Black Friday DoorBuster prices Busted?

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Something Mr. Frugal and I have been coming across in our Black Friday preparation here on TFF is a case of inflated prices.  This is a common tactic for retailers before a big sale.  They’ll list the retail price at  a ridiculously high price followed by the super special sale price for a savings of 50% off or more!  However in reality that retail price isn’t the price you’d pay anywhere on any given day.

Take this JCPenney Nerf Vortex Vigilon sale for example.  They will have the Nerf Vortex Vigilon pictured above on sale for $14.99 during their DoorBuster sale and they have the retail price listed at $39.99 – which isn’t the case at all.  The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is currently selling on Amazon for $12.97 already beating the Black Friday DoorBuster price, but not only that Amazon has the retail price listed at $21.99 no where near the $39.99 price listed in the JCPenney ad.  Just to compare Toy’s R Us currently has it for $15.99 and Walmart has it for $15.88 right now.

That’s just one example, there are several others.  The point is to be very aware of what a good price is on a product, you can do this by comparing prices online at several stores before you make a purchase.  You can rest assured that we are going to do our best to make sure you’re as prepared as possible this Holiday season.  We want you to save your hard earned money and not pay a penny more than you want to or have to for something.  One thing we’re doing to help is by adding an Amazon link next to every Black Friday deal we post so you can compare the price to at least one other retailer before you decide where to spend your money.  We’ve already seen many items in the Kohl’s Black Friday deals post cheaper on Amazon than you’ll see it in-store on Black Friday.

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  1. Lori Chibante-Thomas via Facebook says:

    By chance have you come across gas dryers for a good price during Black Friday? Mine went out and I can’t get an electric one…thank goodness for clothes racks to dry in the meantime, lol

    • Dot Quaid says:

      if you lived near me, you could have our older gas dryer, we upgraded to stackable at a Black Friday sale 3 yrs ago…check Sears for BF sales on appliances…I’m in NorCal, btw

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for the info!

  3. Not yet Lori, but I’ve made a note.

  4. Lori Chibante-Thomas via Facebook says:

    Thank you oh so much!

  5. Lori Chibante-Thomas via Facebook says:

    Thank you oh so much!

  6. Of course!

  7. Keri Mercer via Facebook says:

    What would we do without The Frugal Find??!! I have gotten so many great deals since I liked you on Facebook and started reading your blog. Thanks again :)

  8. I know at Kohl’s the Down Alternative blanket for $26 is AMAZING!!! We got one last year but thanks to having 2 boxer dogs we need another! Will be lining up even if it is just for this!!

  9. btw we have a King sized bed! Where else can you find such a deal??

  10. ooh, you’re gonna bust them!!!

  11. Aw, you’re welcome Keri – that makes us so happy!

  12. Pauline Fletcher Magnusson via Facebook says:

    Funny…I was looking at the Kohl’s list and thinking that I just must be cheap – the prices didn’t look that great. :). I appreciate having it confirmed!

  13. Jayme Newsom via Facebook says:

    Thank you guys so much every for your hard work! I’m a stay at home mom of 3 (+ our nephew makes 4 boys) & a student and it exhausts me just keeping up with my local deals. I don’t know how u manage it all & homeschooling too, your amazing and a blessing!

  14. We love what we do, as we’ve said before it’s not a job it’s a ministry and we’re richly blessed as a result.

  15. We love what we do, as we’ve said before it’s not a job it’s a ministry and we’re richly blessed as a result.

  16. That’s illegal… how do they get away with it?

  17. debbie busse says:

    im so glad i found your website, i have learned so much

  18. I have found that while Kohls does this, especially with toys, you CAN still get a better deal there if they have what you want. For example, I recently bought a Fisher Price toy drill there. The retail at TRU is $17.99. At right now it claims the retail is $39.99 and it’s “on sale” for $19.99. But Kohls lists it as $22.99 “retail” but it was on sale for 60% off, plus I got an extra 15% off. So I paid about $8. This was a few weeks ago. I also bought some small Fisher-Price toys there for gifts for other little ones and got at least half off the real retail.

