Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 4/15


1.  Dole Fruit & Oatmeal Peaches & Vanilla Walnut – 2pack/1.25oz
2.  California Gourmet Organic California Raisins – 5oz
3.  Quaker Whole Hearts Oat Cereal – 12.3oz
4.  Nabisco Chewy Chips Ahoy! Gooey Mega-Fudge – 10oz
5.  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Organic White Cheddar – 6oz
6.  Kraft Mayo Bacon Flavor – 12oz
7.  Weight Watchers Smart Ones Shrimp Marinara – 9oz
8.  Fiber One Chewy Bars Oats & Caramel – 5pack/1.4oz
9.  Weight Watchers Smart Ones Turkey Bacon Melt Quesadilla – 2pack/8oz

I have never seen the Dole fruit and oatmeal before, but thought that it’s a great option for breakfast on-the-go.  Just microwave or add hot water, top with fruit, and go!

I was on the lookout for prunes (had some little diced prunes this weekend and am hooked, so yummy!).  I didn’t find the prunes, but found 5 oz of organic raisins!  The organic option even had slightly more quantity than the name brand Sun Maid.

A sweet lady in the cookie aisle today alerted me to the Gooey Chips Ahoy.  I already had a box in my cart and was doing lap number two!  She and I agreed that we rarely purchase the cookie and cracker treats at the grocery stores, but can justify it for 99 cents.  Thankful they don’t have these often because… YUMMY!  They are fudge-filled.  Pick up a pack if you happen upon them.  I doubt that you’ll regret it!

I’m sorry my camera quality isn’t great, but that Kraft Mayo is Bacon flavored!  I had to get some for the hubby who is a bacon fiend.  Sometimes my purchases of these “odd” type foods don’t pay off and they may or may not end up in the garbage.  But we try them on the off chance that they may be delicious and oddly wonderful!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 4/8

99 Cents Only

1.  Asparagus
2.  Pop Tarts Value Pack Gone Nutty! Peanut Butter – 21.1oz
3.  Baby Bella Mushrooms – 5oz
4.  Pineapple
5.  Western Bagel Blueberry – 12oz
6.  Kraft Philadelphia ⅓ Less Fat Cream Cheese – 8oz
7.  Kraft Philadelphia Blueberry Cream Cheese – 8oz
8.  Dairy Star Dessert Topping – 6.5oz
9.  Claussen Kosher Dill Pickle Spears – 80oz!! (exp. 4/29/14)
10.  Back 2 Nature Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed Granola – 12oz
11.  Immaculate Chocolate Rolls with Icing – 17.5oz

The asparagus today was beautiful!  Typically, I find the spears with tiny heads and thin little stems.  These are thick top to bottom!  I got to our store really early today though, so maybe they just are picked over later in the day?

Pineapple this time was delicious.  It was gone a few hours after we got home.  Not a huge pineapple, but enough for 5 little munchkins to all have a little snack.

The blueberry cream cheese and bagels were delicious together.  I haven’t seen my three year old clean his plate in a long time without much prodding from me.  He devoured a whole bagel.  One side with plain cream cheese and the other with blueberry.  Our store had a lot of the blueberry flavor, as well as cinnamon sugar (if I am remembering correctly) and a chipotle flavor.  This is one I should have purchased doubles of!

Dairy Star Dessert Topping is an item I consistently see at the store.  I grabbed it to use as topping on a pumpkin pie recently and was surprised at how delicious it is!  I really enjoyed this item.

