DIY: Quick and Easy Christmas Centerpiece and Wreath

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I know that most of you have the majority of Christmas decorations up by this time of year, but if you want to add some quick updates before the family starts arriving, here are some simple and frugal pieces I made.

Here’s what I did:

I purchased one of those cheap, puny-looking wreaths from Wal-mart.
When I got home, I spread the stems out to make it look fuller.
I used the rest of the extra ornaments and the same ribbon as one in the vase (below).
I attached each ornament with a twist-tie (the kind that comes with your trash bags).
Run the twist tie half-way through the top of the ornament. Then twist onto the base of one of the stems of the wreath.
I tied the ribbon in a simple knot around one of the stems in the back, then looped around, going through the middle of the wreath and then around the outside. I tied the end of the ribbon in back after looping too.
I chose to run the ribbon between every two ornaments (1 green/1 blue) as I had patterned them.

Here’s what I did:

Laid a portion of the ribbon in the bottom on the vase.
Layered ornaments, decorative balls, and even a large bow in the bottom.
Then I continued looping the ribbon around the vase while stacking the remaining ornaments.

So simple, yet elegant!



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Frugal DIY: Recycle Magazines into Christmas Bows!

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Now that you have purchased most of your Christmas presents this year, it’s time to start wrapping them all and topping them off with beautiful Christmas bows with Recycled Magazines. If you are feeling super crafty, you can save a few bucks on wrapping (well at least on the bows) if you make them yourself.

Get creative and use any sort of paper you have lying around. This time of year, we get all those magazines and ads from different stores that are bright or Christmas colors. Recycle those catalogs as soon as you are finished browsing. Or have your children draw an abstract design(or scribble) on a piece of paper in the color that most closely coordinates with your wrapping paper.

Here are the first steps…

  1. Cut a magazine page lengthwise into 9 strips, 3/4″ wide.
  2. Leave 3 of the strips the full length of the page.
  3. Cut 1″ off 3 of the strips.
  4. Cut 2″ off 2 of the strips.
  5. Cut the last strip down to 3 1/2″ long.

Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple, tape or glue it in the center. Shape the last, short strip into a circle and secure it with a glue dot.

Layer the 3 longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue dot. Add the next two groups of pieces, doing the same.

And finally, stick the loop into the center.

And you have a perfect festive bow.

*The size of your bow will depend on the size of the paper you start with.  Also, use this when you have a wrapping emergency anytime of the year, not just at Christmas!

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Frugal DIY: Thanksgiving Hurricane Glasses Centerpiece

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It’s that time of year again, when my creative monster wants to come out and play. Where to start first?  Well, a couple months ago we got a new dinette set.  I have been chomping at the bit to decorate it! Isn’t it lucky? (teehee) The other day, I was in Sam’s Club and I saw this beautiful centerpiece. (It was much more impressive to see in person) But it was so expensive for what it was. Almost thirty five dollars!  That got me to thinking.  I can make my own Thanksgiving Centerpiece and table decor! As I began my search for the perfect items for my table, I seen so many possibilities.   This is what I came up with…

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Believe it or not, I bought the glassware at the Dollar Tree, WalMart and Goodwill. Yes, Goodwill!  I’m not kidding.  So, let me show you how I put this all together for dollars.

You will need some vases.  I found the two tall ones on the right at for $1 each.  I was rather impressed with the quality too. It’s not the cheap thin glass that you would expect to find at a dollar store.  In fact it is the same thickness as the vases I bought at for $2.49 each.  The WalMart Vases are the shorter  ones on the left.  And lastly, I found the round one at Goodwill for $1.06.  I love going to Goodwill.  You never know what kind of treasure you will find there!

You will also need some candle stick holders.  I found the ones on the left at Dollar Tree for only a buck! I found the others at Goodwill for $1.06. I really felt like I hit the jackpot at Goodwill.  I was able to find a slew of candle stick holders to use for my mantle and cocktail table.

