99 Cents Only Stores – Hot items today!

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Just in case you’re nearby a 99 cents store (stock varies greatly from store to store) you might want to stop in!  I found the items pictured above today.  Remember their delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the following locations:

99 Cents Only Store in Concord on Willow Pass Rd. & Clayton Rd., & the Antioch store on Somersville Rd.

Find a 99 Cents Store location near you, give them a call and ask when they get their fresh deliveries in each week.

Did you see this post, I found these item’s last Saturday!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    wish we had these stores here in Maryland…looks like you really get some great deals there!

  2. What time do you recommend going to these stores on there shipment days?

  3. Sedonia says:

    I went there tonight and was able to get the hot dogs and cheese(they were out of the bacon). Thanks

  4. Was wondering the same thing as Erin . . . is their delivery the same on each of the days? Or is it a “it depends” and can vary?

  5. Oh, it never fails, just as I hit the send, I think of something else . . . can’t remember but I think you posted this before, they don’t take coupons right? With everything @ 99 cents, coupons wouldn’t necessarily be needed anyways but everything helps . . .

    • Heather says:

      I’ve become a real fan of the 99 cent store. Especially the produce. Last week I got a watermelon (he was just putting them out and had boxes of them) and I just bought one thinking we’d try it and see if it was good and I’d come back for more if it was. Well… it was good and when we went back… all gone. I gotten so many great deals there that I go there first for shopping now. Would suggest not taking hubby or kids. They put too much junk in the cart. LOL!

  6. Those are great deals; greater deals with grocery coupons. Does 99cents only stores accept coupons?

  7. wow, Bacon. I have never seen that at the 99 here in CA. Bummer, that would be great. It is good to go in once or twice a week to see what they have that is new (if you can). If you see it and like it, buy it, it may not be there later (I can’t tell you how many times I have experienced this)…also stock up if it is something that they don’t normally care like special haircare or gourmet food. I love the place and also Dollar Tree. Would be very cool if they took coupons because I would owe nothing with some of them.

  8. I do love the 99 cent only stores but they do not allow coupons and unfortunately neither does the dollar tree. One place that I do know that DOES take coupons is the Dollar General. It is not in California though, or that I have seen at least from the website.

  9. Good news, dollar tree does take coupons!


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