80 ounces of pickles!!!  I bought it without a clue of how I was going to eat this many pickles in a month, but I just realized my husband has fried pickles before and I guess that’s what these little guys have in their near future!  Dip them in some egg and then Italian breadcrumbs (also at the 99 cents store) and fry ‘em up!  Now I need some ranch dressing…

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 4/1

99 cents

1. Silk Pure Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla – 1qt
2. Goldfish Macaroni & Cheese Nacho Cheese – 5.5oz
3. Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread – 13oz
4. Kraft Natural Cheese Crumbles Feta Cheese – 5oz
5. Maxwell House International Latte Single Serve Suisse Mocha – 5pk/068oz
6. International Delight Coffee Creamer White Chocolate Raspberry – 32oz
7. Oscar Meyer Jalapeno & Cheese White Turkey – 16oz
8. Kellogg’s Eggo Blueberry Drizzlers – 10.7oz
9. Kashi Heart to Heart Nutty Chia Flax – 10.3oz
10. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes – 18oz

Not Pictured: Blue Bonnet Light Spread – 42oz, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle Sharp Cheddar and Bacon – 12.6oz, Mountain High Original Plain Yoghurt – 32oz

Earth Balance Buttery Spread is Vegan and Non-GMO! Not sure if many 99 cent-ers are vegans, but this is a great find if so! There were also HUGE 42oz tubs of Blue Bonnet Light, but I’m a real butter gal myself and I’m pretty sure we couldn’t fit a 42oz tub in our fridge anyways!

The Maxwell House latte packs are also “great as creamer”, which I’ll be using in my coffee along with the unsweetened almond milk. I was a little surprised when I poured it into my coffee and it started to fizz and crackle like a bag of Pop Rocks! Hopefully it’s not just my box that does it…

I was so intrigued by the Oscar Meyer Jalapeno & Cheese Turkey that I just had to get a pack. I quite enjoyed the extra heat in my typically salami sandwich this afternoon. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t eat an entire sandwich of just this turkey alone, but as an accompaniment it added some nice heat (but not too much) to the meal.

The 18oz box of Frosted Flakes was a pretty good score today. I rarely see name brand cereal in the stores. There were only 3 boxes left when I arrived. Cereal is just so expensive (and sugary) that it’s just at the 99 cents store where I will “splurge”. My husband and kids will be delighted while my pocketbook feels much better after picking up 2 of these boxes! I’m not familiar with this Kashi cereal but I do love chia seed and therefore thought I’d give it a try. Hopefully it’s a yummy breakfast option!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 3/25

99 Cents

1.  Minute Maid Lemonade – 59oz
2.  Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (4 per pack) – 7pk/1.34oz
3.  Grapes – $0.99/lb
4.  Gold Peak Tea Unsweetened – 89oz
5.  Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies – 4.5oz
6.  Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers – 7.5oz
7.  Hellman’s Real Whipped Tangy Dressing – 30oz
8.  South Beach Diet Whipped Peanut Butter Snack Bars – 5pk/0.98oz
9.  Palmer’s Milk Chocolate Flavored Solid Easter Carrot
10.  Immaculate Vanilla Sugar Cookies – 14oz
11.  Vitamin Water Revive Fruit Punch- 32oz

My genius husband noted the unsweetened Gold Peak iced tea and used the Minute Maid lemonade to create his own Arnold Palmer today.  The 99 cents store apparently planned that one pretty well!  I don’t often find lemonade and haven’t before seen such a large bottle of the tea.  A perfect combination without me even realizing it!  The Green Tea is still our favorite Gold Peak flavor though!

The Quaker cookies come 4 to a pack, with 7 total packs.  A great treat for a lunch or to sneak one at a time after lunch or dinner!  Sometimes just a little sweet something is enough to quench that craving.  I like being able to slowly ration them out to help with portion control.

Peeps, chocolate, baskets, egg dye and more.  Not pictured, but I got the majority of my basket goodies this week.   The Peeps are for my mother in law, but I found some hollow Russel Stover milk chocolate bunnies hiding in the aisle after my picture of the  adorable carrot candy.  I swapped the chocolate carrot for a bunny because I do prefer the Russel Stovee brand… for when I sneak their chocolate without them knowing!  Haha.  Egg dye, faux grass, plastic eggs… it’s all here!!!