  19. that nerf vigilon thing in the jcp ad is currently 15.99 ON THE HASBRO/NERF WEBSITE! lmao. sorry, not gonna go to jcp for that one!!! :) [i go to the company websites to verify because they either have the original msrp, or they sell it through their website which gives you an idea of the average sale. lol.]

  20. Jennifer Kittell via Facebook says:

    we haven’t found any real ‘deals’ in about 5 years…

  21. Love this. I’ve been noticing the same thing. They raise prices to make you think it’s a better deal..l.or a deal at all.

  22. Crazy huh? I think the real deals are found year round – I mean there are a few on Black Friday but the lines are just crazy!

  23. Jennifer Kittell via Facebook says:

    we don’t do ‘physical’ black friday…we do everything online now

  24. I think that target has the Nerf vortex nitron blaster for 12.97 and with the 5 off from target.. doesnt that make it..7.97 before taxes?

  25. Amazing! Thanks for looking out for us that need to penny-pinch this holiday season! It’s much appreciated :)

  26. AriannaFan says:

    I recently had this issue at Kohl’s. I bought uniform skirts online on clearance for $6.04 (used coupon). The following weekend, they SAID they were having a major sale online and in stores. So I went back to website to get more skirts. Imagine my surprise when the clearance price was now $16.00! Of course, since the original price is listed at $24.00, you think it’s a bargain. I ended up having to return the skirts because they were too small and had to pass the toy section with lots of sale signage, but I noticed that their retail prices seemed really high to begin with. Now that you’ve posted this, I don’t feel so crazy anymore.

  27. I have just started following your Blog & I have to say,It’s wonderful.Thank You so MUCH..I am new at this so you Info is VERY helpful.

  28. Dot Quaid says:

    As a veteran Black Friday shopper, I advise everyone to do their homework (or read TFF, who do it for you!)…there are some fabulous deals out there but you have to be willing to check prices, get up early and stand in line for limited quantity deals…and be aware that some stores let you buy online BEFORE their retail stores even open! We stock up on computer hardware, blank DVDs and CDs and other goodies after Thanksgiving, but only if the price is right. We read the leaked BF ads online and price compare long before we shop.
    One great deal we got the last 2 years BEFORE Thanksgiving is a non-stick roasting pan – the big rectangular one with side handles – at Cost Plus World Market for $9.99! It is my go-to pan for the holidays and I bought some last year for gifts. There was a similar pan on sale at Macy’s for $7.99, but it turned out to be a little shallower than the WM one…keep your eyes open for it this year, they sell out fast!

  29. Carolina Rygula via Facebook says:

    Any deal s on tvs

  30. Vivian Cross via Facebook says:

    I really appreciate you guys doing the hard work…

  31. Vivian Cross says:

    I am curious about your feelings on shipping prices. Do you calculate that as part of the price? Do you try to place larger orders to avoid multiple shipping charges? I am new to the “buying online” game, and have already lost a lot of money to shipping items back that were defective and or not the right size..

  32. Carolina I’ll be writing up a comparison of BF TV deals in the coming weeks. – Mr Frugal

  33. Colleen Weyrens via Facebook says:

    thank you for this article!

  34. Tracy Dunaway Haynes via Facebook says:

    It is illegal to do this. Stores get around it by raising the price for so many days before the ad comes out. They have to sell it at the higher price before they can cut the price.

  35. I agree that Kohls does show their retail price a lot more than what you would normally pay. However, I think if you know a price that you are willing to pay for things, and like Dot said do your research, you will still find things at a great price. Right now my list of things to get are all things I’ve been needing around the house – new sheets, silverware, kitchen mats, etc. The prices that I am shooting for are definitely cheaper so far than what I’ve found for the last several months – and they’re all at Kohls. So they do give good deals on things, you just have to buy the right things! I think they raise prices on toys because they know you’re there for clothes or home goods and just figure you’ll get some toys while you’re there to avoid the toy store lines.


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