THEN, get yourself some Gorilla Glue… it will cost around $5.  You could use Super Glue if you have it. But, I think Gorilla Glue is stronger. Anyways, you dampen one surface and then put the glue on the other surface.  Then, you stick them together.  The glue takes longer than a few seconds to really start sticking, so if you don’t have it quite centered you can move it.

After you stick them together, place something heavy on top to seal it up.  Next, (here’s the hard part) you wait one to two hours.  The glue expands and dries white.  Here is a closer look.

And there you have it! I made all of these for a little over $13.00…  and it was so much more fun that buying a centerpiece already made at the store. PLUS mine is unique!

Some other tips to make it less expensive:

I gathered acorns from the Publix parking lot to use as filler for my vases. I knew they were perfect the moment I spotted them.  Dollar Tree also has packages of faux leaves for a buck. I only needed one package for my table.  You might already have some candles that would work beautifully for your display.  If not, WalMart has some unscented and scented, affordable ones from $1.88-$4.99 each.  I was able to find the place mats at a store called Tuesday Morning in a pack of 6 for only $7.99.  If you have done some looking in the stores, you won’t find them for less than $3 each. I was given the McCoy dish (holding the fruit) by my mom.  It’s always nice to have something special that means a lot to you in your decor.  Maybe you have a special dish that you have had a long time, or that someone has given you.  It gives an extra touch of love to your table.

This DIY project was submitted by Melanie who blogs at Just Sayin‘.  I’ve got to say her work DIY is just beautiful and can you believe it was SO frugal too?  But the real art is in the photos she shot, wow!  

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Build a Snowman, an Olaf Snowman!

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{In my best singing voice} Do you want to build a snowman? Sorry y’all I had to!

Do you have a Frozen fanatic in your home? Instead of building the typical snowman on the back of your front door (or if you want to impress the neighborhood, you can build a snowman on the front!) build an Olaf Snowman!

I scoured Pinterest for a half an hour looking for a tutorial on how in the hell to build a Olaf Snowman. While there was an Olaf printable that folks were using for Frozen Birthday Parties, that wasn’t good enough for me. So I decided to get crafty y’all (I’m not the least bit crafty)! I had a mini panic attack and decided to get to it once the kiddos were down for their long winters nap….okay that was a dream!

Here’s what you need to build your very own Olaf Snowman:

– 3 sheet of Black Construction Paper
– 1 sheet of White Construction or Printer Paper (I used Printer!)
– 1 sheet of Orange Construction paper
– Scissors
– Wrapping Paper or Garland (Something for the scarf)
– Glade Glass Jar Candle and Small Saucer Plate For Circles (or any other item that is round)
– Clear Scotch Tape

1. Using your Glade Candle (or something similar!) trace out 3 circles on black construction paper. These will be used for the buttons.
2. Grabbing your larger circle, I used a small saucer plate, trace 2 circles on another piece of black paper. This is the outside eyeballs. *This step can be skipped if you have a large black marker.
3. Draw out a small triangle on your orange construction paper. This will be the nose!
4. Using your scissors cut out your 3 smaller black circles, 2 larger black circles and your carrot nose.
5. Using a piece of scrap black paper cut out two smaller circles about the size of a half dollar, two eye brows and Olaf’s crazy hair. Take a look at the closeup to see how to draw out his hair, it’s super easy.
6. Grab your wrapping paper. Measure the width of your door. Cut 2 1/2″ wide by however long your door is (or you can cut it short like I did). I also used to scrap pieces of wrapping paper as the ends of the scarf.
7. Using the larger two black circles cut out the inside leaving about a 1/4″ along the outside.
8. On your white piece of paper place your black circle over the top and trace the outside of the black right.
9. Cut out your white paper and glue to the back of the black ring. *If you have a thick black marker trace a circle around the outside of the white circle.
10. Using your half dollar size circle glue towards the inside of the “eye”.
11. Grab your tape.
12. Head to your door and fold your tape onto itself. Place the tape on the backs of your pieces to create your Olaf. Start at the top with his hair, place the eyebrows, eyes, carrot, one button, scarf and the last two buttons.

