get older, they too will cherish going through that shoebox of photographs and reminisce about the memories of their childhood.

Life goes by so quickly. And those moments we think we will never forget, do get forgotten unless you make an effort to somehow preserve the memories!


Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe

There’s really no excuse not to try this Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe. It’s a perfect gift to give to any teacher, friend, neighbor, co-worker, new Momma or even yourself! Not only does it smell AMAZING, it’s a great way to live your best Lavish Lifestyle Frugally! This is definitely a Frugal Find you’ll want to “Pin” and Share amongst your friends!

Do you often find that it’s hard to relax? Our world is filled with more than we can handle in a 24 hour period. I am often finding myself asking for more hours in a day, because, I can’t get it all done.

I mean between working, volunteering at school, soccer, gymnastics, swim lessons and the craziness that comes with the warm weather I’m warn out thinking about it all! When is there time to relax?!? But, these past few months, I’m learning it’s alright to be selfish. If I can’t take care of my family, I can’t take care of myself. So take a few moments out of your busy schedule and find time to relax with this Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe….you can Thank Me later!


½ cup coconut oil
5 drops Relax essential oil
Scant (2 TBSP shy) 1 cup sugar
4 oz. canning jar


    1. In a microwave safe bowl, heat the coconut oil in 20-second intervals until it is completely melted.
    2. Add the essential oil, then stir in the sugar until you have a thick paste (you may need to adjust the amount adding more or less to suit your taste).
    3. Add a pretty ribbon or piece of washi tape to decorate the jar.

Are you giving this Relaxing Sugar Scrub Recipe as a gift? If so, place these super Relaxing Sugar Scrub Gift Tags on the top of your jar or attach with punching a hole in them and attaching a ribbon to make this an extra special gift!


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30 Days of Spring Cleaning: It’s All About the Floors

You’ve got the vast majority of your house lookin’ good, right? Spring Cleaning is a HUGE task and while we took a little break yesterday sprucing up your Furry Friends area, it’s time to get those floors so clean you’ll be able to eat off them.

Depending on the type of flooring you have, the maintenance may be quick and easy or it may just be a giant pain in the butt for you! No matter which types you have in your home, with a few simple steps and tips, maintaining the beauty of your floors can be a breeze.

Ceramic-tile floors
Sweep or mop daily to remove loose dirt. Don’t ever use sponge mops, they will drag dirt into the grout and and stain it. A microfiber mop or rag picks up dirt best. If using a rag, be sure to use a circular motion.

Hardwood Floors
Sweep daily. Steep 4 tea bags in quart of water for about 5 minutes. This is because Tannic acid in tea will make your hardwood floor shine. Put the tea in a bucket and use a damp mop or rag to clean the floor and watch it shine! Don’t get the floor too wet as it will leave water marks.

Vinyl Floors
Sweep daily. Mix your choice of cleaner in a bucket of warm water and wash the floor.

Vacuum daily, it doesn’t take long and it makes a major difference in the amount of dirt that gets ground deep into the carpet. If something spills, clean it immediately, don’t give it the chance to set. Use baking soda or a carpet deodorizer twice a week when you vacuum.

Here’s a quick tip: If you move the furniture and it leaves dents in the carpet, use the edge of a spoon or a coin to re-fluff those areas.

TIP 1. Use doormats to cut down on the amount of dirt that settle on your flooring.
TIP 2. Use area rugs to protect high traffic areas from wear and tear.

If you take a few minutes every day to sweep and vacuum and tackle any spills or stains right away, you will be able to better maintain your flooring and have it looking great for years to come.

30 Days of Spring Cleaning: Your Furry Friends Area (11)

Yesterday we cleaned up and beautified your Laundry Room. We are gonna take a little break from the BIG Spring Cleaning projects and get to our Furry Family Members!

Our pets are part of the family too. Just like every other member of the family, they contribute to clutter. Your cat or dog may almost have as many toys as your kids. We pamper our pets, spoil them and if we are not careful, our little fur babies can take over the whole house. Before that happens, we are going to make some changes to prevent that from happening.

TIP 1. Give your pet space

We all need a private comfortable place to call our own, so do our pets. Set up an area that will be your pet’s “room”. Things that should be in this area are their bed, a few favorite pet toys, a non skid mat to put food and water bowls on, plastic bins with lids for food storage, a litter box if needed and a peg rack to hang on the wall for leashes, collars, pet clothing (don’t judge me) and any other items that can be hung up and out of the way.