I was reading that there’s been some good and (my experience last week) not-so-good crackers lately!  Serious business, people!  I’m hoping these Back to Nature are tasty.  Also spotted more original Triscuits but had just purchased some plus a smaller sized box of Ritz on Sunday.  We decided to pop in for bagels and found a ton of other goodies instead.  Crackers really are an item that I just won’t buy unless they’re a great deal.  Just too expensive without a ton of nutritional value.

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 3/18


1. Quaker Popped Caramel Corn Rice Snacks – 8.4oz
2. Glitter Eggs – 6ct
3. iPieces Fishing Game – 4 poles & App
4. Decorative Egg Cups – 6ct
5. Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix – 6pack/1.25oz
6. Breakstone’s Greek Style Sour Cream & Nonfat Yogurt – 16oz
7. Avocado Ranch Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Snack Packs – 3packs/2.0oz
8. Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Muffin – 4pack/7.6oz total
9. Wholly Guacamole Classic – 7oz
10. Zatarain’s New Orleans STyle Four Cheese Pasta Dinner Mix – 6.5oz
11. Brown Rice Baked with Sweet Potato Triscuit in Roasted Sweet Onion – 9oz

99 cents holiday decorations are so fun and being cheap… I don’t feel guilty getting some here and there. I’m going to prop these glittery eggs in the plastic egg cups and have a colorful Easter mantel. Not pictured but they also had some fun Easter-colored pom-poms and foam stickers. I picked up a couple of these for Easter crafts.

Wholly 99 cent Guacamole! I’ve never seen this brand before at the store and even more enjoyed the 3 individual packs in 1 box. I’ve been on a Mexican food kick and already had tortilla chips in the house, which is rare because I lack self control. :) Super happy to score these this week!

Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Muffins – yum. I know a lot of women use the weight watchers plan adn these little guys come in at 4 pts each. Irregardless of the plan, they looked delicious! There were also some Blueberry muffins as well!

Triscuits – just say No!! I’m sorry, but I opened these to snack on and they are just really not good. The onion tastes too chemical-ly and the crackers are extremely dense. Pass on these guys.


Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 3/11

99 Cents 311

1. Campbell’s Pork & Beans – 19 3/4oz
2. Back to Nature Triple Ginger Cookies – 9oz
3. Kellogg’s Cornflakes Extra Cranberry & Almond – 12.9oz
4. Silk Chocolate Soy Milk – 1qt
5. Kraft Philadelphia Snack Delights Caramel – 8oz
6. Nutra Nail Gel Perfect – Activator, Gel-Color, Brush Cleaner
7. Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup – 1.6oz (2 for $0.99)
8. Guan’s Mushrooms Brown Beech – 5.3oz
9. Snow Peas – 1lb
10. Let’s Do… Organic Sugar Cones – 4.6oz
11. Goody FASHIONOW Salon Clip – 1ct
12. Immaculate Ready-to-Bake Pie Crusts – 15oz

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect – originally $12.00 at local drugstores!!! The sweet checker at my 99 cents store let me know that the polish shipment had come with the previous stickers on it, labeling it at $12.00. I love that it sets “Rock Solid” in 5 minutes. That’s my kind of time frame! I don’t have the time to be couch bound for 2 hours while I pray that my nails dry before I inevitably bump up against something and destroy my hours of work. My store had a selection of reds, blush, coral, blue, teal and brown. The gel color is a small 0.17oz bottle, but hopefully it lasts for a long while. The catch may be that they suggest their brand of Gel Remover… I’m hoping regular polish remover does the trick.

Guan’s Mushrooms and snow peas would make a great addition to a stir fry. Guan’s comes with a yummy tasting recipe idea for their mushrooms stir-fried with hot oil, ginger, salt, and soy sauce served over a bed of broccoli or rice. I would toss in some chicken and enjoy these gourmet mushrooms!

