13 quirky things about me…

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After proof-reading this post, I almost didn’t publish it.  Then when I couldn’t figure out what Category to label it, I almost didn’t publish it again.  But oh well, here it goes!

When I’m drinking a cup of coffee at home, I have to have a teaspoon in it.  Gripping the cup without a teaspoon under my thumb feels strange.

I hate elbows, especially dry ones.

The thought (or feeling) of biting or pulling cloth through my clenched teeth (or those of my kid’s teeth) makes me cringe.  Just typing this out made me cringe.

I like the smell of skunks and gasoline (in small doses).

I cut the Box Tops off of every single package before I throw them away, we homeschool.

We have owned at least 10 couches in 10 years.

I look for coupons and catalinas on the ground in parking lots.

I love office and school supplies, they have a stockpile area of their own.

I hate reading instructions, typically it goes like this… “Honey can you read this and tell me what I need to know?

I have the mindset that “in the end everything will work out” while at the same time I also have the mindset that “everything is going to go wrong“!

I’m a perfectionist, who isn’t very perfect at all.  If I make an error on my grocery list, which happens all the time – I have to crumble it up and start all over.

I love babies, skip two years, and then I love them again. Mostly kidding :)

I find movies, almost all of them very boring.

The fact that I couldn’t come up with an even number (5, 10, 15) quirky things about me annoyed me.

That’s all from the top of my head this afternoon. Are you quirky too?  PLEASE share your quirky behaviors in thecomments, don’t leave me feeling quirky all by myself!

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  1. Nikki Weiner via Facebook says:

    I was considering coming with Ginamarie…… But I should stay home and get things done. It sounds like it’s going to be sooooo fun!

  2. No you should come! :)

  3. Rebecca Pope via Facebook says:

    I saw what you put about the box tops. Can homeschoolers use them for something? My daughter asked me about one the other day, and I told her they didn’t matter to us, since we homeschool.

  4. I have more lip gloss than Sephora, yet I hardly ever wear make-up………

  5. @Rebecca you can sell them on eBay, for some reason they sell for more than the “value” most of the time – no idea why

  6. Rebecca Pope via Facebook says:

    Wow! That’s crazy!

  7. Amy Balagot says:

    Oh my goodness! You made me SMILE as I read this! I TO rewrite my grocery list before I go to the store if it is not PERFECT! This can actually happen several times. It has to be printed neatly and organized by locations in the strore. Just wanted to share with you too!
    BTW…. I totally love love love your site. You have inspired me to watch where every penny we have goes. I did before… but now I feel so much for in control. It’s a good feeling. Heartfelt thanks to you…

  8. I check the coupon machines at the self checkout for the coupons people don’t take. At Valentines I got the $5 catalina for buying 3 cards that I did buy and I got someone elses too that they just left behind. I’m a dumpster diver at heart.

  9. My sister gave me the link to your website. I love your story and all the ideas. I also have 4 children, 3 girls 17, 15, 6 and a boy 3. I also re-write shopping lists and to add to that most times I get to the grocery store and can’t find it. I also love school supplies! I can’t change my preset radio stations out of order. It feels strange to change the stations from right to left. If I get desperate enough to stop and ask directions I tune out the directions given so I have to ask again, sometimes more than once. I have a hard time letting anyone read the paper before me. The sections have to be in the order they were intended or it makes me crazy. There is much more but right now can’t think of them. When I go to certain stores I have to start from the same end of the store and work my way around. Even when I am going in for just one thing. I could go on for a while but…I think you get the idea! Thank you!

  10. angelique robinson says:

    My quirky things are i hate being alone. I panic over nothing. I hate change. I dont like mismatched things.

  11. I have to eat with a certain fork at home, or I won’t eat. If I ever lose that fork, I’ll starve to death! :-)

  12. I “like” TFF on Facebook

  13. I like TFF on Facebook

  14. I subscribe to TFF emails!

  15. Something quirky is I love the smell of tire shops!

  16. That is too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love your website you have saved us alot of money.I love FREE things.I get Free samples in the mail it feels like Christmas.When I go to the store and get FREE food or products I do my big Smile and happy dance.I get so excited when Sunday comes I get my coupons.
    I go and just look at my discount&free supplies I have been able to get in the last 2 months.
    My favorite subject is coupons and how to get free things.I even dreamed one night how much I saved at the store while shopping.

  18. loida reyes says:

    yikes! i don’t want to smell my shoes….

  19. I am one of those silly people that have to be on time to everything. If I am late, I would rather just not go. It has been a great struggle for my husband and I, because he never gets anywhere early…lol.

  20. I have to have everything on a calendar to keep me organized.

  21. Quirky things about me

    1-I love the smell of manure.

    2-I, too, rewrite my shopping list multiple times or it’s typewritten. I include estimates for each item and space to write actual price and total everything up.

    3-I had to write this elsewhere then copy and paste here so I can edit and make sure all is correct.

    4-I am chronologically obsessive; I need to know the exact order and time things occur and I HATE to be late.

    5-I LOVE to grocery shop, but don’t like shopping for clothes, gifts, or (especially) anything for me.

    6-I can’t handle anything in my mouth that isn’t to be swallowed; no holding a pen in my teeth while I juggle.

    7-I analyze my actions and the motives for them; the “Why?” is a very important question to me and I must be able to explain myself to others (even if I never do because they don’t really care).

    8-I chew on my hair when I’m thinking.

    9-I use rather complex sentences and big words when I speak or write; it is a struggle to simplify.

    10-I get nervous butterflies in my stomach if I have to make a phone call to anyone other than my sister or my husband (at least I no longer get sick).

    You are most definitely NOT the only quirky person in this world. I suppose these quirks are part of what make us unique!

  22. I rotate dishes, underwear, and socks so the same ones don’t get used all the time. Wouldn’t want any to feel left out!

  23. While taking a hike through Cape Perpetua last week, we learned of “Skunk Cabbage”. I soooooo wanted to take some and make you a candle out of it, cuz when you burn it, it smells of skunk (thus the name). But you’re not supposed to take wildlife from its habitat and -shockinly- I obeyed. http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/10699636


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