Keep a small bin for hair brushes, nail clippers and other grooming supplies in a nearby area for easy access, preferably under the bathroom sink or in the hall closet.

TIP 2. Decluttering is the goal, even for our pets!

Did you get Princess or Rover a new toy? Then you should be getting rid of an old one. Did Old Navy have a great deal on a hot pink winter puffer coat for your dog? (once again, don’t judge me!) That means it’s time to retire another item from her wardrobe. Don’t allow pet supplies or pet toys to accumulate and you won’t have to worry about clutter.

TIP 3. They are just like our kids

Ask your Veterinarian for copies of your pet’s immunization and health records. Keep them in a folder with your family’s other important paperwork so that in case of an emergency they are easy to find.

Today’s assignment is a pretty easy one! You are going set up your pet’s living space. Make sure all bedding is clean, get rid of old toys, and give them an area away from household traffic. Even our pets need a little bit of peace and quiet sometimes and it will also help to keep your home clear of extra clutter. When you are done, take a few minutes to introduce your pet to their new living area and help them get accustomed to this new part of their routine.

30 Days of Spring Cleaning: Simplying the Laundry Room


How did Transforming Your Master Bedroom go last night? I hope it’s became your sanctuary and a place that is going to become your favorite spot to relax! This Spring Cleaning stuff isn’t bad if you just take it a day at a time.

Unless doing laundry is your hobby, your laundry room is probably one of the last places you want to be. It’s probably cluttered and cramped and not the most cheerful place in the house. Today we are going to focus on organizing, de-cluttering and making it a more inviting and efficient space in your home. With a little bit of thought and work your laundry room can look as fabulous as the rest of the house has become!

TIP 1. Plan a schedule and stick to it

If you do laundry on Saturday morning, then everyone in the house, except for the littlest ones, are responsible for bringing their laundry hamper to the laundry room by Friday night. If Junior’s favorite hoody doesn’t make it there in time, oh well, not your problem! It may seem a little harsh but I promise it will only happen once or twice before everyone gets the point. Just think of it as a little bit of tough love!

TIP 2. Have 3 bins for sorting

When laundry gets to the laundry room, it should be separated into a three bin laundry hamper as either light colors, dark colors or hand washables. Any items that need to be dry cleaned should be taken directly to the car and dropped off the next time you are running errands.

TIP 3. Install an overhead shelf or cabinet

Put up a shelf or cabinet above the washer and dryer and keep all of your supplies in one place. Everything from pre-treater, to detergent, softener and dryer sheets can be kept on the shelf to allow you fast access to everything you may need while doing the wash.

TIP 4. Set up an ironing station

Your ironing station will be a small area with a bar to hang clothes on, hangers, an iron, spray starch and ironing board will help you to get the ironing done and keep everything neat and wrinkle free until you put them away.

I LOVE this . Not only does it roll, but, it helps keep everything organized and is also a great space saver!

I like to listen to the radio or jump on a call with a friend to help make the ironing chore not as boring!

TIP 5. Fold and Separate

Once the laundry comes out of the dryer, fold it immediately. This will help eliminate wrinkles and not allow a “to be folded” mountain to form. As you are folding separate the articles into the appropriate family members bin. Then once the laundry is done for the day each family member can put their clothing away in the appropriate drawers or closets.

TIP 6. Set up a drying station

Space is everything in a laundry room. Consider purchasing a simple tension rod or bar to hang damp clothing. This will eliminate the need for a bulky multi-level drying rack that takes up space and tend to collapse {has this ever happened to you?!?}. A simple bar will allow you to hang your articles neatly to dry right away while also minimizing wrinkles that will help cut down on the time you spend ironing.

TIP 7. Add something that makes you smile

Hang a cute laundry sign or a heartwarming quote on the wall in your laundry room. Just having something to look at that always puts a smile on your face can make doing the laundry a much more bearable task.

Your assignment for today is to get to work in that laundry room. When you are done go let the rest of the family know the new rules they must follow if they expect their laundry to be done! Remind them a few times of the laundry schedule for the first week, after that they are on their own. In a couple of hours you just may have the most efficient and tidy laundry room on the block!