The Immaculate Pie Crusts come with two rolls of crust for making either two pies or one covered pie! I think I’ll be making two uncovered apple pies, but I love that there is the option for both kinds of pies.

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 3/4

  99 Cents 3:4

1.  Dermasil Hand Wash Cherry Almond – 8oz
2.  Dr. Ken’s All Natural Super Whitening Toothpaste with Green Tea Extract – 5.2oz
3.  Nature’s Pure Strawberry All Natural Jam – 12oz
4.  Santa Paula Peanut Butter Creamy-  10oz
5.  Mountain High Lowfat Honey Yoghurt – 32oz
6.  Muir Glen Chicken Tortilla Soup – 14.5oz
7.  ”Little” Clean Screen – 12 individual wipes
8.  Reese’s Mini Pieces Pillsbury Big Deluxe Peanut Butter Cookies – 12 big cookies
9.  Dannon Oikos Traditional Greek Yogurt Stawberry – 4pack/5.3oz
10.  Dannon Creamy Mango Yogurt – 6pack/4oz
11. Dole Strawberries
12.  Independence Paper, Stickers, Letters – 10pcs
13.  Simply Good Simply Fresh Mini Sweet Peppers – 16oz

Apologies for missing so many details this week on some of our 99 cents items.  This post is coming to you from across the country from my regular CA!!! I’m having computer issues and am having a hard time writing this post … :(

I will be back to posting as usual next week!

Dr Ken’s Toothpaste is a great find with a typical price tag starting at $5.99 at other stores.  We all use toothpaste and it’s one item that I think is easy and useful to stock up on.  Nothing worse than trying to wring out the last bits of toothpaste when you’re trying to get the last bit!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 2/25

99 cents 225

1.  Jell-O Jigglers Kit w/ 26 Alphabet Cutters & 2 – 6oz strawberry gelatins
2.  Wegman’s Organic Baby Kale Greens – 11oz
3.  Honey Maid Honey Grahams – 14.4oz
4.  Barbara’s Snackimals Animal Cookies Double Chocolate – 7.5oz
5.  Jell-O Sugar Free Original Rice Pudding – 14.5oz
6.  Cauliflower – approx 2 lbs
7.  Bolthouse Farms Baby-Cut Carrots – 2lbs
8.  Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Soft Flour Tortillas – 8ct/6.7oz

Not Pictured: Clausen Hot & Spicy Pickle Spears, Earthbound Organic Baby Greens

The Jello-O Jigglers set was popular with the moms in the 99 cent store today.  The font of the letters is really cute and upon inspecting them at home, they seem sturdy enough that they could be used as stencils for arts & crafts or for cutting cookies as well.  Had I know, I may have purchased two sets to keep individually for fun and for food.

Wegman’s Organic Baby Kale is a really great find!!  I have never seen this brand or the baby kale before.  Baby kale is more palatable raw than mature kale, so we will probably be eating it with the salad rather than blending it into smoothies, as I typically do with other kale.

Barbara’s Snackimals are carried at Whole Foods and I recently purchased tiny serving bags, on sale, for about $0.80 each.  So at $0.99 for 7.5oz, I thought that was a pretty good deal!  They are made with organic grain and have no artificial additives which is yet another plus!

The cauliflower selection this week was great.  HUGE cauliflowers for double the size and a third of the price at regular grocers.  Last week I did find purple, green and orange cauliflowers, but they were a little too sad looking.  I’m not super familiar with cauliflower and just don’t know if I can cut off the bad parts and cook the rest.  Anyways, this week it looked much better and it will be in our tummies this evening!