I hope your kiddos love having their own Olaf as much as mine do. They show everyone who stop over!

Be sure to let me know how your Olaf Snowman turns out. Feel free to share a picture on The Frugal Find Facebook Page! I can’t wait to see how yours turned out!


Tips For A Great Holiday Family Photo

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It seems like a great concept: Get the family together and take a picture for the annual holiday photo card. But entire websites exist just to showcase bad or awkward family holiday photos, all of which seemed like a good idea at the time. Don’t become a victim of the ridiculous family photo—you can take a great holiday family photo just by following a few simple picture-taking rules:

Look Natural

Photo by Kevin N. Murphy via Flickr

Look on any bad photo website and you’ll see tons of bad holiday photos, most of which have family members dressed up in some version of matching clothing. It might be a collection of bad Christmas sweaters, T-shirts in the colors of a rainbow or everybody in the same outfit (jeans and a white shirt, anyone?). Contrived costumes always come off looking like a gimmick. You may be tempted to dress up everyone in their finest clothes, but your loved ones would much rather see you as you are every day. Dress in everyday clothes to make everyone more comfortable, which makes for an easier photo shoot.

Choose Your Spot

Consider the background of your photo an additional character in the picture. Don’t let it overshadow everyone else. Scout out photo backgrounds long before picture day. Take a camera with you and look through the lens finder to see what the photo background will look like. Go to the middle of a field to get a mass of flowing green behind your family. Stand them on a hill in front of autumn trees for a blaze of color in back. Decorated mantelpieces are a classic background from years back; use this setting if you’re looking for a formal holiday look. For a more casual approach, a play room, game room or living room on the couch makes for a homier feel.

Show Traditions

Photo by juhansonin via Flickr

Every family has its own quirks and traditions for the holidays. Why not incorporate them to give your photos some personality? Do you always decorate holiday cookies together? There’s an opportunity for messy but genuine holiday cheer. Do you pick out a live tree every year? Gather everyone around the car with the tree tied on top. Whatever you have turned into a holiday tradition is material for your holiday photo card.


Let’s not get all matchy matchy…like everyone in jeans and a white t-shirt. Instead play colors off one another! If your girls want to wear hot pink, calm that down with grays and white colors. If navy blue looks good on all family members do bits of color to brighten the photo up!


Taking the perfect holiday picture is almost impossible, and it makes no sense to stress everyone out trying. It’s the photos that are a little off-base or with something unexpected in them that turn into classics. Control what you can and let the rest happen. If you have bored teens, bickering toddlers or babies who fall asleep, your photo will reflect your real family dynamic. That’s the moment you want to capture in time, saving it for years to come.

Be sure to check out all the current Photo Deals that are available right now!

Builders Grade Bathroom Cabinet Makeover for $15

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It’s floors me how expensive custom cabinets are. When we purchased our first home 6 years ago we simply couldn’t afford to have custom cabinets in our new {to us} home. So I did a Builders Grade Bathroom Cabinet Makeover that cost me $15!

It’s pretty simple really here folks. Grab a sanding block, some sand paper and GOOD paint. Being that my cabinets were small I only needed a quart. There are two tricks to ensure your paint isn’t going to flake off. The first is to sand. Now while most people will tell you sanding isn’t needed with a primer, it really does help! Next is to make sure the paint has a primer in it. I used Behr Ultra on these cabinets and couldn’t be happier!

So before you do anything be sure to remove the hardware from the drawers and cabinets. This will give you a nice clean look. Now depending on the abuse your cabinets have taken you may need a rougher grit sand paper. I’ll let you decide on what you need! So here’s the steps you take:

1. Remove all hardware

2. Remove the doors and hinges (you may want to set up in order so you put the doors back in the same place if you have a larger bathroom!)