30 Days of Spring Cleaning: Transforming Your Master Bedroom

Now that you have tackled Spring Cleaning Your Children’s Bedrooms it’s time to start Transforming Your Master Bedroom!

Is your Master Bedroom a relaxing, tranquil place that you can’t wait to get to after a very long day? Or is it cluttered with paperwork, electronics and other belongings that make it feel just like any other room in the house? If you said no to the first question and yes to the second, you are not alone. Most people do everything in their bedroom from eating to working to talking on the phone. Oh yeah, I almost forgot sleeping, lol!

We are almost completely through our 2 weeks to a clean and de-cluttered home and you have done a fantastic job. You should be getting used to your “new” lifestyle now and I know it feels great to be clutter free! So, today we are going to work on your master bedroom and take some simple steps to turn it into the peaceful, comforting space that it should be.

TIP 1. Your bedroom is where you begin and end your days. It should be kept stress free!

When a room is cluttered it can easily become a chaotic place that you just can’t relax in. Your bedroom should be a calm, stress free place so that you can start and end your day with a clear mind and relaxed body. I know a lot of people like to watch tv or use their laptops in bed until they fall asleep, but this is the biggest change you should make. Leave electronics outside the bedroom. Using phones, laptops, tablets, and TV’s shortly before you go to sleep can disrupt your sleep pattern without you even realizing it. Try reading a book or even meditation before bed.

TIP 2. Clutter equals stress

Put away your clothing instead of leaving things strewn about the room. Keep nightstands clear of clutter and debris. If you read in bed, keep one or two books in your room, the rest can go back into the bookshelf.

TIP 3. Everything looks better from a room with a view

Try to position your bed facing the window. Being able to look out the window and see the sky can be very soothing.

TIP 4. The nose knows

Certain scents can be very calming and comforting to certain people. Choose your favorite scented candles, room sprays, essential oils or even your favorite flowers and put them in your room. You may find yourself more relaxed and your room will be much more inviting. Remember, never leave candles burning unattended.

Your assignment for today is to turn your chaotic clutter into a soothing sanctuary! Focus on colors and decor that make you feel calm and at peace. Make up your bed with comfy bedding, add your favorite scent, make work off limits, and tell technology you will see him in the morning, because this is your zen zone now!

30 Days of Spring Cleaning: Tackling Your Child(rens) Bedrooms

By now, you should be beginning to experience the benefits of living clutter free and I’m sure you’re enjoying it. Especially since you now have a nice clean and clutter free Living Room from yesterday’s homework assignment! Today will involve some teaching as well as organizing. We are working on the kid’s rooms and after doing some basic organizing you will need to take some time with each child to teach them the system. Getting the kids involved will take some of the work from you while establishing a consistent routine that will become a lifetime habit for them. Teach them to get rid of clutter now, and it will never be a problem as they grow up.


TIP 1. 5 minutes in the morning

Each morning before your child starts his or her day, have them take 5 minutes to make their bed and put dirty clothes in the hamper. You will have to remind them the first few days, but after that it will become a routine just like brushing their teeth.

TIP 2. 10 minutes before bed

Every night before your child goes to bed, have them take 10 minutes to put away any toys or games and get their outfit ready for the next morning. Building routines into the family’s schedule will keep disorder from becoming overwhelming. Tap them today in your organized home!

TIP 3. Utilize a shoe organizer for things other than shoes

Help your children learn how to organize and gain some independence by allowing them to pick out their outfits for the week. You’ll need to pick up a Hanging Shoe Organizer before hand.

For small children, fold and group complete outfits and put them in the organizer labeled by day. This makes it easy for little ones to be independent on Sunday night before bed allow your children to pick outfits for the week. In each “hole” will be a different outfit that can be removed. The night before pull out the outfit for the next day. This is a great time saver on busy mornings!

The plastic shoe organizers are also perfect for storing small toys that will get lost in a toy box, or girls hair products, elastics, bows, headbands, brushes and combs.

 TIP 4. Teach your child to declutter and donate

Have your child sort through toys, books and stuffed animals. You child will pick out the ones that they would like to give to other children in need. Pick a charity that accepts these items and show them how great it can feel to give instead of receive. Do this periodically after birthdays or holidays when your child receives a lot of gifts, to keep the room clear of clutter and not become overwhelming.