Bolthouse Farms – TWO pounds!  That’s even better than normal!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 2/18

99 Cents only

1.  Yoplait 12 cup Family Pack Strawberry & Strawberry Banana Yogurt – 12pack/6oz
2.  Anvil Organic Pre-shrunk T-shirt – 5T
3.  Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt – 4pack/5.3oz
4.  Sylvania 60W G16.5 Bulbs – 4pack
5.  Sensibly Natural Veggie Sticks – 3oz
6.  Goody Stay Tight Brown Bobbies – 90pcs
7.  Conecciones Organic Grape Tomatoes – 10oz
8.  Old Fashioned Baked Pumpkin Pie – 2 for $0.99
9.  Betty Crocker Glitter Gels Cosmic Colors – 4pack/0.68oz
10.  Tangerines – 2lbs

Not Pictured:  Nestle Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Creamer Chocolate – 16oz

The Yoplait truck must have been in town because people were walking away with boxes of 12 – 6oz yogurts for 99 cents.  Even going late today, at 1pm, there were still a few boxes of the 12 packs, 4pack Yoplait Greek & 4pack Yoplait Protein.  They also had tubs of the Mountain High yogurt in Plain and Fat Free.  A LOT of yogurt deals today!

I remember Jolene previously sharing some T-shirt finds with us and I was hoping to find ones to use as party favors.  I didn’t find any in the right colors, but I did find an organic cotton shirt which I had to grab.  It’s really soft and cozy!

Sensibly Natural Veggie Sticks are really a great find, I think.  They aren’t as greasy as some of the other varieties that I have tried.  All-natural ingredients, no trans fats, no GMO and gluten free.  Sounds pretty healthy for $0.99!!

Sylvania small base bulbs!!  I use these for the chandelier in my daughter’s room and definitely just spent $3.50+ per 4 pack.  I did “stock up” on the 60W version of these as I know they will be used.  I was really excited for this find!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 2/11

99 Cents 2:11

1.  Silk Pure Coconut Milk Original – 1/2gal
2.  Asparagus
3.  Eggplant
4.  Luigi’s Sherbet Raspberry – 14oz
5.  Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda – 1lb ($0.79)
6.  Elmer’s Colored Glue Sticks – 5pack/0.21oz
7.  Immaculate Blueberry Biscuits – 16oz
8.  Nestle Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Low-fat Vanilla – 16oz
9.  Food Should Taste Good Sea Salt Brown Rice Crackers – 20oz
10.  Simply Kraft Ricotta Cheese – 32oz (exp. 2/13/14)
11.  Hunt’s Pasta Sauce Roasted Garlic & Onion – 24oz
12.  Blackberries – 6oz
Not pictured: Lucerne Almond Milk Vanilla & Original – ½gal

I didn’t pick up any oranges or apples today, but I wanted to mention that our store had both for $0.79/lb.  I know we’ve been disappointed before when the prices go up, so I had to let you all know that the prices sometimes alternatively go down!  As with the Arm & Hammer baking soda coming in at under $0.99.  I’m not using baking soda as frequently as before, but I used to wash nightly with baking soda as an exfoliant.  Any aestheticians are free to correct me!  My understanding is that it is more gentle than a lot of the exfoliants on the market.

Elmer’s Colored Glue Sticks!  Red, orange, yellow, green and blue – a rainbow of fun!  Not pictured but I also purchased some Valentine’s confetti to help the kids practice some fine motor skills employing the glue sticks, paper, and little confetti pieces.  Another fun dollar store craft used 99 cents store coffee filters.  I cut heart shapes out of the filters, let the kids draw on the hearts with markers, and then had them “paint” with water over top of the marker.  The results were beautiful!  The marker runs and becomes very soft and diluted.  We hung them on our windows as faux light catchers.  My husband joked that we were wasting coffee filters, but at $0.99 we’ll have many opportunities for crafts on the cheap!