3. Give a rough sand

4. Wipe down cabinets with a rag and water. Allow to fully dry.

5. Using a trim brush trim in the cabinet followed by rolling the vast majority of the paint on.

6. Once your paint has fully dried apply another trim and full coat.

7. Ensure the cabinets are dry before applying your hardware on.

8. Attach your hinges and hang.

9. Step back and enjoy your work!

This bathroom cabinet makeover lasted us 4 years with no issues of chipping, paint peeling or ugly aftermath! The new owners painted the guest bathroom to match the master bath and LOVE it!

I’ll be using staining gel on my master bathroom cabinets in our new home. I want to do a bluish/gray color so let me know if you have any suggestions! I am also going to be using a piece of granite from our kitchen counter top install on the bathroom vanity to save some money ;) So stay tuned for that!

Homemade Playdoh Recipe

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Homemade Playdoh Recipe
Ya’ll if your kids love playing with Playdoh you’ve got to make this Homemade Playdoh Recipe. It’s super quick, comes together with just a few ingredients and will stay good in a plastic container for months….if you can keep it around that long!

I’ve seriously made dozens of Homemade Playdoh Recipes and have been disappointed for one reason or another. Some would dry my skin out so bad that it would end up in the garbage after just a few minutes, others were just to sticky or grew mold overnight! So my Homemade Playdoh Recipe has stuck around and I’ve always resorted back to it over these past 6 years! I thought I’d share it with you ;)

This would make a great party favor to give at a party for little kids!

*Recipe yields enough for 4 colors, divided.

Homemade Playdoh Recipe
  • 2 C Flour
  • 2 C Boiling water
  • 4 TBSP Cream of Tartar
  • ½ C Salt
  • 2 TBSP oil
  • 4 Food Colorings
  1. In a large bowl mix together flour, cream of tartar and salt.
  2. Whisk together.
  3. Pour oil into boiling water and mix.
  4. Carefully pour boiling water into the flour mixture.
  5. Using a large spoon mix together for 2-4 minutes until combined.
  6. Separate the dough into 4 equal amounts and place into individual bowls.
  7. Place 8-10 drops of food coloring into each bowl.
  8. Using a large spoon mix the 4 different colored doughs until the coloring has been incorporated throughout the dough.
  9. On a floured surface knead each dough for 4-6 minutes until the dough is consistent and the color is incorporated. (The dough should be warm to touch.)
  10. Allow to cool before giving to children!


Blueberry Crisp {For Two} Recipe

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It’s something about the cooler air that’s spreading across the country that makes me want to bake! It’s no lie that I bake all year round, but, in the cooler months I’m known to bake even more. I mean the heat of the oven helps to keep the house warm when there isn’t a fire burning and the smells…..oh the smells!

The neighbors will receive random bounties on their porch wrapped in parchment or wax paper cause I’m not getting all fancy! I want to spread my love of baking to everyone near and far. At Christmas time our friends and family expect to receive a plethora of cookies that the girls and I have put together in cute little cookie boxes. It’s raved about for weeks leading up and and after Christmas.

This year things are going to be a little different ;) I’m also including a Recipe in a Jar to those who we exchange gifts with. The only thing that our friends and family will need to add is a few wet ingredients. I’ll be including a super cute card that I will print and attach to the jar with a ribbon that contains the recipe. This Blueberry Crisp recipe is on my list to make up and give as part of the Recipe in a Jar Collection I’m helping to work on for ya’ll!