For the past two years my daughter has been asking for gifts for a local organization for her Birthday! She LOVES being able to give back and will continue to do so for her upcoming birthdays!

Today’s assignment is to complete the kids rooms. Kids are like little sponges, they are always absorbing information. If you instill these simple changes they will quickly become habits and part of their daily routine. Give them some independence and responsibility after you teach them and you will notice that you don’t have so much work to do around the house. Even small children can pitch in to keep their rooms neat and organized. When you take the time to show them the system and how to maintain their space instead of just doing everything for them, it can make a world of a difference!

30 Days to Spring Cleaning: Let Your Living Room Shine


We have been working on Spring Cleaning, organizing and getting rid of clutter in our homes. Yesterday we gave you some Kitchen Cleaning Tips and now going to get to work in the living room. Let’s make some little changes that will add up to big differences. Before you know it your family will be enjoying game and movie night together in your neat, clutter free living room.

TIP 1. Keep surfaces clutter free

It’s usually habit to come home and empty our pockets onto the coffee table. Pens, coins and other small items will quickly build up. Clear all the flat surfaces in the living room like the coffee table, top of the cable box, entertainment center shelves and mantle.

To get rid of the clutter use small bowls, boxes, bins or decorative containers to hold these random odds and ends and make sure to throw away unnecessary items. If you have a set of 3 pretty boxes on the coffee table to hold little things, leave it at that. Do not keep adding containers, because then you will still have a cluttered space.

TIP 2. Know the difference between collecting and hoarding

Remember those ceramic cats we talked about a few days ago? Well, it’s great if you have a collection of items that you proudly display, but if you have 500 of those items it becomes harder to show them off. They end up in places they don’t belong, in a box somewhere, lost or forgotten. They become clutter. Pare down your collection to a reasonable size that allows you to put your most loved pieces on display.

TIP 3. Add a wastepaper basket

Let’s face it, we all get lazy sometimes. You might be cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket with a box of tissues, watching a sad movie and crying, and you don’t feel like going into the kitchen to throw the tissues away. Put a small waste basket with a scented trash bag in the living room and you will no longer find used tissues or scraps of paper on the coffee table or floor.

TIP 4. Use hidden storage

A storage ottoman is great to keep magazines, DVD’s and of course all of the remote controls in one easy to access space. An old trunk with a flat top can do triple duty, it’s a great alternative to a coffee table, is perfect for storing all of your board games and setting them up for family game night.

Your assignment for today is to transform your living room. While dealing with everyday life, things can sometimes get hectic. When you are done, your living room should be a quiet, stress free, clutter free room where you can go to just hang out and relax.

30 Days to Spring Cleaning: Kitchen Cleaning Tips

SpringCleaningTFF Ahhh! I am sure you are now enjoying your cleaning closets, sparkling Bathroom and a dust free home! Now, let’s get to the one place in the home everyone seems to flock to, the kitchen. Once you read our Kitchen Cleaning Tips you’ll be ready to tackle the biggest Spring Cleaning challenge yet!

Today we will be working on the kitchen. So far, we have gotten rid of the garbage, and did the dusting and glass cleaning. Now we will deep clean the sink and countertops and wipe down the appliances.  When that’s done, we are ready to get more organized. The kitchen is another room that is used often and  very easy to build up clutter in. As we implement some organizing tips, always keep an eye out for things that you don’t really use or need. Remember, the goal is to de-clutter your home.

 TIP 1. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.

Empty the cabinets and go through them. Remember our Spring Cleaning Printables? Let’s again put those to good use!

Now that the cabinets are empty wipe the cabinets down both inside and out.

Replace any light bulbs that need replaced.

Put items back into the cabinets. Once you pick up an item that’s been placed on the counter tops be sure to put it in the appropriate pile. Be sure to giveaway or throw away things that you don’t use, have more than one of or forgot about long ago because of the clutter.

Use drawer organizers to keep your utensils neat and easy to find. Get rid of any mismatched take out containers that you have held on to. They take up space and if you can’t find the correct lid for one, they are pretty useless for storing food. Nest containers and bowls to keep things neat.

You may also want to order a small lazy susan to put inside of your Kitchen Cabinets. This can help with organizing your Spices…they are one of the hardest things to keep organized especially if you are a “chef” of sorts!

