*HOT* $1.50/2 Kraft Coupon!

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First off I have no idea how I forgot about this coupon and I also can’t believe it’s still available!  There is a  $1.50/2 Kraft Coupon available to print!  Head on over here to print your coupon, it’s good for 1.50/2 Kraft fresh take, Philadelphia Cooking Creme, Philadelphia Indulgence or Milkbite Granola Bar products.

You can take advantage of the AWESOME Kraft Catalina promo and BOGO sale at Safeway (details here) or Fred Meyer (details here).

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  1. Dawn Waddington via Facebook says:


  2. Yes! I think I’m going to live off the stockpile for a week or two, because I couldn’t even rotate the stuff in my freezer after shopping last week, LOL. Once I get some room to reorganize I’ll do deals again!

  3. Judy Barbosa Trent via Facebook says:

    Can you freeze cheese?

  4. You can freeze shredded cheese- not sure about block.

  5. Yes you sure can! I’ve frozen block before, but it does dry out a bit.

  6. Judy Barbosa Trent via Facebook says:

    Great! I don’t want my stockpile to go bad. I’m going back Friday for the 3 lb ground turkey for $5.00. I’ll use my $4.00 off cat and get my toothbrushes and free milk!

  7. Judy Barbosa Trent via Facebook says:

    Can you also freeze the Fresh Take kits? I’m wondering if it would affect the seasonings.

  8. Danae Hoobler via Facebook says:

    I soooo need a stand alone freezer! I have NO room after doing Safeway & Grocery Outlets frozen food deals :( And we eat so much cheese….

  9. Judy Barbosa Trent via Facebook says:

    I would love to have one too!

  10. Snagged all my Safeway kraft deals this morning finally! :)

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