Blueberry Crisp {For Two} Recipe
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Filling Ingredients:
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Crisp Topping Ingredients:
  • ¼ cup all-purpose flour
  • ¼ cup rolled oats
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons cold butter
  1. Prepare the Filling:
  2. Combine the blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, lemon zest and juice. Set aside while you make the crisp topping.
  3. Prepare the Topping:
  4. In a bowl, use a fork to combine all the ingredients.
  5. Assemble and Bake:
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and preheat the oven to 375-degrees. Divide the blueberry mixture between two ramekins. Divide the biscuit topping in half and arrange on top of the blueberry mixture. Sprinkle with the turbinado (brown) sugar.
  7. Bake for 25-30 minutes until the topping is golden brown and the blueberries are bubbly (they may run down the sides of the ramekin).
  8. These are delicious with ice cream or homemade whipped cream and can be served warm or cold.


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Free Workouts You Can Do In Your Home

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Let’s get real for a minute. Most of us don’t have time to head out to the gym, don’t want to hire a sitter so we can hit the gym or just flat out don’t want to embarrass ourselves! So let me help you by sharing these these free workouts you can do in the comfort of your home.

I had my last child almost a year ago. Since then I’ve been putting time aside for myself everyday for the past few months and it involves working out. When I started I hadn’t worked out in over 10 years so I didn’t want to go all up in the gym embarrassing myself. So I’ve been doing workouts at home and have found great support from a local Moms group. We encourage and support each other and without these women I don’t think I would’ve had this much success ;) If you would like to do the same on would love some support from other gals, feel free to reach out. And if we get enough interest I’ll create a group!!!

Anyhow, here’s a few free workouts you can do in your home and get results:

1. Bikini Body Mommy – Listen, Brianna is legit! I did her BBM 2.0 Challenge and lost 2 INCHES in 90 days…that’s pretty amazing! You don’t need much but a few hand weights. I picked mine up at Target, but, you can check resale shops in your area. She has a 2.0 Challenge that she is re re-leasing (yeah, the re re part is right). This is the challenge I completed at the beginning of this month and LOVED it!

You can follow her free workouts on YouTube!

2. Brenda Vance – She’s pretty much a bad ass. I did a stair workout that she did a few weeks ago and FELL IN LOVE with it!

3. Gina Aliotti – Again another bad ass chick. She’s pregnant and still continues working out along with her cute little boy! She does the workouts with you in her garage…yes, her garage!

4. Walk – That’s right, just walk your neighborhood or on that treadmill that’s collecting dust for a minimum of 30 minutes a day! I also recommend if you don’t yet have a FitBit , you can grab one and challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps, then increase it to 12,000 steps a day. Plus, this neat little gadget also shows you how much you sleep {or don’t!} which can help too!

5. Fitness Blender – I recently discovered this website and LOVE it so far. This site helps you do a workout on areas you want to focus on with videos! I love videos because it helps me learn form and having great form in a slow workout is better than one that’s quick with poor form…keep that in mind ;)

If you are interested in becoming a runner you can check out the C25K app that is a run/walk interval training to doing a 5k! I was recently utilizing the app, but, this Momma is having knee issues and awaiting a orthopedic appointment :(

What are some of your free workouts you do in your home?

Choosing the Right Colors for your Fairy Garden

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Choosing the Right Colors for Your Fairy Garden

Planting a fairy garden is a favorite pastime of many. If you have never made one, be sure to check out our post on How To Make a Fairy Garden. Before choosing your plants for a new fairy garden it is important that you take a look at your planting zone. This way you can choose plants that can live through the temperature fluctuations that may be present. Another thing that those want to build a fairy garden might want to know of the significance of plant colors. Here is a list of some of the plant colors in a fairy garden and what they represent.

Color Significance in Fairy Gardens

Purple flowers are a must in fairy gardens. They are the sign of royalty in the fairy world. Purple flowers signify enchantment, spirituality, and mystery.

Orange flowers are a sign of positive energy. Make sure that you have at least one of them in your fairy garden. Orange Tiger Lilies make a good choice.

Red flowers are a symbol of love to humans and to fairies as well. This color of flower represents love, energy, inspiration, desire, and creativity. Miniature roses, poppies, and carnations are just a few flower choices.

