A look at the Safeway Just For U Program: How to find your freebies, when you can use coupons, and more!

Since the Safeway Just For U program is rolling out in many more areas across the country right now I thought it would be timely to discuss once again how the program works.  There has been a lot of confusion about when you can use a paper coupon with the Just For U program and when you cannot.  I’m going to try to explain that as well as a few other things.

As you can see by the image above there are 3 ways to save using the Just For U program, let’s start with the Coupon Center

In the Coupon Center you’ll find both manufacturer’s eCoupons that you can load to your card as well as Safeway Store coupons.  Typically all of the in-ad coupons will also be in the coupon center.  This is where much of the confusion lies – CAN we use a paper manufacturer’s coupon with these eCoupons.  In some cases – YES!  Let me explain the differences between the coupons and how you can tell which is which…

Safeway Store Coupon – USE Paper Coupons!

This is a Safeway Store Coupon, you can tell because it just lists the price for the item and not a $ off savings amount.  This coupon can be loaded to your Safeway Club Card and CAN be stacked with a paper manufacturer’s coupon.

Manufacturer’s eCoupon – NO Paper Coupons

This is a Manufacturer’s eCoupon that is a part of the Just For U program, you can tell because it  lists a specific $ off the product amount.  This coupon CANNOT be stacked with a paper manufacturer’s coupon.

FREE eCoupon Offers

A lot of times the Coupon Center is where you’ll find your Just For U freebies – they’re very random and there is no way to predict what you’ll find or who will find these offers.

Next let’s discuss the Personalized Deals section…

This is the newest feature and most likely the one that you’ll enjoy the most – Personalized Deals.  I am always pleasantly surprised to find several really great deals each week. Basically they track your purchases and customize deals “Just For U” based on your purchase history. What I love about these deals is that they work with Club Specials (discussed below) and you CAN use eCoupons or paper coupons with them.   If by chance your Personalized Deal is higher than a store sale – the lowest price will always win out.

One of my favorite times to use a Personalized Deal is with a BOGO sale.  Recently I had a deal on Open Nature Bread, my personalized price was $1.50 per loaf.   When it went on sale BOGO I paid just $0.75 each!  This happens quite often too, so make sure you load all of your personalized deals and keep your eyes peeled for hidden deals like this.  These are the types of deals that I won’t be able to help you scout out since many of our personalized prices will be different.

Lastly let’s talk about the Club Specials Section…

In each ad there are about 100 featured Club Specials – these are the deals that I have available to me to do Coupon Match-Ups for you.  However what I didn’t realize is that each week there are over 2,000 club specials in the store that never make it to print, wow!  With that said as much as I’d love to be able to tell you about ALL of the club specials, I simply can’t.

What this section of the Just For U program does is highlights the Club Specials they think you would be interested in based on your purchase history.  So we’ll still have the ad to match up the loss leaders and hot buys but in addition we’ll have access to many more Club Specials without having to leave our homes – this opens a door to be able to be just that much more prepared for our shopping trips.

Click any of the links below for a detailed answer on the most comment Frequently Asked Questions…

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  1. Do you have tips for how you personally track your various Just For U deals? I find that I add everything to my card on the website “just in case” I ever buy it so the shopping list feature doesn’t do a whole lot for me. Any advice for how you know/remember what your Just For U price is on a certain item?

    • I print out the Just4You items before I go shopping. That way it’s easy to check right there in the store or after you get home.

  2. I like to get my list printd at safeway right before I shop. It’s a few pages but at least I have my deals with me and I can see whats on my card.

  3. For the Manufacturer’s eCoupon that says “1-time-use”, does that mean 1 item or can I get 2 or more items at the same time ?

  4. Just for U’s are very tricky. I looked on Friday, added the $2.49 Pineapple, $2.99 Spinach $1.29 sliced mushrooms and hamburger deals. When I shopped on Tues, I did not get the discounts. Went home to check the account and sure enough, they are gone, except the Mushroom which I did not get with my Safeway card. These discounts are too difficult to monitor. I spent way more than I wanted to. Not happy and I probably won’t try again for a long time. I don’t have time to check right before I shop. They do not run like regular ads Wed- Tues even though there are new ones on Wed.

  5. Dee Dee Farrell says:

    Thank you so much for this information. The $.50 off or $.75 off Ecoupons versus the same in paper has been most confusing. I have had some clerks (sometimes the same clerk), give me a different answer each time. Sometimes at checkout, the clerk will hand me back my paper coupon and tell me that the register is telling them that the manufacturer coupon has already been applied. Last week this happened with Gevalia coffee. Safeway had it for $7.99. I had an Ecoupon for $1.00 off and I also had a paper coupon for $1.00 off. The clerk handed me back my paper coupon. I get it now.

  6. Everyone be careful and check your receipts when doing Just4U. Went shopping today and nothing came off.. I had a free item coming that was worth $3.99. Went to customer service and she had me swipe my card and it took it off and gave me a credit. Got home and realized that nothing else from Just4U had been deducted. They were sure having problems today. I’ll take my receipt and list back the next time I’m in town, hopefully they will adjust it again. It was another $3.25 that they owe me. That adds up over time, so CHECK AND MAKE SURE YOUR GETTING YOUR JUST4YOU CREDITS. :-)


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  2. […] I missed in the comments section. I would also suggest you take a few minutes to read about the Just For U Program and see if it’s available in your area. Then print out the latest Safeway Coupon Policy. It’s […]

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