Ricotta cheese and eggplant!  This calls for a twist on one of my favorite recipes.  It’s a little labor intensive but so yummy!  Everyday Food Baked-Eggplant Parmesan on marthastewart.com calls for baked eggplant layered in mozzarella cheese and chunky tomato sauce.  I am going to substitute ricotta for the mozzarella (per my find today) which will change the consistency and steer it towards more of a eggplant lasagna, but I’ll enjoy the creativity on a dime.  Plus let’s be honest.  Baked eggplant, bread crumbs, tomato sauce, and cheese.  It’s kind of hard to mess that up!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 2/4

99 Cents

1.  K&C Company Stickers – 322 pieces
2.  Halos CA Mandarins – 2 lbs
3.  Warm & Crunchy Granola Honey Almond – 8pack/1.69oz
4.  Foster Farms Signature Carving Honey Roasted & Smoked Turkey Breast – 8oz
5.  Minced Garlic in Water – 8oz
6.  Original Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – 1.75oz
7.  Horizon Organic Chocolate Low-fat Milk – 8oz (3 for $0.99)
8.  Quaker Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies – 7pack/1.34oz
9.  Earth’s Best Organic Wheat Toddler Biscuits – 6pack of 2 biscuits
10.  Green Beans – 1 lb

Not Pictured: Quaker Chewy Bar Variety Pack, Earth’s Best Organic Barley Toddler Biscuits K&C Company Embossed Stickers – 56 pieces

K&C Company stickers are a fun find that I see quite frequently at the stores.  These run upwards of $2-$4 typically at your local crafting stores.  Scrapbooking is such an expensive hobby that it’s definitely worth saving where you can!  I found a really fun “Smash Book” on clearance at Joann’s recently and I plan on using these to help decorate my 2014 book!

I wish I would have read more closely about the Warm & Crunchy Granola.  Had I been smart I would have purchased a container of $0.99 Soy Milk to send with the granola for my hubby’s breakfast.  My intention was to just use the granola as a yogurt topping, but it’s meant to be heated and eaten!  Either way, it’s convenient in little packages.

Original Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the good stuff.  The size is perfect for packing in a diaper bag.  They also had the extra strength formula.  These would be great if you have any baby showers coming up!

Horizon Organic milks are typically not 3 for $0.99 but these were nearing their expiration dates so we splurged today.  I happened to see a lady with big flats of the drink so I went back to double check the price.

The green beans were pretty well gone, but I happened upon a few remaining bags.  I will sautee these and a big spoonful of that garlic in some olive oil for dinner this evening!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 1/28

99 cents 1/28

1.  Colored “Milk Glass” Vases – fuchsia, rose, & aqua
2.  be creative! French Rose bush – 6 count
3.  Decorative Picks – 6 count
4.  Pillsbury Ready to Bake Hearts Sugar Cookies – 11 oz
5.  Minute Maid Premium Peach – 59oz
6.  Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein Chewy Bars – 5pack/1.42oz
7.  Butterball everyday Chef Selects Turkey Pot Roast – 15oz
8.  Nature Valley Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares – 6pack/1.24oz
9.  Tangerines – 2 lb
10.  Kraft Philadelphia 2x Protein Regular – 7oz

I’m glad everyone kept reminding me of all the cute Valentine’s Day decorations.  Made my way down that aisle today and was delighted to find these adorable vases to decorate with.  (Side note – I was horrified to already see the Easter decorations out, but such is retail nowadays.)  The flowers are actually quite cute and were found in the home aisle with the other faux-flowers.  Fake flowers are hit-or-miss, but I think these will work quite nicely!

The Butterball everyday turkey roast was a surprising hit at lunch today.  I wasn’t expecting much, but we all really enjoyed this quick meal.  The store had about 10 packages when I arrived at 10:30 and 2 left as I was making my second and final dash through the refrigerated section.

On that note, what’s your feeling on stocking up at the dollar store?  Sometimes I see people leaving with carts overflowing and other times people seem to grab a few goodies and be on their way.  One lady today had stocked with with about 20 boxes of the Nature Valley granola bars and squares.  Personally, my house is divided.  My husband always wishes I would have bought every last item.  But I like to consider the fact that we have limited fridge space, expiration dates, and sharing with you all!!  ;)  So, how do you shop when you find an awesome find?  Take it all or take a few?