Blue flowers represent intrigue, mystery, serenity, and fantasy. Periwinkles, asters, and blue star creepers make a wonderful plant choice for fairy gardens.

White flowers represent innocence, tranquility, peace, protection, and truth. White flowers call to all fairies whether they are about during the day or night. White flowers are also tied to the lunar cycle and the land of sleep. Tranquility and peace while in dreamland are part of the fairy culture.

These are just a few colors that play a significant role in a fairy garden. When choosing to build a fairy garden, first off decide whether you are going to build it in an open knoll or space on your property, in a man-made garden, or even a specially designed glass globe or terrarium.

Once you decide this, choose your flowers according to their growth specifics. Miniature flower varieties work well in small space. Be careful not to overcrowd your fairy garden with too many flowers. Trees, shrubs, gnomes, ornamental grasses, fairy doors, and other things found in the fairy culture can be added to your fairy garden to showcase this world of enchantment.

One of my favorite places to search for Fairy Garden Accessories is There are so many unique pieces that can be found and can also be personalized when choosing the right colors for your Fairy Garden!


Increase Your Home Value with these 4 Low-Cost Projects

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improve home value

Increase Your Home Value with These 4 Low-Cost Projects

You’ve been putting off that list of home improvement projects for years. But now that you’re planning to move, it’s time to start checking things off that list to get the most for your house. With limited time and money, you know you can’t do it all—which projects take priority when it comes to impacting your bottom line? Here are four projects that can help you boost your home’s value so you can sell it for more. I know that these are things that I’ve looked for when I have gone house hunting in the past!

Replace the Roof

When potential buyers see an old roof with missing tiles, they see thousands of dollars disappearing from their bank account and often move on to the next house. Face it, roof trouble can be intimidating—after all that’s why you’ve been putting it off yourself. However, you’ll recoup an average of over 67 percent of your costs in added value by implementing new roofing solutions, according to the latest national data from Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value report.

I have driven past homes with our real estate agent and have told her not to bother with a few houses that had old wood shingle roofing that was screaming to be repaired. I can handle doing some light remodeling in a house I’m about to buy, but changing the roof is just too daunting. So by doing this before putting your house on the market, you are increasing your home’s curb appeal tremendously.

Give the Kitchen and Bathrooms a Face-lift

As the heart of the house, this is one area of the home that will be heavily critiqued by potential buyers. An outdated kitchen can scare off many buyers who are afraid of doing a major remodel. You don’t have to renovate the entire space, but make sure it’s reasonably up-to-date, organized and clean. Consider shortcuts to save money while making an impact, such as refacing cabinets and pulls instead of installing new cabinetry.

If you need new counter tops, consider an affordable and neutral toned option such as solid surface counter tops instead of shelling out for pricey granite or marble. Minor kitchen remodels will have a great impact on potential buyer’s perception of the house. The same goes for bathrooms! Change the cabinet pulls, get a new faucet, update the towel racks. All these things will give a welcome face-lift that new buyers will love.

Evaluate the Lighting

Bright and airy will also trump dark or artificially lit spaces. Natural light is a real commodity in the housing market. Look around your home and find areas that could use an improved lighting scheme. Good lighting can make a small space feel large. And a dark hallway or room can really be a big turnoff.

Home improvement pros at This Old House recommend installing sun tubes in any dark areas. These affordable pseudo skylights use highly reflective material to bring more light into a space through small tubes that are much easier and less expensive to install than traditional skylights.  This is also a good time to get rid of any dated-looking light fixtures and replace them with something new and current. Same goes for the switch plates. If you have any cracked ones, missing ones or yellowed/stained one, you should replace them!

Lighten Up the Landscaping

Boost your curb appeal with a thorough overhaul of the landscaping. Trim back any overgrown shrubbery or trees to give your yard a clean, manicured look. Replace any dead plants with new flowers and spread a fresh layer of mulch over the flowerbeds. Make sure all footpaths are cleared, well lit and in good condition.

