99 Cents Only Store Shopping Trip 10/18 – Pumpkins!!

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Fresh pumpkins have arrived at the 99 Cents Only Store!  The larger pumpkins were outside in a crate, and these probably weigh around 7 pounds.  Smaller pumpkins were inside the store.  Almost every shopper had at least two pumpkins in their carts, so I suggest getting these sooner than later.  Here’s what else I found today:

1.   Fresh pumpkins, $1 each regardless of size
2.   Butterfly wings (also Ladybug or Honeybee) for kids
3.   Fleece animal hats (Shark, and other animals) for infants
4.   Sandy Lion sticker pack, set of 24 panes
5.   Cinnabon Frozen Pancakes
6.   Ritz Crackers, 12 oz
7.   TJ Farms Frozen Fries
8.   Romaine Lettuce, 3 pk.

Cute & frugal costumes for preschoolers can start with an animal hat or butterfly wings.  They can wear solid-colored fleece sweatshirt & sweatpants (Hanes brand is great).  The best part is you’re not buying an entire costume just to wear for a few hours.  The Sandy Lion (SL) sticker pack is a nice candy-alternative.  For $1 you get 24 panes of animal stickers (12 panes of farm animals & 12 panes of zoo animals).  Many schools now have “No Candy” policies, so if yours does, head over to the 99 Cents Store for alternatives like small toys or stickers.

This week’s shopping trip highlight was brought to you by Jolene, the new TFF 99 Cents Only Store expert! Find a 99 Cents Store location near you.

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  1. I wish we had one of these stores nearby. Our Dollar Tree only occasionally has good stuff.

  2. So cute. I went today (no pic) and found many things we needed. I loved the 6 Trail Mix bars for $1! Sadly, there were no pumpkins at our location :(

  3. Tammy Thomas Young via Facebook says:

    Jolene ~ which 99 Cents Only Store do you shop at?

  4. Jolene Wong via Facebook says:

    This is the Clayton Rd Store in Concord, CA

  5. Next week at CVS there’ll be Pumpkin Masters carving tool FREE after ECB. Also, I just saw a cute idea at IHOP for face pancakes: Use whipped cream to adhere eyes (blackberries, blueberries, grapes) and use candy corn for teeth. Candy corn will also be at CVS next week FREE after ECB.

  6. I was just there and they have Breathe Right for Kids 30 count for 99 cents!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i got some avacados there yesterday, 2 for 99c is it good deal or no?

    • Anonymous, it depends … sometimes their avocados are small, so then I would say 2 small ones for .99 not so good of a deal. Sometimes, you’ll do better at a mainstream store…like, this week at Lucky they have Calavo Avocados 2 for $1. I’m sure Lucky’s avocados are the standard size ones. But then again, driving all around town to cherry-pick every single grocery produce deal is wasting gas. So sometimes it’s economical to just buy all your things at one store.

  8. I love love love your 99 cent store finds :) I come here to check every week to compare I live next to 2 99 cent stores here in Huntington Beach and each one has different stuff…The only thing I havent seen ever is the large pizzas digornio wow if i did id buy like 10 of them :) They had this really cool lemon bread kit last week from Carnation bread at 99 and then i saw it for 10 dollars a week later and im so sad I didnt buy more now :) I’m thinking about posting all the pics i take with my cellphone from 99 on a blog or something youve inspired me lol :)

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