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 1/21

99 Cents only 121

1.  Daily Chef Cottage Cheese – 3lbs (!!!!)
2.  Mountain High Original Strawberry Yogurt – 2lbs
3.  Mountain High Lowfat Plain Yogurt – 2lbs
4.  Yoplait Greek Blended Cherry Yogurt – 4pack/5.3oz
5.  Kikkoman Pearl Organic Soymilk Coffee – 32oz
6.  Egg Beaters Original Smart Cups – 3pack/4oz
7.  Silk Iced Latte – 1/2gal
8.  Garanimals 18-24 month Opaque Tights
9.  Triscuit Rye with Caraway Seeds – 9oz

We LOVE yogurt at our house.  Unfortunately for my kids, I normally buy it plain and sweeten it at home with either some honey or applesauce.  It’s a treat for them when the 99 cents store has these delicious flavored yogurts.  It’s a treat for mom that I got 2 pounds of yogurt for less than a dollar!

3 pounds of cottage cheese for 99 cents!  My dad loved mixing cottage cheese with canned fruit.  I’m personally not a fan of that combination, but with three pounds you have a ton of options!

Kikkoman Soymilk coffee.  I bought this out of sheer curiosity!  They are obviously known for their soy/teriyaki/etc. sauces… but coffee?!?  They have some decent logic in their advertising though, “… the company that has been transforming soybeans into legendary foods for more than three centuries.”  I figured I had to give it a try.

I am really excited to see the egg beaters brand as I was just thinking about purchasing some the other day!  When I worked at Noah’s bagel we used to use a similar product and would pour it into a shallow round tupperware container, zap it in the microwave, and then serve it on a toasty bagel.  (I cannot for the life of me remember how long we cooked it for though.)  Their egg sandwiches are so good, especially if you throw in some green onions, cheddar cheese, and ham or bacon before you microwave it.  I just wish I would have remembered to buy bagels at the store!!

Silk Iced Latte!!!  The Silk almond milk from last week is still making it’s way into my daily coffee.  Over the weekend I went into a super popular, on-every-corner kind of coffee chain to treat myself to a coffee.  I had decided I wanted to splurge and get something fancy and full of sugar, syrups, and whipped cream.  I’m sure the prices haven’t changed recently but I literally couldn’t get myself to spend $5 on one coffee.  I left empty handed.  So, I am excited that I get to enjoy a pre-made coffee treat this week whenever I open my fridge!

Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Post 1/14

99 cents 114

1. Hillshire Farm Deli Select Honey Ham Ultra Thin – 9oz
2. Yoplait Kids Strawberry Yogurt- 4pack/3oz
3. Silk Pure Almond Milk Light Vanilla – 1/2gal
4. Lofthouse Delicious Cookies Mini Red Velvet – 10.5oz
5. Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme Santa Fe Blend – 10oz
6. Florida’s Natural Citrus Smoothies Cherry Berry Citrus – 33.8oz
7. Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cupcakes – 8.5oz
8. Grey Poupon Kraft Dijon Ranch Dressing & Dip – 15.8oz
9. Tylenol Extra Strength Go Packs – 3packs/2 caps each
10. Yoplait Greek Honey Vanilla Yogurt- 4pack/4oz
11. Betty Crocker Hershey’s Cookies’n’Creme Frosting – 16oz
12. Betty Crocker Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel Frosting – 16oz

Not Pictured: International Delights Coffee Creamers in White Chocolate Raspberry & Peppermint Mocha – 32oz, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray – (forget oz)

I am kind of a lunch meat snob. My husband has rubbed off on me. This ultra thin cut ham by Hillshire Farm is, in my humble opinion, DELICIOUS!! I happily ate my kid’s leftovers at lunch today. Just make sure to use this before the 1/30/14 expiration.