Landscaping is one of the top three home improvement investments that yield the most return.  The goal is to show that your home is well taken care of. A well tended garden is a reflection of owners who cared about the house. So when potential buyers see a nice landscaped area, they will immediately get a good vibe for the entire house!


20 Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide ~ FREE Printable!

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tff peroxide


I love when you can find more than one use for every day items! This one you will likely have tucked away in your medicine cabinet. If you find that you haven’t really used the hydrogen peroxide that you have put away and it’s getting close to it’s expiration date, you  can actually use it to in a variety of other ways!  Here is a list of 20 Household uses for Hydrogen Peroxide! You might have heard of some of these ideas, but I bet you didn’t know you can whiten your fingernails with it or fight fungus on your plants. Who comes up with these ideas? I personally love them, and I hope you find them useful too! You might want to bookmark this page or print it out and keep it somewhere you can refer back to it.

Kids Summer Vacation Packing List

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As Moms gathering everyone’s items for a trip, whether one day or 10, is pure chaos. Cut down the stress level by having this Kids Summer Vacation Packing List. It will allow your kiddos to take some of the stress off of you, pack the items that they want and keep them busy so you can pack what YOU want!

It never fails that as soon as we get down the road I realized I left something behind. While majority of the times it’s small, this last time I totally forgot the stroller! So of course we turned around to grab it. The hubs made me do one last walk through as everyone was not so patiently waiting in the car. It was then that I realized I had forgot our shampoo and conditioner. While that isn’t such a big deal I get a better deal on our Dove products at Sam’s Club. I know it would’ve cost more if I picked them up closer to our hotel…no one said living a Frugal Lifestyle was easy ;)


Before you head out on your summer vacation be sure to print your Kids Summer Vacation Packing List for every child in your family. Go ahead and print your free Kids Summer Vacation Packing List now:


- Girls Summer Vacation Packing List

Boy’s Summer Vacation Packing List

It’s super simple. Just fill in the vacation packing list with the amount of items that are needed in each category. It is then left up to the you and your child to pack into a suitcase or leave out on their bed so that you can double check they have all the items on the list!

I hope your summer vacation is a blast and that you are able to relax!


Note: This list isn’t just for summer vacation. It could be used for going to stay at Grandma’s house, summer camp or spending the night at a friends house!

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Frugal DIY: 4th of July Fireworks Flowers in a Vase

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With 4th of July coming up next week, I wanted to give just a few quick and inexpensive ideas for decorating a festive party table. This time last year I had been planning the food all week and purchased the red plates cups and dug out a blue table cloth I had left over after a birthday party. Once I got it all set up, it was missing that festive pizzazz. So in the hour or so before everyone showed up, I used some stuff I had around the house to dress up the table with a homemade centerpiece.

I wanted something that emulated the look of fireworks and this is what I came up with. This project was made from  6 pieces of of scrapbook paper (2 of each color) and 8 lollipop sticks and scotch tape (or glue).  (I think it would be super cute with red, white, and blue too!)

Start by folding pleats in the paper that are about 1 inch in width.

Trim the ends of the paper to give a scalloped or pointed edge.

Do this with 2 sheets of paper then crease each pleated sheet in the middle.

Pinch the  center of each pleated piece and  fan out the folded paper and attach the ones that touch and the two ending folds of the both papers to create a cirlce. I used tape (because I was in a hurry),  but you could also use glue.

Then I needed something to make these pinwheel flowers stand up in a vase. I happened to have some lollipop sticks from a previous project left over, so I taped some together in varying heights to stagger the different colors and sizes. You could use straws, or popsicle sticks, or any stem like object you can come up with. I also used tape to attached the pinwheel to the “stems.” I only had a clear vase to display the arrangement, so I lined it with a red piece of paper to add more interest.

Thanks for sharing Morgan!