Another trick to add more storage space in the kitchen is to add shelving within the shelves on your cabinets. You can do this by purchasing a Stackable Shelving similiar to the one below:


 TIP 2. Find a system that works for you and stick to it!

Wipe the refrigerator shelves down and organize with the things you use the most grouped in the front. Put a box of baking soda inside to absorb any odors.

Do you have a Keurig? I have a kCup Storage Drawer similar to this one and actually have my brewer setting on top of the drawer to save on space…it may {or may not be!} on top of my wine fridge ;) See where I’m going with this space saving thing!

Organize your pantry by grouping food by category or even by meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. If you have recipes strewn all over the kitchen, round them up and put them in a recipe box.

 TIP 3. Keep things close to where you use them.

Keep your trash bags near the trash bin, so there’s no excuse not to put a new bag in when you take out the trash. I know I like to put in 3 bags at a time. This keeps the bag from falling down into the trash can and if the bag does happen to slip off, food isn’t stuck to the bottom of the trash bin. {I HATE cleaning out the bottom of the trash bin.DISGUSTING!}

Do you make the kid’s lunch at the kitchen counter by the sink? Keep sandwich bags, napkins and lunch boxes in a cabinet above or below that area. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it definitely can save time.

Tip 4. Cleaning Stainless Steel with Baking Soda

I know this is probably a huge surprise for most of you, but, Baking Soda is a great cutting agent. The minerals in the baking soda will cut through the grains in the stainless steel and help to bring back their shine! When you are using Baking Soda to clean your kitchen sink remove any big particles of food and wipe the sink dry. Sprinkle the baking soda in the bottom of the sink. Using a paper towel scrub the sink with the grains of the sink. {You will see dirt on the napkin as you scrub! You may need to use a few different ones depending on how funky your sink is!}.

To keep your sink looking like new and your hard work kept up you can use a little oil on the sink to make the cleanliness last longer.

Your assignment today is to complete all of your work in the kitchen. When you are finished there should be a HUGE difference. The kitchen is one of the rooms where we gather with family, enjoy time together and good food. It usually gets a lot of traffic and can easily attract clutter.  However, if you take a few minutes a day to straighten up, sort through mail, coupons, other paperwork, and make sure everything is put away, it can always be neat, clean and clutter free.

30 Days to Spring Cleaning: Tidying The Bathroom(s)

How does it feel to be almost halfway through our Spring Cleaning Challenge? Yesterday we focused on Dusting and Polishing our home. Aren’t you excited to have a super clean home in just 14 days? You should feel great and proud of yourself, you have made it this far without slacking off or giving up! Are you having fun yet? I know I am!

Today we will be focusing on the Tidying The Bathroom. We already took care of removing trash, dusting fixtures and cleaning any glass and mirrors. So, grab your favorite cleaning supplies and deep clean the sink, countertop, shower and bathtub. When that’s done, we are ready to go!

 TIP.1 Always keep the goal of de-cluttering in mind.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your medicine cabinet and on the counter, think about buying a vertical storage unit that goes against the wall, usually behind the toilet. It adds much needed space and shelving to a tiny bathroom. Get rid of things you don’t use. I can’t stress that enough. The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to accumulate things that you will never use.

 Are there always a stack of magazines on the toilet tank? Throw away the old issues and  hang a magazine rack on the wall or to the new storage shelf. Now you can keep your bathroom reading materials out of the way until you need them.

You can also use a shower caddy to hold toiletries and the kid’s bath toys. A great way to organize barrettes and other hair clips is by using little bins, glass jars, silverware organizer or even an ice cube tray. They will keep small pieces organized and within reach.

 TIP.2  A few minutes a night, before bedtime.

 When showers are done, and everyone is in bed for the night, take a few minutes and clean up the bathroom. Wipe down the counter, sweep the floor, rinse the tub. Be diligent about checking expiration dates and throwing away expired items. Don’t wait until the bathroom is messy to clean it. That way when you do the “real cleaning” you have a lot less to clean.

 These simple tips can make a very noticeable difference, especially in a smaller bathroom. Sometimes, something simple is all it takes. If you make enough simple changes,BIG things can happen.

Your assignment is to turn your bathroom(s) from a cluttered eyesore into a place of calming escape. After all, often times the bathroom is the only place we can get a moment or two to ourselves, and even that is rare!