I’m not very familiar with the Silk Almond milk products, but I know plenty of people who use the Silk brand. I really love their Silk Iced Latte that I’ve found quite a few times at the 99 cents store. Looking forward to using this vanilla almond milk in my coffee! Our store also had the plain flavor along with the vanilla.

Florida’s Natural Citrus Smoothie is pretty darn delicious. It is 100% juice/puree which makes me like it all the more! For a liter of juice puree… I thought 99 cents was pretty reasonable!

Tylenol Extra Strength Go Packs are PERFECT for your purse/wallet/car/etc. 99 cents for 6 pills isn’t quite a deal, but having them labeled and able to toss into a purse is pretty nifty!

This Philadelphia Cooking Creme in the Santa Fe Blend called to me because of the delicious looking picture that I wish was more visible to you. “Perfect for Chipotle Cheddar Beef Enchiladas”…um… delicious.

Thank you fellow 99 cents-ers for introducing me to the Lofthouse sugar cookies! These little red velvets are worryingly tasty. They may be gone before the naptime is over…


Jillian’s 99 Cents Only Shopping Trip 1/7

***See photos below  -  Cocalo Cloth Diaper inserts, disposables, and clothes sets***

1.  New York Style Brand Original Bagel Crisps Everything – 7.2oz
2.  Chobani Greek Yogurt Black Cherry – 4pack/6oz  (1/23/14 expiration)
3.  Nabisco 100 Cal Lorna Doone – 6pack/0.74oz
4.  Conecciones Agricolas Organic Grape Tomatoes – 10oz
5.  Country Crock Spreadable Butter w/ Canola Oil Salted – 15oz
6.  Pillsbury Value Size Peppermint Sugar Cookies – 30oz!
7.  Webkinz Stuffed Animals & Virtual Pets
8.  New York Style Brand Panetini Oven Baked Italian Toast Garlic – 4.75oz
9.  Immaculate Crescent Rolls – 8oz
10.  Premium Shallots – 6oz
11.  Hass Avocados – 3ct

Not Pictures: Immaculate Flaky Biscuits, Gold Peak Tea in Green Tea

Per the pictures below… Cocalo Perfect Bum Cloth Diaper Essentials!?!?!  I found an end cap with size small Perfect Bum Fashion sets (online for $17.25 and $15.58), 50 count disposable inserts in small and large (online for $19.99), 6 count reuseable tri-fold cloth inserts (online for $26.41), and basic cloth diapers in denim and white (online for approx. $14.99).  Our store, when I went, had the cloth diapers and fashion sets in small.  The disposable inserts and tri-fold inserts were available in small/medium and large.  I’m a little speechless as to what a cool find this is.  I grabbed some of the reusable inserts for a friend.  Let me know if you see the same at your store!!

I’m looking forward to making some bruschetta for this Panetini bread.  The company also suggests using the mini toasts as an addition to soups and salads.  How delicious to dip in a creamy tomato soup!  The organic tomatoes and shallots that I purchased will be making an appearance in my homemade bruschetta!  Per the bag’s recipe, they call for red onion and garlic which I will replace with shallot and garlic.  Never familiar with shallots, I used them in a recipe once and have been in love ever since.  This is the first time seeing them at the 99 cents store.  You’ll also need basil, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I’ll be using dried Italian Spices from 99 cents in lieu of fresh basil, mix ingredients, spoon on top of Panetini, cover with goat/feta/parmesan cheese and eat!  Delicious!

[8oz tomato, 2 tbsp finely chopped onion/shallot, 2 tbsp fresh basil, 1 tbsp EVOO, 1 clove garlic minced, ⅛ tsp salt & pepper, New York Syle Panetini; combine all ingredients; mix well.]

The Webkinz stuffed animals were another really neat find.  Our store had at least 6 different style of fish, frogs, rabbits, etc.

Let me know what you all found at your local stores!  This week had some pretty neat finds.

99 Cents Only