How to Make a Fairy Garden

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How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are magical, mystical, and mythical. They can be made in a container, a box, a bottle, or even in a wide open space in your backyard or property. No matter where they are made, it is no doubt that they are beautiful and mythical.

A fairy garden can provide a serene setting for anyone to sit down and relax, and dream. Fairy gardens can also make good use of land that has irregularities, and hide flaws in trees and building abutments’.

A knoll in a clearing can certainly become a land of enchantment, a big opening in a tree or stump becomes a doorway for which the fairies can enter or exit. A broken cobblestone becomes a fairy pathway, and a cracked, misshapen looking piece of piping or fencing made into something beautiful as opposed to an eye sore. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a fairy garden.

Here are some basics instructions for those of you who wish to make an enchanted fairy garden for yourself or others to enjoy.

Steps in Making a Fairy Garden

  1. Pick a Location- If you are wanting to make a fairy garden on a piece of land as opposed to an enclosed container, wood box, bottle, or other similar structure, the first thing you must do is pick a location. When choosing the location there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One thing to take into consideration is accessibility. You certainly want to be able to access your fairy garden but also want to put it in a spot that is somewhat private, it is your place to find peace and comfort. Heaven forbid if you happen to build it and then find that someone vandalized it because it was easy to access.
  2. Visualize It- Before actually starting on building a fairy garden, you have to visualize it. Think about how you want it to look, and decide whether you want it to take up your garden completely or whether you want to portion it off. Once you have visualized it, it is time to start putting those plans in action.
  3. Creating a Border- If you are planning to add a division to separate your fairy garden from your regular garden you need to create a border. A border to divide these two separate areas can be made by using small fencing, river rocks, or even stepping stones.
  4. Planting the Flowers- Now that you have the area planned out and divided, it is time to plant the flowers. Remember to choose plants that can thrive in your planting zone, and be able to withstand the temperature fluctuations as well as the drought conditions for your region. Choose a vast variety of flowers to add charisma and character to your fairy garden. Layering your flowers will give you a sculptured look. Start first by choosing a ground cover. Popular ground covers are moss, and moss like plants. Moss tends to spread well and is soft to the touch as well and makes a perfect resting place for those tired fairies. Secondly, choose flowers that are of medium height. Snapdragons, miniature roses, miniature carnations, daisies, foxgloves, and pansies are just a few good flower choices. Remember to choose colors that are cheerful and bright. The plant colors that you choose are also significant to fairies and humans as well.
  5. Trellises- Another important part of a fairy garden is the structure used to support the various climbing vines and flowers that you have in the garden. Support trellises are a must for large areas that have a wide variety of climbing vines and or flowers. Trellises can be used to create a wall of flowers or even a beautiful entry point to your fairy garden.
  6. Hang Some Bird Houses- Add some character and charisma to your fairy garden and also please the fairies by offering a refuge for the small birds that create habitats in your region. Fairies love birds, and birds work hard at keeping the insects out of your garden. Why not offer them a place to rest their wings by adding a bird house or two to your fairy garden. Bird houses can be hung from trees in your garden or even placed upon poles. You can also purchase some hummingbird feeders to entice these beautiful creatures to stop by your fairy garden for some food and comfort.
  7. Plant Some Berries- Plant some berries in your fairy garden. This will attract other small woodland creatures which may already be planning to stop by to nibble on those flowers. Plant enough berries so that both humans and small animals can enjoy.

Following these simple steps on how to make a fairy garden will help you to plan and execute one that you and others can enjoy for many years to come. The great thing about fairy gardens is the fact that it will be as unique as you are and will reflect plant colors, and choices that that have significance to you. Go ahead and start planning a fairy garden, the possibilities are endless and will showcase some of your creative talent!

You can find great deals on Fairy Garden Accessories at Amazon. The Fairy Garden Kits are a super easy way to get you started. Plus, I also love scouring local stores for little trinkets that can be added to my Fairy Garden!